Why you should be using a TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency in 2022

As TikTok popularity is rising, so is the interest of brands willing to join the app. Companies have found an opportunity to connect with the audience and content creators are key in this scenario, where TikTok influencer marketing agencies also stand out.


The Chinese social media app has opened up new ways for brands to interact with the public and influencer marketing is one of the most relevant. TikTok users admire and trust their favorite creators and their recommendations. That is the reason why brands are looking out for partnerships with influencers.


Companies can reach out to influencers on their own through multiple channels. TikTok itself launched the Creator Portal and the Creator Marketplace.The first one focuses on influencers, while the second one is a marketplace where brands can connect with content creators.


But TikTok influencer marketing is not just matchmaking between brands and creators. It requires a strategy, tons of research, and hard work. So instead of doing it yourself orin-house, hiring a TikTok influencer marketing agency is the best option.


Before listing the reasons why you should be using a TikTok Influencer agency, let’s start with understanding what they are!

What is a TikTok influencer marketing agency?

A TikTok influencer marketing agency is made up of professionals who can create, execute, deliver and follow up influencer marketing campaigns, where a content creator is always involved.


The work of a TikTok influencer marketing agency includes research, analysis of the latest TikTok trends and features, creative strategy, content creation, brand-influencer matchmaking, and reporting, among other tasks.


TikTok Influencer marketing agencies can also represent influencers. Agencies have a large catalog with different profiles according to the brands and types of campaigns.


Keep in mind that there are different marketing strategies on TikTok like Ads, Business profiles, or organic content, and influencer marketing is just one of them. Choosing one depends on your goals as a brand and top TikTok marketing agencies are willing to help you with it.


So, how do you know if TikTok influencer marketing is appropriate for your brand’s needs? This type of marketing is one of the most effective forms of TikTok advertising and is excellent for reaching specific target audiences or selling products with a high value.


If you want to promote your commerce on TikTok but do not know exactly how, you can always contact a TikTok influencer marketing agency, as they will guide you and give you insights about what you may need!

Why you should be using a TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency

There are multiple reasons for working with an influencer marketing agency specialized in Tiktok and many of them have to do with cost-benefit results. Developing an influencer strategy of this kind takes time and effort, which can be hard to manage when multitasking with other company processes you might have.


Here are some of the reasons for using a TikTok agency!

TikTok influencer marketing agencies are up to date with the latest trends

A social media environment like TikTok is constantly changing, which requires tracking what is trending and what is out of date.


Thousands of people are sharing content every minute and only a few are going viral. Keeping an eye on popular videos, joining challenges, and getting creative with new TikTok features takes time and requires research.


Since TikTok agencies work in this environment, they have deep knowledge about what is going on, the evolution of the network, and possible upcoming tendencies. A TikTok influencer marketing agency can guide you on market dynamics and help you implement the min your strategy.

TikTok agencies are excellent matchmakers and know how to deal with influencers

Working with influencer marketing means there are content creators and brands involved.

That is why understanding the values and goals of a brand and connecting them with the right influencer is fundamental. It isa reciprocal job, as many influencers care about working with a brand that is aligned with their beliefs.


There are many aspects to be considered when choosing a brand partner, including the number of followers, category, target, and reach, among others. And if finding the right influencer wasn't challenging enough, it is just the beginning.


Dealing with managers, contracts, deadlines and legal issues is a time-consuming task you can get rid of when using aTikTok influencer marketing agency. You can focus on your work while the TikTok agency is taking care of this important matter in a professional way!

Using a TikTok influencer marketing agency is cost-effective

When you hire the services of top marketing agencies, you are getting best-in-class professionals focused on pursuing your goals. They are experts on what they are doing and since they have the capability of multitasking, they can reach better results for less money when compared to building an in-house team or doing it by yourself.


TikTok influencer marketing agencies already have incredible marketing tools, templates, and other resources that allow them to be more productive and resolutive. They definitely know the environment and know how to move around. This turns them into an excellent cost-effective solution for many companies, no matter how big or small. Don’t think twice!

TikTok agencies are most likely to get better results

An experienced TikTok influencer marketing agency can be a great asset to your company, you just need to trust their professionals and give them a chance. Since they focus on TikTok, they are most likely to ensure you better results than other marketing agencies.


Influencers do not behave the same way through social media platforms and specialized agencies acknowledge this. TikTok influencers are not the same as content creators on Youtube or Instagram.


TikTok influencer marketing agencies understand the audience and language of this platform, which means they can make better decisions and define a powerful and engaging strategy, delivering better results.


If you are interested in upgrading your online presence, boosting your community engagement, and building brand awareness, you should definitely count on a TikTok influencer marketing agency.

Wrapping up

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways of marketing on TikTok and many brands are taking advantage of it to reach the public and engage with the audience. But it is not an easy job and it requires time and hard work.


There are many reasons why you should be using a TikTok influencer marketing agency: it is cost-effective, agencies understand the TikTok environment and know how to choose and manage creators, they are up to the latest trends, and are willing to use their knowledge and expertise in your favor.


What are you waiting for to boost your TikTok influencer marketing strategy? Contact Stargazer and let their highly experienced team guide you through the process!

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