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We use technology and storytelling to create User Generated Content (UGC) at scale!

Connect with your audience

Leverage your digital strategy and build authentic connections with your audiences across different channels. As aMiami-based UGC Agency, we can help you create engaging and cost-effective content that resonates with your public.


Reach your marketing goals

What is the objective of your social media strategy? Rather if it’s increasing brand awareness, redirecting traffic, going viral, or driving sales, User Generated Content is one of the best ways to achieve your goals.


Get the most out of influencer partnerships

Creating UGC with an influencer is a great way of reaching your target and that’s why many companies specialize in this service. In Stargazer we are a UGC Agency from Miami that helps brands connect with influencers and build User Generated Content at scale.


Speak the social media language

User Generated Content is a native format among all social media channels and other digital platforms such as websites and eCommerce. For this reason, promoting your brand through UGC is an effective way of reaching the public.


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What we do


UGC at scale

We offer full-tailored UGC campaigns, strategies, and marketing tactics that adapt to your needs, timing, and budget.Let us help you create authentic, scalable, and engaging content that resonates with the audience.


Influencer outsourcing and management

In Stargazer we have an extensive creator network! We can help you identify the right creator for your brand, define theUGC message and manage the negotiations so that you can focus on the core of your company while we are improving your online presence.


UGC rights guidance and administration

Sharing content created by others (customers, influencers, users) requires acting carefully and keeping in mind aspects like privacy and copyright. For this reason, working with a Miami UGC Agency like u sis always a good idea. We will guide you and help you get the rights to publishUGC on your channels.


UGC analytics and reporting

We are not afraid of numbers! We work based on metrics and always try to measure the success of the campaigns, including UGC tactics and strategies. In Stargazer we will track the performance of your content, help you understand the insights, and make decisions according to it.


Tailored UGC campaigns for the Miami market

We are a Miami-based UGC agency with global reach. We understand the local culture and have connections in the Florida area, including many content creators from the city. If you are interested in connecting with Miami audiences, we can help you!


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Stargazer, a Miami-based UGC agency


Our Process


Thanks to our best-in-class marketers and years of experience in the marketing field, we have developed an effective user-generated content strategy that includes:

1.Understand the company’s goals

2. Define the goal and the message

3. Outreach and identify the right influencers


4. Follow the influencer’s creation and posting process

5. Provide reports, media value, and more


What are you waiting for to develop a successful UGC campaign?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is User-Generated Content (UGC)? 

User-generated content refers to original content created by real people that is related to a brand's products or services. Instead of using actors/models or delivering high-quality advertisement shootings, brands outsource the content creation to influencers.This way, the final piece feels authentic and is not overly produced.


There are different types of user-generated content, including videos, photos, reviews, blog content, case studies, and even hashtag campaigns. Hashtags are especially useful because they allow you and the users to find all the UGC that has been shared under that tag.


It is a common practice to work with influencers and content creators who use a certain product or service and recommend it to their followers while also inviting them to share their testimonials or follow the challenge, among many other calls to action.  


Why should I include UGC in my marketing strategy?


User-generated content is an excellent marketing strategy because it will help you connect with your audience through social media and other online channels such as websites, eCommerce, newsletters, email marketing, and ads.


Since it is user-generated, the audience conceives it as authentic, relatable, and interesting, instead of staged advertising. Working with influencers to create UGC content is an effective way of getting brand awareness, engaging with your target, and even boosting sales because the followers trust the recommendations of their favorite creators.


Choosing the right influencer for your brandedUGC is not an easy task, but UGC agencies like us are experts on it. If you want to create content that involves your product/service and resonates with your target, do not think twice and start including UGC!

Why should I work with a Miami UGC agency instead of doing it in-house?


Developing a marketing strategy requires time and resources, especially when it does not rely completely on you but on other content creators, and this is the case with User-Generated Content.


Of course, you can do it in-house and invest time and money on a UGC campaign, but hiring a UGC agency (in our caseMiami-based UGC agency) is always a good idea. It is cost-effective, makes everything easier, the campaign is measurable and the ROI tends to be better when you hire professionals.


And if this was not enough, a Miami UGC agency like ours understands both local and global markets and has multiple connections, including an extensive network of content creators from different backgrounds and niches.



Leverage your marketing strategy with user-generated content. In Stargazer, a leading Miami-based UGC agency, we are ready to help you achieve your marketing goals.

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