Social Media

YouTube & Instagram

Target Audience

Male - Female 16-30yo

What is Plato?

Plato is a messenger app where you can meet, chat, and play games with other users.

What were the goals of the campaign?

To launch Plato in untapped international markets and acquire new users.

What did we accomplish?

We launched Plato in 4 new countries in a span of 3 months while driving consistently strong performances, maintaining a cost per install under $1.5 and earning Plato a place among the top internationally trending apps

Working with more than 100 influencers, we garnered over 15 million views and acquired over 50,000 new users in 7 main countries across 4 continents (LATAM, Europe, Eastern Asia and America)

Working with Stargazer we’ve been able to unlock new international markets month after month. The growth has not only been consistent, but also substantial. We look forward to what’s next.

Joe Wagner, Director of Growth

Ready to take off?