Top 20 Miami Influencers in 2022

Miami is a hot spot for socialites and former content creators who want to live their best life while creating content in one of the most popular cities in the world. In this article we are listing top 20 non-celebrity Miami influencers you should keep under the radar.


It is not a secret that many artists and world-famous stars have chosen Miami as a place to live or visit, but they are not the only popular people in the city. There are a variety of rising influencers who are joining other experienced non-celebrity creators on the journey of captivating Miami’s brands and audiences through social media.


Before discovering our top 20 Miami influencers in 2022, let’s have a look at the benefits they can bring to a brand when working together.

The benefits of partnering with a Miami-based Influencer

This popular city has a vibrant and diverse culture, which is reflected through the content of Miami influencers. Also known as the gateway to Latin America, Miami has a majority of Hispanic influence and this is why you can find Miami influencers who share content in English, Spanish or Spanglish.


There are creators sharing content related to their Latin roots and habits, which captivates a significant amount of the audience in Miami. This can be a great opportunity for brands that are interested in reaching these types of public.


Partnering with a Miami influencer will offer great opportunities to brands when it comes to reaching their Miami target more accurately and positively. These content creators understand the local culture, keep up with the latest trends and belong to the local scene.


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Top 20 Miami Influencers

There are many content creators based in Miami and they focus on different categories. These creators can talk about the local interests and hot topics, which may include recommendations of the best restaurants in the area, great spots for a photoshoot or events around the city, among many other subjects.


They don’t have to be individuals necessarily, as we can find couples, families and even pet influencers!

Top 20 non-celebrity influencers in Miami

Cari Garcia (@FatGirlHedonist)

Number of followers: 147k

Category: food (restaurants and recipes)

Cari Garcia started out creating content during the pandemic. Before becoming a top Miami influencer, she was a licensed therapist. Now is the person behind the mouth-watering blog and account @FatGirlHedonist. She recommends restaurants in the Miami area and also shares recipes with incredible photographs.

Danié Gómez-Ortigoza (@JourneyofaBraid)

Number of followers: 41,2 K

Category: fashion, art and lifestyle

Danié, a Mexican-American artist, believes in braiding as a healing practice and shares her journey through life exploring hair as a form of art and communication. She is the co-founder of The Bazaar for Good, a yearly event in the Miami Design District with fashion pieces for sale to raise money for children in need.

Anthony Mendez (@mendezfitness)

Number of followers: 288 K

Category: fitness and mindset

Anthony is a Miami influencer who focuses on fitness and exercise. He first founded Mendez Fitness to share tips and routines. He has gone deeper and now is the owner of Fit Pro Agency, a marketing agency specializing in fitness brands.

Cyn Lagos (@CynLagos)

Number of followers: 37,9 K

Category: photography and lifestyle

Cyn Lagos is a street photographer and graphic designer. Her Instagram feed includes amazing pictures of Miami’s buildings and streets, as well as her adventures around the city.  She is also a Google Ambassador and an Adobe streamer on Behance.

Alexander Mijares (@mijares)

Number of followers: 325K

Category: art and lifestyle

Alex Mijares is an artist based in Miami. He has Cuban-Spanish roots and this has influenced his artwork. His social media features a variety of his paintings and sculptures, as well as his adventures around Miami beaches, which usually include surfing or paddle surfing.

Annie Vazquez (@TheFashionPoet)

Number of followers: 77,4K

Category: Style and Well-being

Annie Vazquez is a lifestyle blogger, wellness product creator and style enthusiast. She has won the ‘Best Miami’ blog award by the Miami New Times and ‘Best Content Creator’ at the Univision Telca Awards. Annie, who shares her Miami lifestyle through social media, promotes body positivity and well-being.

Maria Tettamanti (@MariaTettamanti)

Number of followers: 33,3K

Category: fashion, travel and lifestyle

Maria is a Miami influencer and journalist who shares content about fashion, beauty, travel and cuisine. Just by looking at her feed, you can tell she enjoys what Miami has to offer: from sunny beaches and palm trees to trendy restaurants and places around the city. As a journalist, Maria posts in different local media including Miami Herald andHuffPost Miami.

Julian Hernandez-Marks(@ijulian_)

Number of followers: 145K

Category: lifestyle

Julian is a professional model and attorney based in Miami. This male lifestyle influencer shares his life -and poses- on social media, and his husband and dogs are also featured. Julian's posts include DIY hacks, health tips and even workout routines in Miami Beach.

