Top 15 Miami YouTubers you should know!

Before social media influencers became a thing, there were Youtubers. These content creators and vloggers have existed for over 10 years and, far from disappearing, they are still trending. As a Miami Marketing agency, we have created a list of the top15 Miami Youtubers who engage with the audience.


There are Youtube influencers of many sizes, so we didn’t want to create a list of the most followed Youtubers from Miami. Instead, we chose different profiles, personalities, and niches in an effort to represent the diversity that habitatsMiami.


This Top 15 Miami Youtubers rank features beauty and lifestyle creators, comedy and practical jokers, automobile enthusiasts, and up to juice lovers. Some of them are natives of the United States, while others migrated to Miami and also reveal the multicultural side of Miami.


Keep reading to find out more about Youtube influencers from Miami and the great content they have to offer. Did you know some of them already?!

Top 15 Miami Youtubers


Funky Dineva

Funky Dineva is a Miami Youtuber and influencer who comments on entertainment, celebrities, and other pop culture subjects with a funny twist. The audience loves his jokes and he has been named the best Youtuber by Miami New Times. This top 15 Miami Youtuber defines himself as an urban pop culture critic and currently hosts a talk show on Fox Soul. His real name is Quentin Latham.


Villas Channel

Villa and Cynthia(also known as PJs) are a couple who share lifestyle and travel videos. TheseYoutube influencers are based in Miami and many of their videos are recorded in the city, while some others are great traveling experiences around the globe.The Villas Channel has been featured in multiple ranks for the best travel blog/Youtube channel. Of course, we had to include it in our top 15 Miami Youtubers list!


Heath Hussar

Heath Hussar is a popular Miami Youtuber and influencer with over 2 million subscribers! Native from Fort Lauderdale, Hussar shares lifestyle and challenge videos. Some of his friends belong to The Vlog Squad, including his best friend Zane Hijazi. ThisTop 15 Miami Youtuber is well known for his original and funny videos. He andZane even have a podcast on Youtube!



Kathleen is a Miami Youtuber and influencer who shares beauty-related content. If you are looking for makeup tips and tutorials, you should definitely follow her! She posts videos three times a week and includes challenges, makeup dupes, and other engaging formats. Thanks to her consistency and quality content, we decided to include her in our Top 15 Miami Youtubers rank!

Jessi Smiles

Jessi Smiles is a Cuban-American influencer who lives in Miami. This Youtuber has two different channels: one for beauty content (Jessi Styles) and another one for story time videos. The last one is especially popular, as the audience loves her unusual, embarrassing, and funny stories: from dating situations to drunk memories. Go follow this Top 15 Miami Youtuber and have a laugh!



Sincerely MVU

MVU stands for MariaValeria Urdaneta, an influencer based in Miami who posts lifestyle videos onYoutube. As a Latina, Maria Valeria posts content in Spanish and features her family and friends. This Top 15 Miami Youtuber shares makeup and hair tutorials, pranks, hauls, recipes, and challenges. MVU has over 500K subscribers.



Erin Nicole TV

Erin Nicole is a fashion lover and beauty expert. As a Miami Youtuber and influencer, she shares her Miami adventures and her favorite beauty products. Erin loves luxury makeup and fragrances, so many of her videos feature top-brand products like Chanel or Tom Ford. If you are into high-quality makeup brands, you will enjoy Erin’s content!



Al Vázquez

Al Vázquez is an automotive journalist and content creator. As a Miami Youtuber and influencer, Vázquez shares weekly reviews and lifestyle content. His YouTube channel has over 260K subscribers. Al Vázquez has over 20 years of experience in the field and has been selected as one of the jury members of the “North America Car,Utility and Truck of the Year” (NACTOY) and “The World Car of the Year”.


King Cid

King Cid is a popularMiami Youtuber and influencer who creates vlogs and funny videos. He posts pranks and is well known for his creative challenges and exciting performances.His Youtube channel has over 2 million subscribers and the audience is very engaged with his content. His real name is Jason Cid.

Louisen barnard

Louise Barnard is a Miami Youtuber and influencer who shares videos about fashion, beauty(makeup/hairstyles), lifestyle, and pop culture. Her Youtube channel has over90K subscribers. This top 15 Miami Youtuber was featured in the FBoy Island reality show and she also has videos telling her experience.



La Blue Kombi

Eva and Andres moved from Peru to the United States and started sharing their lifestyle and travel adventures. If they are not visiting great places around the world, these Miami Youtubers and content creators post videos about their experience living inMiami, from plans to the local culture and cost of living. ‘La Blue Kombi’ refers to a blue vintage van.




MiamiTheKid (MTK) is a popular Youtuber and influencer from Miami. He joined the platform in the year2016 and has been sharing viral content since then. MiamiTheKid is well known for comedy videos, including pranks and Q&A. This Top 15 Miami Youtuber has over 1 million subscribers on his channel.




Ronald Moscoso

Ronald is a Colombian-American content creator. As a Miami Youtuber and influencer, he shares videos about nutrition, health, and detox diets. Ronald’s specialty is juice: he shares recipes with natural ingredients. This top 15 Miami Youtuber has over 900K subscribers on his channel.

Danny Duncan

Native from Englewood,Florida, Danny Duncan is a Youtuber who shares comedy and lifestyle videos. HisYoutube channel has almost 7 million subscribers and that is why we decided to include him in this Top 15 Miami Youtubers rank, although he’s not exactly fromMiami. Danny has his own merchandising brand.



Jack Tenney, also known as JoogSquad, is a famous Youtuber and content creator from Florida who shares comedy videos, including pranks and crazy stunts. He also collaborates with his brother Turner Tenney or Tfue, also a Youtuber. JoogSquad has over 5million subscribers on Youtube.



Final thoughts


There are a variety ofYoutube influencers from Miami. In this Top 15 Miami Youtubers rank, we wanted to include profiles from different categories and backgrounds. They are a great example of consistency and hard work and represent well the content creation industry.


If you are willing to become a Youtuber, or if you want to improve your Youtube influencer strategy, we are ready to help you! We are a leading influencer marketing agency and platform. Contact us now!

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