Influencer marketing case studies

We have proudly worked with these clients. You will find below the top influencer marketing case studies.
Our process always start by understanding the company’s goals, identifying the right influencers and working on the campaign creative. Our platform allows us to seamlessly find and manage more influencer while saving our clients time. We finally provide reports on social engagement, media value, and campaign ROI.

We have listed some clients we have had the pleasure to work with and the influencer marketing case studies for each one of them, taking into account the goals, the execution and the results.

We custom and create the best campaign creatives for your brand, here you will find some examples about different creatives developed by our team, we also have designed all kinds of creatives from Mobile app creatives, Fitness, to fashion and lifestyle creatives. You will be able to see the goals for each campaign as well as the amazing results accomplished with all out clients.

If you are interested in starting an influencer marketing campaign and you don’t know where to start please contact Stargazer and we’ll lead the process for you to work with the right influencers, get branded content for your social media channels and boost your brand awareness.