30 Day Fitness

Social Media


Target Audience

Male-Female, United States, 20k-205k followers, 4%+ in-feed post engagement

What is 30 Day Fitness?

30 Day Fitness is a fitness app that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle through daily fitness challenges. It creates a personalized plan based on your fitness level, all while fitting into your life and schedule.

What were the goals of the campaign?

To showcase the easy-to-use interface of the app as well as the hundreds of personalized fitness challenges available to users. Influencers were encouraged to show themselves following app workout to show its usability and convenience to their perspective audiences.

What did we accomplish?

  1. Secured sponsorships with 54 influencers with more than 5M total reach
  2. We were able to account for over 600,000 interactive Instagram Story views.
  3. 4,000 link “swipe-up” actions to engage with the app.
  4. Secured a #1 position within the iOS App store’s “Health & Fitness” category internationally.

Key Metrics

By sponsoring 54 influencers we were able to secure full ownership of 250 pieces of specialized content for the client to use within a 6 month promotional period. This content reached a following of almost 5 million people collectively through the influencer’s personal following and can now be used on a promotional basis to advertise to an even wider, potentially untapped audience.

Ready to take off?