Top 10 Food Influencers on TikTok

Food has become one of the most relevant subjects in the influencer marketing industry. There are chefs, restaurant owners, and food enthusiasts sharing engaging content and attracting audiences.In this article, we are listing our top 10 food influencers on TikTok.


When it comes to food-related content, there areTikTok influencers of many sizes and kinds. Some of them focus on a certain region or cuisine, while others create their own plates or share their opinion on someone else’s dishes.


Keeping this in mind, we have listed our top 10food influencers on TikTok from different backgrounds and audiences. We arranged them according to their amount of followers, but don’t let the numbers fool you: more followers do not mean higher engagement.


Instead of going for the most followed profiles on TikTok, we decided to provide a wider ratio. That being said, let’s have a look at our top 10 food influencers on TikTok!

Food mega influencers on TikTok

(1M - 5M followers)


Hajar Larbah (@moribyan)

One of our top 10 food influencers on TikTok is Hajar Larbah, owner of the @morybyan profile, one of the most popular food accounts on TikTok. Hajar shares recipes and restaurant experiences with an audience of more than 4 million followers on the Chinese app, although she also has massive audiences on Instagram and Youtube.


This foodie graduated from Nutrition/Dieteticsat UC Berkeley and started Morybyan for fun during freshman year. Later on, anddue to the pandemic, she committed full-time to content creation. In case youwere wondering, Morybyan stands for Morrocan and Libyan, her two nationalities

Tiffy (@tiffycooks)


Tiffy is a food lover and content creator who shares recipes and restaurant reviews on social media.Taiwan native, she moved to Vancouver and could try foods from all over the world. It wasn’t until she moved to college that finding comfort food became a necessity.


Tiffy started getting creative in the kitchen and cooking was a stress reliever for her. As an Asian food lover, she traveled to South East Asia and experienced all the different flavors. She currently lives in Canada but her profile features mostly Asian food. If you want to learn easy recipes in less than 20 minutes, you should definitely check Tiffy’s account!



Justin Schuble (@justinmschuble)


Justin Schuble is atop 10 food influencer on TikTok who shares recipes and reviews with over one million followers. He is also the founder of DCFoodPorn, a blog with food recommendations in Washington and the DC area.


Justin attendedGeorgetown University and was attracted by the local food scene, so he started taking pictures of the places he visited and this is how he ended up being a food content creator. As a food influencer, he has worked with several brands, including Amazon Fresh, Burger King, Ninja Kitchen, and Dunkin Donuts.

Food micro influencers on TikTok

(10 - 50K followers)


Nina Berezin (@thequeenfoodie)


Mostly known as The Queen Foodie, Nina Berezin is a foodie and content creator who lives in NYC.This top 10 food influencer on TikTok has over 43K followers and 2M likes. Nina loves sushi and features a lot of Asian dishes on her account, as well as food from all around the world.


The Queen Foodie recommends places to eat in New York City, including street food courts and fancy restaurants. She also reviews takeouts and delivery options. As the foodie she is, Nina also shares cooking recipes.



Damiana (@eatwithdami)


Dami is a Cuban descendant and a top 10 food influencer on TikTok who shares recommendations of places to eat in Miami. She has more than 20K followers on her account, which defines her as a micro-influencer, and her content has received more than 345K likes.


As a food content creator, she shares date ideas, vegan options, and refreshing cocktails. Dami has collaborated with brands such as Delicious box and offers discount codes to her followers, a common practice among the restaurant influencer marketing industry.



Manuela (@unafoodie_mas)


Talking about foodies…Una Foodie Más (another foodie) is the TikTok account of Manuela, a content creator, and photographer from Ecuador. She loves traveling and trying out new foods, whether it's in her hometown or in the cities she is visiting.

This top 10 food influencer on TikTok has more than 41K followers on her profile and her content has more than 581K likes. Una Foodie Más has done influencer collaborations with a variety of brands, including Club beer and Machetazo (spirit drink). She has also photographed different products, such as Del Encanto snacks.



Mid-tier food influencers on TikTok

(50K - 500K followers)


Juliana Alvarez (@miamifoodiez)


Juliana Alvarez is aMiami content creator and foodie, owner of the Miami Foodiez accounts. This top10 food influencer on TikTok has over 100K followers on her profile, and herInstagram account is also very popular.


Alvarez shares reviews of Miami restaurants and features all kinds of food: from cheap meals to fancy dinners. She also posts food from all over the world: if you have a look at her feed, you will find Cuban, Dominican, Colombian, Asian, and Peruvian restaurants, just to mention a few!

Giselle Chusan (@explorewithgg)


Giselle Chusan, also known as GG, is a top 10 food influencer on TikTok who has more than 129K followers on her profile. She shares recommendations of food spots and restaurants in South Florida and has a second account in Spanish


She started as a jewelry and travel content creator a couple of years ago. In 2020, due to the pandemic, she had to get creative because of the restrictions and that is how she ended up sharing food content. If you are visiting Miami and South Florida you should definitely have a look at her profile!

Yahia (@yahia.instant.eats)


Yahia is aGermany-based foodie and content creator. This top 10 food influencer on TikTok loves to try food and snacks from different places of the world and share his opinions with an audience of more than 80K followers.


It is possible to find reviews of specific foods and dishes such as German Christmas candies and reviews of different markets and food courts. Yahia has a series of videos where he tries certain foods: instant foods from supermarkets or classic foods in Germany or Jamaica “so we don't have to”.



Ewa and Jeromy (@Nom_life)


Ewa and Jeromy are the owners of Nom Life, a food blog with a presence on social media. These top 10food influencers on TikTok have more than 275K followers on TikTok and have turned their passion into a career.


Both of them come from first-generation Asian immigrant families who moved to the United States and grew up in the food industry. They even met when they were working at a Chinese restaurant! For these reasons, Asian food is their predilection when it comes to content creation. From exotic recipes to famous restaurant reviews, Nom Life got you covered on delicious Asian food!


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