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Stargazer is a Miami-based influencer marketing agency that uses technology and story telling to create UGC at scale.


We offer full-service campaign management for Miami and foreign brands, and we also help content creators to build up their careers. No matter your goal, we know how to run successful campaigns/profiles on social media and deliver the best results!

Outstanding Influencer Agency in Miami with a wide-range influencer network

Content creators with tons of followers

InStargazer we have an extensive content creator network. Depending on your marketing goals and budget we can work with nano and micro-influencers, and up to macro and celebrity influencers.


An influencer for every niche

Not all content creators belong to the same niche or perform well with your brand. That is why our catalog includes influencers from different categories: lifestyle, beauty, fashion, sports, cooking, DIY, humor, music, health, science, and more.


Miami-based creators with global reach

As an influencer marketing agency in Miami, we keep up with the trendiest local content creators. If you are a local company or want to promote a service/product in Miami, we will help you find the right influencer that matches your company language and values.

What we do

Stargazer is a leading Miami influencer agency with local connections and global reach.


Strategy and KPI definition

You do not necessarily need to know how or where to start, because we can help you with it! Let us analyze your channels to determine a measurable influencer strategy that is aligned with your needs.


Full-service Influencer campaigns

We offer full-service campaigns, according to your brand's needs and budget. Rather if you are looking for brand awareness, building engagement, directing traffic, or driving sales, our Miami influencer agency is ready to help you achieve your goals.


Content creator sourcing

AtStargazer we use proprietary technology to help you find the influencer that suits you better. We know how to leverage their creative talent and use it for your benefit.


Miami-targeted campaigns

As an influencer marketing agency in Miami (Florida), we understand the market and know how to adapt your campaign in order to reach the local target and help you stand out from the crowd.

Social media campaigns

Not all platforms speak the same language, use the same formats or reach the same target. We acknowledge this and know how to take advantage of each one. From Instagram to TikTok campaigns, we got you covered.



What we do

Influencer campaigns of different kinds


As an influence rmarketing agency in Miami, our services include different types of campaigns with brand ambassadors.


Sponsored spots

We can help you connect with your audience by working with content creators that will amplify your brand’s reach and recommend your product/service to their engaged audience. We will guide you through the process, from brand ambassador outreach to legal matters and management. You can count on us!


Influencer gifting program

As part of your PR strategy, we can help you identify which influencers will accept a gift in exchange for promoting your product or service. Take advantage of the unboxings and increase your online presence with our influencer network.


Events for content creators

Influencer activations also include events and, as a Miami influencer agency located in a city full of social activities, we are aware of it! That’s why our services include event planning. We are capable of creating fun and interesting scenarios where content creators can learn more about your product or service and share their experiences with their followers.


Influencer blog posts

Since we create content at scale and are familiar with digital messages, we can help you increase the credibility of your brand and improve your SEO strategy by partnering with influencers who will write an article that directs to your brand's website or social media post.



No matter what influencer approach you are looking for, we got you covered!

Why hire a Miami influencer agency?

If you are a company/influencer based in Miami or are interested in Miami audiences, you should definitely hire a local agency that understands the culture, market, and dynamics of the Florida city.


No matter if your business is located in Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, or any other part of the city, an influencer marketing agency based in Miami -like Stargazer-will help you stand out from other local businesses and competitors.


Leverage your digital strategy and let us help you create influencer content at scale!


Here are five reasons why it’s worth hiring an influencer marketing agency in Miami like us:



Miami’s cultural understanding

We have a strong presence and knowledge of Miami and the South Florida region. We aren’t outsiders! Over the years, we have understood the local dynamics and are able to develop multiple strategies in brands’ favor.


Local connections

Thanks to our expertise and years in the market, we can help you establish meaningful connections and resonate with potential partners, influencers, and audiences.What are you waiting for?

A multicultural team based in Miami

Stargazer is made up of a team of the best marketers and professionals from different backgrounds and cities. So, even though we are located in Miami, we have a global perspective and think outside the local box.


Data-driven and performance-oriented

We are an influencer agency in Miami that uses the best technology and manages the latest marketing tools in order to help you achieve your marketing goals: from brand awareness to lead generation.


Miami Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Stargazer can help you manage your SEO strategy so that you rank in the best positions onGoogle and become relevant in the local market. If someone is looking for a product or service in Miami, let’s make them find you!


What are you waiting for to boost your digital marketing strategy?


Let us help you define your strategy, build partnerships with the best influencers, and create engaging content that captivates the audience. Accomplish your goals and get a great ROI by working with Stargazer, a Miami influencer agency with global reach!


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