Top 5 Instagram Influencers in 2020 in Every Industry

April 9, 2020

Instagram Influencer

Influencer marketing is a highly popular and effective form of marketing. Since influencers became a big way to connect with several niches around every type of industry, marketers understand the power of influencers. They are able to affect the purchasing decisions of people because of their popularity, authority and relationship with their audience.

Nearly 63% of businesses who do budget for influencer marketing intend to increase their spending over this year. On the other hand, when it's done correctly, brands can make up to $5 for each dollar spent on this type of marketing.

Unlike celebrities, influencers can be the average person, living anywhere, interested about anything. What makes them influential is their huge following that love their content and their way of storytelling.

Influencers can work in different fields and niches. For example, if you have a photo editor app, you can find popular photography influencers on Instagram and contact them to work together, so that people get excited to use your app. For instance, if you have a fashion shop, you can DM a fashion Instagram influencer to wear your clothes and inspire people to buy them.

People Relate to Influencers

Whether they are the place where people go to find answers, get inspired, or have a good time people relate to influencers so much. They are not only the perfect bridge between brands and a public but also bearers of your brand pillars. Working with influencers can help your brand create meaningful connections, increase awareness as well as grow your business revenue.

Firstly, to get the best results working with influencer marketing, it’s crucial to choose the right creator that suits your brand. This can be a very challenging task because you have to look for the best advocate that resonates with your products or services.

Here we've made a list of the top five best Instagram influencers related to food, fashion, photography, lifestyle as well as beauty industries. Just go to your industry and take a look at the influencers, we've included the links of their accounts, enjoy!

Top 5 food instagram influencers

  1. @Jamieoliver (7.7 million followers)
  2. @_foodstories_ (1 Million followers)
  3. @linda_lomelino (761k followers)
  4. @ladyironchef (602k followers)
  5. @julieskitchen (150k followers)

Top 5 fashion & style instagram influencers

  1. @nikkietutorials (13,9mm followers)
  2. @zoesugg (9,5mm)
  3. @weworewhat (2,3 million followers)
  4. @gabifresh (743k followers)
  5. @majawyh (335k followers)

Top 5 photography instagram influencers

  1. @paulnicklen (6,4 million followers)
  2. @muradosmann (4 million followers)
  3. @chrisburkard (3,5 million followers)
  4. @david_lachapelle (427k followers)
  5. @creativesoulphoto (166k followers)

Top 5 lifestyle instagram influencers

  1. @joannagaines 11,9 million followers
  2. @jannid 1.4 million followers
  3. @sydneyleroux 1,2 million followers
  4. @proudlock 705k followers
  5. @laurahuntstyle 10k followers

Top 5 beauty & make-up instagram influencers

  1. @hudabeauty (42 million followers)
  2. @jamescharles (16.7 million followers)
  3. @jeffreestar (16mm followers)
  4. @Avani (5,4 million followers)
  5. @daniellemarcan (960k followers)

Although influencer marketing can drive great results, some of the challenges for marketers and business owners is the lack of planning and finding relevant influencers for their niche.

For that reason, we created Stargazer, an influencer marketing agency with a network of over 5 million creators. Stargazer helps brands connect with relevant influencers, create the best strategies, and also drive real results.

If you want to know how Stargazer works or you are wondering whether your brand can benefit from influencer marketing or where to start, you can contact us here, we would love to help you grow!

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