Miami Fashion Influencers: Top 10 Miami-based fashion content creators to follow

The city of Miami is one of the most popular fashion capitals in theUnited States and in the world. It is the perfect destination for designers, models and fashion lovers. And if this was not enough, there are outstandingMiami fashion influencers to keep an eye on!


Miami’s fashion scene is massive and still on the rise. No matter where you go, whether it is Miami Beach, the Design District or Wynwood, the street style will be at its finest everywhere you look. There are also top events such as the Miami Fashion Week or haute-couture runways from renowned brands.


There is a segmented niche in the creator economy that focuses on fashion and, thanks to their professionalism and engaged audiences, many creators have earned a spot in the fashion industry.

There are fashion influencers of many kinds. They can focus on a certain type of fashion (low cost, luxury brand, male clothing, plus-size, etc.). Some of them also analyze the latest trends, give recommendations and share their personal looks, always encouraging their audiences to dress according to certain characteristics.


In the case of the Florida city, it is possible to find a variety ofMiami fashion influencers of many kinds. That’s why we have created a top 10rank where you will be able to find multiple styles, personalities, backgrounds and inspiration.


Even though they share their location, it does not mean they all dress the same. However, they do have to consider Miami’s weather: unless these fashion content creators travel to other places, it is unlikely to find them wearing puffy coats around the city. Luckily for us, they do travel and take the winter layering seriously.


That being said, let’s have a look at the top 10 Miami fashion influencers!

Top 10 Miami Fashion Influencers

We have curated a list with 10 outstanding Miami fashion influencers! Whether you are looking for inspiration because you love fashion and want to know the latest trends, or if you are going a step forward and want to become a fashion influencer, these profiles will be the perfect reference for you.

Carolina Lindo


Carolina Lindo is Miami fashion influencer and content creator with over 130K followers onInstagram. She was born in Colombia but then moved to the United States, where currently lives.


Lindo is the owner of the Im Not Sorry Darling blog, a platform where she shares style tips and looks. Her style is classic and sophisticated, always choosing neutral colors and creating high-end looks with luxury pieces. She has attended glamorous and exclusive events like the Chanel 2022/23 runway in Miami.

Ria Michelle


Ria Michelle is a Miami fashion influencer who focuses on beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel content. She is from Trinidad and Tobago but currently lives in Miami Beach.Ria Michelle has a personal blog where she covers subjects related to fashion and trends, including her favorite items of the season.


As a top fashion influencer from Miami, she has been featured in ELLE magazine and Refinery 29. Ria Michelle has also worked with brands like H&M, Asos and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

Tico Lorenzo


Tico Lorenzo is a Miami fashion influencer who focuses on men’s fashion and self-care, including skin and hair care. He started as a digital creator after getting rid of his acne. Since many people asked him how he did it, Tico decided to create an account and share self-care tips.


Lorenzo currently lives between Miami and Los Angeles. He shares his curated outfits and also writes reviews on brands and products. Besides being a fashion content creator, Tico Lorenzo is also the co-founder of a men’s swimwear brand called Nvdes.

Chante Burkett


Our Miami fashion influencers rank also features Chante Burkett, a style blogger and content creator who started the Everything Curvy & Chic blog in 2011. One of Chante’s interests is fashion diversity and that’s why she shares outfit ideas for plus-sized women. Chante herself has worked as a plus-sized model in fashion campaigns for brands like Target.


Chante Burkett also owns My Chic Mastermind, a platform where she inspires, educates and empowers women while leading conversations about fashion, style, personal projects and being a woman in the current times.

Louis André


Louis André is a Miami fashion influencer who focuses on men’s fashion and lifestyle. He was into fashion from an early age and his love for the industry has grown ever since.This content creator posts fashion inspo and tips in English and Spanish. He even rates the best and worst dressed celebrities and collabs in the EnriqueSantos Show on iHeart radio.


André also loves traveling. He has traveled around the world and has worked with fashion talents from different backgrounds and cultures.

Alison Bowles


Alison Bowles is a Miami fashion influencer and travel content creator with over 350K followers on Instagram.  She is the owner of the blogWander in Heels, where she shares her travel journeys and tips, as well as her coordinated looks.


This fashionista and talented poser is also a professional model. Bowles has walked in multiple runways, including during New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week. She has also been featured in MAXIM, Forbes and Allure magazine.

Stephanie Cosmopolitan


Stephanie Cosmopolitan is a Miami fashion influencer who shares her personal style online, including beauty tips. She used to work at a PR agency with luxury brands such as Tous, Aristocrazy and Vogue, but, since she could not always afford those brands, she decided to create a platform where prices and high-end styles could meet.


Stephanie has run her platform since 2015 and has been able to partner with brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Clinique and Olay.

Cindy Prado


Cindy Prado is a model and Miami fashion influencer with over 2.7 million followers on Instagram. She shares pictures of her modeling campaigns and fashion events, including appearances in glamorous events like the Paris Fashion Week.


Cindy lives between LA and Miami and is represented by the popular modeling company Elite Miami. This influencer and model has worked with brands like Fashion Nova and Lounge Underwear. She also has a fitness and lifestyle program called Prado Program.

Juan Jose Rangel


Juan Jose Rangel, also known as @juancherangel, is a content creator who focuses on lifestyle, fashion and personal growth. He is from Colombia but currently lives in the USA and his posts are in English and Spanish.


As a Miami fashion influencer, Juan Jose Rangel shares his personal style and advises people on how to dress according to their personality and to the occasion.  He even has a personal blog where he posts lifestyle and fashion-related entries.

Kira Abboud


Kira Abboud is a beauty, lifestyle and fashion content creator from Miami. She shares styling tips, outfit inspo, makeup tutorials and even has a Youtube channel where she shares her life as a fashionista mom and wife.


Kira Abboud usually shares comparatives of what he ordered versus what she received, as well as GRWM (Get Ready with Me) videos. As a Miami fashion influencer, she has a personal website where she shares outfit ideas and links to get her looks.

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