Who are the Top 20 Tiktok influencers in Miami?

Miami is one of the hottest spots for content creation. This cosmopolitan city always keeps up with the latest trends, which in terms of social media means TikTok. But, who are the trendiest people in one of the trendiest cities?  Keep reading to discover the top 20 TikTok influencers inMiami!


Also known as ‘TheMagic City’, Miami is the perfect place to find TikTokers of any size:  from celebrities to micro-influencers who share their life or hobbies on social media. We have already listed a variety of 20 Miami TikTok influencers you should follow, so this time we decided to focus on top Miami influencers according to their followers.


Knowing that Miami and Florida have top TikTok influencers, in this article we are listing TikTok creators who live or have lived in Miami (or the Florida area) and have over one million followers. Building audiences this big requires time and effort, so we wanted to highlight the consistent work of the top 20 TikTok influencers inMiami and the Florida area.


Did you know some of these Miami TikTokers already?!

Top 20 TikTok influencers in Miami


McKenzi Brooke (@mcKenzibrooke)

Category: Lifestyle and Comedy


McKenzi Brooke is asocial media personality and Miami TikToker. She shares comedy, lip-syncs, and dancing videos on her account. McKenzi is also good at acting and she has played a role in the Attaway General series. As a top 20 TikTok influencer inMiami, McKenzi has over 15 million followers on her account.


Zyad Elie (@Zaydelie)

Category: Comedy

Our ‘Top 20 Tiktok influencers in Miami’ rank also features Zyad Elie, a Miami TikToker and content creator. He is well known for his comedy, lip-sync and vox pop videos.If you live in Miami, you better watch out because Zayd loves to talk with random people and ask them questions!


Paula Galindos (@Pautips)

Category: beauty and lifestyle


Paula is a Colombian influencer based in Miami. She posts lifestyle, beauty, and fashion content and shares her life with over 2 million followers on TikTok. Paula posts content inSpanish and her audience includes females from the Latino community.



Austyn J.R Brown (@ajrbrown)

Category: Board games


Austyn J.R Brown is aMiami-based TikToker and content creator. He is well known for posting card and board game content on his account! For this reason, he refers to himself as the "CEO of Cards”. This Miami TikToker endorses cards and board games, but he also has created his own games.

Lexi Hidalgo (@lexxhidalgo)

Category: Lifestyle and comedy


Lexi Hidalgo is a popular Miami TikToker who shares dance, point-of-view, lifestyle, and comedy videos. Lexi, who competed in Miss Florida Teen USA, has over 2 million followers on TikTok. This Miami TikTok influencer recently launched her own podcast, called ‘The Moments’.


Rachel Santana (@xoxosantana)

Category: Lifestyle


Rachel Santana is a popular Miami TikToker and influencer. She shares comedy and lip-sync videos, as well as trends, tips, and product reviews. Rachel is a Family NursePractitioner (FNP) student and sometimes shares nursing content too. Her TikTok account has over 4 million followers.


Treinador Kaká (@treinadorkaka)

Category: Fitness


Treinador Kaká is a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast based in Miami. He shares routines, exercises, and fitness tips on his TikTok account. Treinador Kaká posts inPortuguese and has over 1.7 million followers.



Keyondre Lowery (@Keyondreforreal)

Category: Comedy  


Keyondre is a Miami TikToker who gained fame thanks to his pranks, Q&A, story times, and challenge videos. He is also into music and is working to build his rap career! Keyondre has launched his own singles and is working hard to become viral.



Baby Ariel (@babyariel)

Category: Lifestyle and beauty

Ariel Martin is one of the most relevant TikTok influencers from Miami. She shares lifestyle and dancing videos on TikTok, as well as content with her boyfriend. Forbes included Baby Ariel in the 2017 list of top entertainment influencers. She has over 36 million followers on TikTok and has beenfeatured in Disney Channel’s Zombie movie.

Anthony Barbuto (@Thelawyer)

Category: Law


Anthony Barbuto, also known as @TheLawyer on TikTok, is an American lawyer with social media presence. This Miami TikToker is a pioneer in the legal field on social media and his name account gives us a hint. Anthony combines law with comedy and family videos. He also defines himself as an Italian enthusiast.



Trinity Morisette (@trinity)

Category: Lifestyle


Trinity Morissette is a social media influencer and model who shares lifestyle and funny content, including outfit pictures and workouts. This Miami TikToker also uses her platform to spread a positive and anti-bullying message through the ‘Kindness Matters’ movement.



Reif Harrison (@reifharrison)

Category: Lifestyle and dancing


Reif Harrison is a professional dancer and TikToker from Miami. He has performed with artists likeJason Derulo and The Chainsmokers. Reif shares dance videos alone and with his sister, McKenzi Brooke, who is also featured on this ‘Top 20 TikTok influencers in Miami’ rank.



Devon Wardlow (@watlowbaby)

Category: Comedy and couples content


Devon Wardlow is aMiami-based content creator who shares pranks, jokes, and comedy videos on social media. This Miami TikToker also posts cute relationship content. Devon has earned over 1,7 million followers on TikTok and more than 23 million likes.

Mia Dio (@miadio)

Category: Beauty and lifestyle


Our ‘Top 20 TikTok influencers in Miami’ rank also feature Mia Dio, a lifestyle content creator.She posts beauty, fashion, travel, and other lifestyle-related videos. This Miami TikToker has over 5 million followers on her account and has a big influence on women, being the majority of her audience.



Sol Carlos (@solcarlosofficial)

Category: Lifestyle, beauty, and fashion


Our ‘Top 20 TikTok influencers in Miami’ list features a variety of creators from the Latino community and Sol Carlos is one of them. Sol is from Argentina but currently lives in Miami and this is why she posts in English and Spanish. She shares beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content.

Andrea & Lewis (@andreaandlewis)

Category: Lifestyle and couples


Andrea and Lewis are a couple who began a long-distance relationship and then moved together, living between the USA and Ireland. She is from Puerto Rico while he is from Ireland.As Miami Tiktokers, they share couple-related content, including pranks, fitness, and comedy videos.



Brayden Ledford (@braydenledf)

Category: Comedy


Brayden is a social media personality who shares funny videos, including point-of-view and relatable content. This Miami TikToker also posts videos about ADHD with a positive and funny twist. His audience is mainly female and he has over 1million followers on TikTok.

Owen Holt (@owen.holt)

Category: Comedy


Owen Holt is a TikToker who shares comedy and lip-sync videos. Not only is he one of the top20 TikTok influencers in Miami, but also was the winner of the first season ofNext Influencer. This Miami TikToker has over 4 million followers and most of his videos have gone viral.



Las Trilliz Catalano (@lastrillizcatalano)

Category: lifestyle, triplets


Valentina, Lorena, and Carol are triplets who share their life and particular styles on social media.These Miami TikTokers post in English and Spanish and their videos include outfits, trips, room decor, and other lifestyle-related content.



Kike and Dany Herrera (@the_twin8)

Category: Dancing


Dany and Kike are twins and professional dancers who share their moves and steps on social media.They post videos in English and Spanish and have over 3 million followers onTikTok. Dany and Kike Herrera are based in Miami and belong to the Latino community.

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