Juan Jose Rangel (@juancherangel)

Number of followers: 223K

Category: fashion, lifestyle and personal growth

Juan Jose Rangel is a Miami influencer and creator who posts fashion-related content. He has a blog about fashion and lifestyle, where he shares his personal experiences, adventures and recommendations. Juan Jose is a Colombian-American creator and posts in English and Spanish.

Nico Norena (@succulentbite)

Number of followers: 1,2M

Category: food

Nico Norena is one of the most popular Miami influencers in the food category. He shares delicious recipes, both salty and sweet. Nico, a real foodie, is also releasing his first cookbook, which focuses on sweet delights and desserts.

Daniela Moreno (@ironnsalt)

Number of followers: 28,3K

Category: style and beauty

Daniela is a digital creator who posts content about style and beauty. This Miami influencer is also the creator of MOEStudio, a lifestyle studio empowering creators. Her Instagram feed, perfectly combined and proportioned, features different places around the Miami Area.

Kino MacGregor (@Kinoyoga)

Number of followers: 1,1M

Category: fitness 

Kino is a fitness influencer and a yoga instructor based in Miami. She is the founder of Omstars, the world’s first yoga TV network. Kino has published 4 books and a podcast. She is the co-founder of the Miami Life Center, a yogi community offering classes, workshops and immersions.

Guillermo Morales (@willmiami6)

Number of followers: 39,1K

Category: comedy

Guillermo is a Cuban-American content creator who posts comedy sketches and funny videos on social media. Will is originally from Key West but he moved to Miami, where he is currently living. And just like Emily in Paris, his bio explains he is ‘Will in Miami’.

Keyondre Lowery  (@Keyondreforreal)

Number of followers: 6.9M

Category: comedy  

Keyondre is a Miami influencer who gained fame thanks to his pranks and challenge videos. He is also into music and wants to launch his rap career, so he has been promoting his last single on TikTok, even creating song memes with the purpose of going viral.

Daleini Ben (@daleini)

Number of followers: 785,7K

Category: fashion and lifestyle

Daleini Ben is a Miami influencer who shares content related to fashion, lifestyle and beauty. As a TikTok star, she posts dancing and lip-sync videos. Since Daleini lives in Miami, you can identify typical Miami scenarios like pools, palm trees, beaches and skylights in her videos.

Lauren Diaz (@fluentinfood_)

Number of followers: 26,6K

Category: Miami food and travel

Lauren Diaz is the founder of Fluent in Food: a Miami-based food and travel blog and social media account. Lauren is up to the trendiest places in Miami and gives recommendations on which restaurants, bars and coffee shops to visit. She also shares content from her trips to other cities and countries.

Al Vázquez (alvazqueztv)

Number of followers: 200,6K

Category: cars and lifestyle

Al Vázquez is an automotive journalist based in Miami. He shares car reviews and lifestyle content on his social media channels. This Miami influencer has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive field. Al Vásquez shares his knowledge in Spanish.

Dani and Nico (@TwoOutsiders)

Number of followers: 561,5K

Category: couple, lifestyle and travel

Dany and Nico are a couple of creators who share lifestyle, travel and relationship-related content. They want to inspire their followers and show them how to travel and enjoy the way they do. TheseMiami influencers post in English and Spanish. They also have a blog with great information.


Number of subscribers: 2,11M

Category: Family lifestyle

Talking about Miami influencers, we couldn’t forget BEAM Squad: a family who shares their life through a Youtube Channel with more than 2 million subscribers. BEAM Squad is formed by Billy B (father),Eva (mother) and their children Major, Siah and Melly. They do almost everything: from pranks and challenges to rap songs. Drama is also included.

Mallow (@MallowFrenchie)

Number of followers: 64,1K

Category: pet influencer

Miami influencers aren’t just humans (at least on the camera) and Mallow is one of the examples. This french bulldog based inMiami shares cute and friendly content, including great spots and adventures in the city. Mallow, the pet influencer, has been featured in Forbes and Miami NewTimes.

Final Thoughts on top Miami influencers

When the goal is to reach audiences located in Miami, one of the best marketing options for brands is to work with Miami influencers. Since content creators from Miami know the local culture and keep up with what is going on in the city, they can deliver the message naturally and appealingly. They also have built segmented audiences who trust them.


The content creators listed above are just a sample of the many talents in Miami. If you are interested in partnering with a Miami influencer, you can contact Stargazer! We are experts at building influencer content at scale and will help you achieve your marketing goals.

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