User-generated content creators: Did you know these top 10 UGC creators?

Not all content creators are influencers and UGC creators are the perfect example. Even though they do not have large audiences nor influence other people, they do work for brands and create digital content.Keep reading to find out what they do and who are the top 10 UGC creators!


The creator economy is always evolving and it features new players and different ways of creating and generating revenue. That is the case of user-generated content, one of the last marketing trends at the moment.


In fact, a UGC study revealed that 8 out of 10 people think that UGC has a big impact on their purchasing decisions. This is one of the reasons UGC creators are becoming so popular: brands want them to create a certain type of content and they do not need to have large audiences.


There are a variety of UGC creators out there and the number is growing because almost anyone can become a user-generated content creator. Some of them have more experience and even share recommendations with others, which is what we kept in mind when creating this top 10 UGC creators list.


Before discovering who are the top 10 UGC creators, let’s have a look at what is UGC and what is a UGC creator!

What isUGC?


UGC stands for User-generated content and it refers to any content that is created by people and not by brands. Instead of being a traditional advertisement, it features a real person sharing content with a product or service.


User-generated content includes texts, images, videos, testimonials, etc., and can be shared on social media or any other platform, from websites to blogs, for example.


UGC is very popular and effective because it feels authentic. People tend to trust other people instead of brands, so it is a natural and organic way of reaching audiences.


This type of content can also be included at any stage of the marketing funnel. No matter if you are launching a product, growing a brand, or working to get conversions, user-generated content and UGC creators can help you!


Do not worry if you are still trying to figure out questions like what is UGC? or how to use it in our brand’s favor? There are specialized UGC marketing agencies that understand the industry and help brands build tailored UGC campaigns according to their needs.

What is a UGC creator?


To understand what is a UGC creator (and who are the top 10 UGC creators), we must have a look at the ‘user’ who shares the content.Initially, UGC was only shared by customers, brand advocates, and employees andt hey did not get paid for it.


UGC became very popular and effective for brands but since this content was organic, they had to rely on their audience and incentivize them to share UGC. That was until UGC creators appeared!


If we had to paraphrase UGC creators, we could call them freelance content creators. They are people who offer content creation services to a brand and do not need to have a big amount of followers because the content will be posted on the brand's account.


That’s why they are not influencers but UGC creators:they do not have an audience to influence. Some of them, like our top 10 UGC creators, do have a public profile with thousands of followers, but they are sharing creator tips instead of selling branded products or services.


Traditional advertising is old school. Brands are currently hiring UGC creators and sharing content that resembles UGC without having to credit the author or asking for permission to repost because they own the material, which brings them many possibilities.


It also offers a big opportunity for digital creators who do not want to show their faces, talk to the camera or become influencers.They can work with brands and generate revenue, both as a side hustle or a full-time job.


Now that we have analyzed what is UGC and what is a UGC creator, let’s find out who the top 10 UGC creators are!

Top 10 UGCc reators


AngelaWells (@UGC ang)

Angela Wells, also known as UGCang, is a UGC creator and TikTok specialist based in Los Angeles who offers demonstrations, testimonials, and storytelling pieces for brands. She has a degree in marketing and psychology, which has been very useful for user-generated content creation.


This top 10 UGC creator also shares tips and recommendations on TikTok for those who want to start as UGC creators. And if this was not enough, she even offers UGC creator courses and lessons!


Ryan Santoyo (@oneoffryan)

Ryan Santoyo is a UGC creator who loves connecting with creators and brands. He is aware of the UGC momentum and recognizes that digital creators should take advantage of this opportunity. Santoyo likes to focus on DTC (direct-to-consumer) brands, instead of retailers.


As a top 10 UGC creator, Ryan gives advice on content creation for brands and also offers a ‘Creator Academy’ course. If you do not understand well what UGC is but enjoy content creation, taking a course like this one can help you learn how to become a user-generated content creator.

Mariane Moroz (@ugcmarimoroz2)

Mariane Moroz is a Brazilian UGC creator based in the USA. This top 10 UGC creator adapts her voice to various niches, including pets, health, wellness, fitness, furniture, and lifestyle.


As a digital creator, she offers ASMR, unboxing, testimonials, demonstrations, and strong hook videos, as well as photos. Mariane posts in English and Portuguese and has worked with brands such asMacy’s, Hemz, and Poli pet.

Falak Burch (@ugc.falak)

Falak Burch is a user-generated content creator based in the USA. Her UGC catalog includes demonstrations, reviews, before/after, andt estimonials. This top 10 UGC creator also shares TikTok tips and strategies for those who want to grow on the platform.


Even though she is just starting as a UGC creator, Falak is a small business owner and manages the social media and e-commerce of her swimsuit brand, so she has experience with content creation.

Monica Lynne (@its.monicalynne)

Monica is a digital creator and business mentor who is very active in the UGC creators community. Monica Is Costa Rican and currently lives in North Carolina.


When it comes to content creation niches, Monica considers that she does not have one because she can create content for any kind of product/service, even if it is physical or digital. She also shares TikTok creator tips on her account, including monetization options, technical recommendations, and updates on the UGC creator industry.

Madeleine Andrén (@madeleineandren)

Madeleine Andrén is a model and UGC creator based in Bali. Native From Sweden, this top 10 UGC creator shares amazing lifestyle, wellness, and fashion content on her Instagram, while captivating brands with her aesthetic.


She does not have an online portfolio beyond her Instagram and TikTok accounts, but it does not mean that she needs it. In fact, Madeleine has a website with the only option of contacting her, which is an effective and simple way of establishing contact with brands.

Nicole Marks (@kolimarksmedia )

Nicole Marks-Martinez, also known as Koli Marks, is a digital and UGC creator. She enjoys mentoring creators and sharing with them her experience. This top 10 UGC creator was even featured in Business Insider for paying off $25,000 of her student debt using TikTok!


Koli Marks is a great example of what people can achieve through social media if it is taken seriously and the content creation is consistent. You can learn a variety of tips about content and UGC creation on her TikTok account.

Abigail Peugh (@abigailpeugh)

Abigail Peugh defines herself as a content creator coach. Since she is up to date with the latest trends in content creation, her highlights include user-generated content and UGC creators. Abigail even offers UGC guides and starter kits!


As a top 10 UGC creator, she has managed to monetize content creation in a personal and professional way. Abigail is an advocate for UGC creation and passive income from social media.

Irina (@ohyouglow_)

Irina is a content and UGC creator based in Rumania who focuses on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content. She creates content through different platforms and social media, including TikTok, Instagram ,Youtube, and a personal blog.


Just like some top 10 UGC creators listed here, Irina started sharing her own content on her digital channels and then opened up to the possibility of collaborating with brands as a UGC creator.

Michelle Henderson (@michelle eeejh)

Michelle Henderson is a UGC creator and coach based in Los Angeles. As a digital creator for social media, she focuses on multiple niches, including home, gadgets, beauty, fashion, wellness, food, and travel. Michelle also has a blog where she posts Amazon product reviews.


Just like some other top 10 UGC creators listed here,Michelle also offers a UGC creator online course. She goes further and even provides productivity material and courses in other subjects.

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