Reasons why Brands are using Nano Influencers

Who said influencer marketing only meant content creators with millions of followers? On the opposite side of social media celebrities, we can find nano influencers: creators with considerably fewer followers but with a dynamic that is very attractive to brands.


And when we say considerably fewer followers, we mean it! Content creators -usually amateurs- with a thousand followers can belong to the nano influencer category.But why are they appealing to brands?


It has to do with how these ‘regular people’ interact with their audiences. Their friendly and close approach becomes an excellent opportunity for companies wanting to generate brand awareness, increase engagement and even boost sales.


In the end, the ‘influencer’ concept has to do with the capacity to have an effect on someone, and these creators are influencing their small yet engaged audiences. And if this marketing strategy brings positive results, brands will go after it!


Before finding out four reasons why brands are working with nano influencers, let’s understand better what they are.

What are Nano Influencers?

A Nano Influencer is a content creator with a follower count between 1K  and 10K followers, although these numbers may vary according to each social media. Many of these creators are just starting and tend to stick to a particular niche, which is part of their greatness.


Since they are willing to grow and build an audience base, they work hard and create valuable content for a segmented public. Having a fewer follower count also allows them to interact more with their followers, building a closer relationship where the audience trusts the creator while the influencer wants to deliver useful and trustable information.


Brands are interested in nano influencers because they can promote products and services by influencing people around them, from family members to colleagues and friends, as well as online individuals interested in a particular niche.


These content creators have carved out their way in the influencer marketing industry, and the amount of nano influencers has increased lately, which gives brands a wide catalog to choose from according to their needs.


Keep in mind that depending on the goals, brands can go after particular content creators and social media platforms: from celebrities on Youtube to micro influencers on TikTok or nano influencers on Instagram, for example.

Now that we have defined what nano influencers are, let’s have a look at the reasons for including them in influencer marketing campaigns.

Four reasons why brands are working with Nano Influencers

  1. Nano influencers are authentic and close to their audience

These content creators feel like ‘everyday people.’ Since they are not celebrities or popular influencers, they feel relatable to the audience, as if they were following a friend or the person next door. These creators interact a lot with their followers and earn their trust.


Nano influencers also feel more authentic because it seems like they enjoy sharing content, while many other celebrities are doing it for a living so the audience does not know how much of what they share is trustable.


These small-scale influencers are less likely to retouch their photos or use glamorous filters and sets, which makes them look authentic and honest. They also tend to share more personal aspects, including family pictures or everyday tasks.


Finally, they are open to discussing with you, commenting, and even following back. Nano influencers try to keep in touch with their audiences, which is very attractive for brands willing to reach that public.

  1. These influencers belong to a niche and their audience is segmented

Nano Influencers tend to post about specific topics, which means their audience is segmented. Creators and followers share interests like fashion, food, gaming, or travel, for example.


Followers are interested in content creators who are experts willing to share their knowledge, opinions, and recommendations. And since nano influencers belong to a niche, they are most likely to be careful with the products they advertise, which is another reason their audience trusts them.


Here is where brands find an opportunity of reaching targets through their opinion leaders. This is useful for brands who already have identified their target, but also for businesses in the early stages, as they can try out nano influencer marketing campaigns and discover which could be their most relevant customers.


Always remember that the bigger the follower count, the less segmented it is. In the case of nano influencers, their audience is pretty well-segmented because of their ‘small’ follower count.

  1. Nano influencers are more accessible to brands

Small-scale content creators are more accessible to companies in terms of communication and also in terms of money.


Just as nano influencers tend to reply to their fans' messages, they are more likely to answer their DMs when a brand approaches them. They even make the first move when looking for partners, and most of them start buying products and giving honest reviews by themselves.


Many of these content creators have not collaborated with brands as much, which makes them relatively more accessible because they are willing to accept this type of opportunity, especially if the brands are aligned with their niche.


And when it comes to price ranges, nano influencers are also accessible. Some of them are even willing to accept products and services in exchange for exposure, instead of charging a fee.


Their lower price ranges bring multiple benefits to brands, including the possibility of experimenting with the type and amount of Nano influencers. Companies can collaborate with multiple nano influencers and implement an integrated marketing campaign, which could deliver better results than spending all the budget on only one influencer with more followers.


And if there is a company considering working with a content creator for the first time, nano influencers are an excellent choice because they can deliver great results at lower prices.


This leads us to the next reason why brands are working with nano influencers!

  1. Nano influencers are cost-effective and provide a great return on investment

When comparing the investments versus the benefits of working with nano influencers, brands realize nano influencers are cost-effective because they deliver great results considering the limited budget, which is reflected in better ROI ratios (Return on Investment).


Nano influencers are cost-effective thanks to the characteristics described before, including segmented audiences with high engagement rates, as well as content creators who know their audience and charge lower fees.


And if this was not enough, these content creators do not have their profile saturated with other brand collabs, which would help you stand out, as there are not as many possibilities of them collaborating with your brand’s competitors before.


Keep in mind that choosing a nano influencer is just part of the influencer marketing process. You should define your goals, identify the right social media platform, design a campaign, implement it, and analyze the results.


If you want to get the best out of your nano influencer partner, we encourage you to work with an influencer marketing agency, as they will provide the expertise that your brand or the nano influencer might need. Remember that nano influencers are cost-effective but only if you implement a good strategy.

Final thoughts on nano influencers and why brands are working with them

Nano influencers, the small-scale influencers with fewer follower counts, are an excellent marketing strategy for brands willing to reach segmented audiences with high engagement. They can help brands generate brand awareness, increase engagement and boost sales.


These content creators have earned the trust of their followers, which means they are most likely to follow the influencer’s recommendations. Nano influencers are also cost-effective.


What are you waiting for to implement a nano influencer marketing strategy? Get in touch with us now and let us take your marketing strategy to the next level!

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