All You Need To Know To Hire a Digital Content Creator

March 30, 2020

Before hiring a Digital Content Creator you need to define your brand tone, target, values and have your digital marketing strategy clear. To showcase your brand in the digital market you must have an amazing product, along with an ingenious digital marketing campaign that must include content and media in order to promote your products and services. Certainly digital content has a great positive impact on any online business.

Social Media and Content Marketing are critical in the online world,  they have proved to bring qualified traffic to your website which translates into leads and future sales. To help your brand in this process we listed some of the key points you should consider when searching for a Digital Content Creator for your brand.

1. Define a Clear Role

First, you need to understand before hiring a Digital Content Creator is what actually a Content Creator is.

A Content Creator is someone that will generate digital content for your brand. It could be in the form of text, video, audio, images, or any other creative format that fits your communication needs. This role should not be confused with a Social Media Manager, or a Content Writer, although they could have similar goals in definition they have different expertise.

A Content Writer is sort of a content creator focused only on text, while a Social Media Manager is the professional in charge of all your social media strategy; the SMM would also generate content focusing on increasing your brand awareness and improving your social media interaction.

Ask yourself:  What role will be best for our brand needs?

2. Set Your Brand KPIs

It is important to define clear KPIs before identifying the best approach for your strategy. Digital marketing is very qualitative but you must be able to track your progress and success with clear metrics. 

By defining specific KPIs you are not only setting goals for the digital and content marketing strategy but also making your job easier as you will know the direction you need to move towards. It is proved that setting clear objectives helps a team to perform a better job and to, ultimately, reach their goals.

Ask yourself: How are we going to track our success?

3. Never Forget: SEO Takes Time (But It Works!)

You might already know this, but we want to give you a kind reminder: SEO takes time; the work you are doing right now will only be visible in a couple of months.

Being patient is the golden key. Just ensure your Digital Content Creator is doing a great job and working along with your SEO expert to create the right content. If you do it right the results will come up.

Ask Yourself: How could we optimize our content for SEO?

4. Do A Broad Search

Finding the right digital Content Creator by yourself would be arduous work; you could either do it manually, search on the web or use some of the several online channels where you can find freelancers. The most famous talent on-demand websites are Upwork and Fiverr.

Nowadays there are several digital media agencies that will help you to find your Digital Content Creator. Agencies will take time to understand your needs and identify the best match for your brand, they will also help you to track the progress and make sure you are actually reaching your goals.

Ask yourself: How our brand could find the best Digital Content Creator for our needs? 

5. Great Creation, Better Distribution

You need to work on creating the best content but have you worked on getting an outrageous distribution. We recommend you to create a content calendar to help you identify what content you need for each of your media, this will help your Content Creator to work in an organized way as well as set a proper plan for your content distribution. 

Consider Google and media Ads, email marketing, and organic media distribution. You are creating content to make your brand visible. Work and plan accordingly

Ask yourself: What are the best channels we can share my content at?

In conclusion

Trying to find a Digital Content Creator that will be able to promote your brand with creative and professional content; it is very challenging, "one size doesn't fit all".

Contact Stargazer for friendly advice and more information on how to find the right Content Creator that would bring your brand to the next level!

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