Top 7 Emerging Influencer Marketplace Platforms You Should Know About

March 16, 2020

Today in the technology and information era, there are various resources and approaches in order to pick a marketing strategy. It may be difficult to identify which would be the right choice that fits your company's goals.

Before the influencer marketplace breakthrough, marketers needed to do an old-fashioned manual search. This is an extremely time-consuming task that isn't worthy since you may not find the right fit for your brand. However, a manual search is used today depending on the company, product, goal, budget and other marketing factors. But if you want to bring your digital marketing and social media strategy to the next level you should really consider an influencer marketplace.

Why Use an Influencer Marketplace?

An Influencer marketplace will boost your digital marketing and social media strategy. It won’t only save you time but will help to find the most relevant influencers to speak to your audience. There are many factors to define the best influencer for your product such as engagement, content quality, post frequency, and overall relevance. A marketplace will help you search, filter, analyze, and get a list of the most suitable influencers for your brand. Keep in mind that a good influencer isn’t necessarily the one with most followers.

There are several influencer marketplaces out there. We did our own search to come up with a list of the best seven emerging platforms. These are small to medium agencies that will assist you to achieve your goal. In addition, they will work with you to get what your company needs.

#7 Lefty

Lefty: influencer marketplace platform

Identify and reach out to relevant influencers. Lefty is a great marketing platform with a database of more than 3 million profiles. It also has a system that allows you to keep track and measure all your relationships.

What makes them great: Lefty allows you to benchmark your performance by tracking and analyzing your own KPIs.

Channels: Instagram and Youtube


#6 Insense

Create your brief, collect responses, chat with creators, get your content, amplify. In Insense you control your own content creation process. This influencer marketplace is ideal for small business owners or busy marketing managers that want to boost their content hand in hand with great creators.

What makes them great: Insense doesn’t only work with influencers but with content creators as well. This allows you to focus more on your priorities and spend less time on creating content.


#5 Grin

Grin is the All-In-One influencer marketing software. This tool is focused on E-commerce brands that want to be able to have time to focus on their marketing strategies. Grin walks you from the beginner to the end of your campaign; find, recruit, manage, and report your campaign with success.

What makes them great: Grin isn’t an agency or a marketplace, it’s a software. You will have the freedom to manage your campaign from beginning to end.


#4 Grapevine

Grapevine: influencer marketplace platform

A team of brilliant marketers, creators, entrepreneurs, and engineers give life to Grapevine. This is an incredible influencer search and ranking platform that will allow you to build powerful messages in real-time.

What makes them great: Grapevine allows you to have a custom strategy. Hire their experts to create your campaign from scratch.

Channels: Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


#3 Peg

Peg is a niche-focused influencer marketing agency that helps you to measure bottom-of-the-funnel campaign metrics. Bigs and small brands and agencies are using Peg to identify the perfect partners, report, and retarget.

What makes them great: Peg allows you to track and report your campaign. You are able to access to data exporting, revenues, and ROI.

Channels: Youtube and Instagram


#2 Strawberry Socials

Strawberry Socials is an Instagram influencer marketplace founded by two marketers who understood the value of time. They now work to help you to save hours of work by automating hashtag research to get results a hundred times faster.

What makes them great: Strawberry Socials includes location and language analysis so you can target the right audience.

Channels: Instagram.


#1 Stargazer

Stargazer: influencer marketplace platform

Their mission is to create branded content with influencers at scale. Stargazer is a full-service influencer marketing agency as well as the hub of the most talented and creative team of writers, marketers, and account managers. This team will help you to get results on time in the way you actually want them.

What makes them great: Stargazer generates branded content for you to use on your own channels.

Channels: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube.

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