Crypto and NFT: the Twitter trending topics you should have a look at

Twitter recently revealed a report of the trends every marketer or content creator should know in 2022. A little -blue- bird told us crypto currency and finances are one of the biggest Twitter trending topics at this moment.


After analyzing billions of tweets over a two-year period, they concluded finances is a big time Twitter trending topic.


In fact Tweets about finance among non-pro or enthusiasts have grown 78% year on year, while ‘crypto’ mentions on Twitter increased 549% during 2021 with the Gen Z especially interested on this promising topic.


According to Twitter, Gen Z are a money-minded and financially-literate generation, this generation is willing to put their finances first and they are looking for investment opportunities across the media platform world.


To take a deeper look at this Twitter trend is necessary to understand the relationship between the social platform with cryptocurrency and the relevance of crypto content creators on all of this.

Twitter and Cryptocurrency: the relationship behind the Twitter trending topic

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you may have heard about Twitter’s co-founder and former CEO, Jack Dorsey, selling his first tweet as an NFT in a bid in 2021. An Iranian crypto entrepreneur paid nothing but $2.9 million for the ownership of the tweet.

Besides any speculation on the price or mixed opinions about the historical importance of that first tweet, what we can be sure of is that cryptocurrency holds a huge interest for Twitter’s formerCEO. Dorsey even has Bitcoin on his Twitter bio and is the co-owner of the fintech Block.


Even though Jack Dorsey left Twitter at the end of2021, this personal interest of him is relevant because he encouraged the finance conversation and favored features related to crypto in the social platform. No surprise finance is a Twitter trending topic.

Unlike Meta, Twitter has already experimented with anNFT feature. At the beginning of 2022, the platform allowed some users to add an NFT profile picture. Twitter would verify the ownership of the NFT through blockchain and reward the user with a hexagonal shape around the profile picture.


To be clear, we won’t focus in this article on the mixed opinions and critics from the NFT crowd when this feature was launched, because what matters to us is to visualize Twitter as a pro-crypto company.

Why it’s relevant to tweet about NFT and crypto

When it comes to cryptocurrency, we can tell people are interested and the platform seems to favor the subject.  Twitter reflects what people are talking about in real life, so we can measure and identify social interests through the platforms.


In consequence,Twitter seems to be the perfect scenario for discussing crypto, NFT, DeFi(decentralized finance) and related Twitter trending topics.


According to Twitter, users are 3.3X more likely to engage with branded content around crypto-financial advice than non-users. These types of insights are gold for brands and content creators, because they already know where they can find their audience.


That being said, let’s start with the basics!

What is Crypto Twitter and why is it trending?

It is a niche where users discuss cryptocurrency, the Twitter trending topic. You can find developers, influencers, amateurs, investors and companies talking about NFT,Bitcoin, tokens, blockchain and up to scams. Don’t forget it is Twitter, so of course there’s plenty of memes, ideas, speculation and controversy.


There are plenty of channels to talk about finance (ahem: Whatsapp Groups, Telegram or specialized blogs) but none of them are as diverse, universal and ‘free’ as Twitter.

The platform itself encourages this conversation and there is an underground layer on Twitter called ‘FinTwit’ -Financial Twitter- where people talk about trading and crypto.


The #FinTwit hashtag has grown 75% in the past 2 years, leading into a Twitter trending dialogue a cross the world. The discussion has become so relevant in the sector that there are software’s tracking financial data from Twitter so people can analyze it.

Twitter also has the$Cashtags feature. It works just as hashtags but is only related to companies and the stock market. All of them start with the $ symbol and are followed by an acronym. Here are some examples:




TwitterSpaces is another great feature for the NFT and crypto community. Spaces are hosted rooms where people can listen or participate in live audio conversations. This feature has become a favorite for NFT and Crypto content creators, as it offers the possibility to connect with the audience and amplify their voice.


Are you aware of this community around Twitter trending crypto? There's a big audience, eager and interested to bring, share, participate and benefit from this niche. But, who starts and leads the conversation?

Why are Crypto and NFT Twitter accounts relevant?

Let’s face it, approaching this subject as an outsider can be intimidating and confusing at first. Because everyone is talking about crypto, not only crypto bros; even celebrities like Snoop Dog or Paris Hilton are getting involved with Twitter trending crypto and metaverse matters.


The shiny side is that there are Twitter content creators willing to educate you or motivate you according to your knowledge or interest. Inside this community you can find developers, traders, specialized media entrepreneurs and diverse project accounts, among many others.

The influence of Twitter trending crypto accounts

Elon Musk is not the only one who has an impact on the stock market. Pioneer influencers in Twitter make analysis and give advice according to their opinions which at the end of the day can turn into real investments from their followers. This is what makes them so relevant to the market and to brands.


We refer to these content creators as pioneers because they started when the dialogue was just building up, but it doesn't mean that if an influencer joins the community at this point it will be too late.


On the contrary,Twitter itself has acknowledged finance will be a massive and relevant trend during the next few years, which is a signal for content creators who still want to be part of this Twitter trending topic conversation.

Twitter’s steps to Creator’s monetization

The tweet platform also wants to reward content creators and let them capitalize their account -no matter the subject they talk about-. Their first move was launching a tipping feature, which allows users to tip their favorite influencers through traditional and crypto currencies.


The crypto tipping option may be mostly used, at least at the beginning, by the Crypto Twitter community, as they understand the subject and may have digital wallets, in comparison to average users.

Summing up 

Finance is a Twitter trending topic. There is already an enormous community on Twitter talking about it and the top influencer accounts have become very relevant both to the audience and to the stock market.


Using Twitter and joining the crypto conversation is an excellent move for influencers who want to become or stay relevant.


If you are interested in crypto/NFT and want to become an influencer, Twitter is definitely the best platform for it!

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