These are the top 10 TikTok Talent Agencies

Content creation can be a full-time job and, for this reason, many Tiktokers tend to need help with some of their tasks. Here’s when TikTok talent agencies come in: they look out for opportunities and help influencers grow. Keep reading to discover our top10 TikTok talent agencies!


Being a TikToker requires effort and a lot of work to get done: from self-promotion and content creation to contract negotiations and payments. Luckily, it is possible to find talent agencies that focus on TikTok talent management and make it easier to build a career.


Some of the services of these agencies include public relations, contract negotiations, brand partnerships, licensing, and product development. Many of them also have connections in the industry and have more chances of finding an opportunity for the creators.


A top 10 TikTok Talent agency can help creators understand the opportunities available and make a decision. They can also help TikTokers with other ‘simple’ tasks such as reading emails or defining a schedule if needed.


If you are a content creator interested in building a career, do not think it twice and find a talent agency to represent you!

Top 10 TikTok Talent Agencies

There are a variety of marketing agencies but not all of them focus on influencers or offer talent management services. For this reason, we have curated a list of the top 10 TikTok talent agencies you can find in the industry.

Viral Nation

Viral Nation is an influencer marketing and talent agency. Their services include talent discovery and management for creators of any niche or platform, including TikTok. They also have ambassador programs and represent professional athletes.


This top 10 TikTok talent agency works with creators of any size, from nano-influencers to celebrities. They will help creators negotiate contracts, find new brand opportunities and expand their reach both in digital and physical environments such as parties and events.


Stargazer is an influencer and UGC marketing agency with talent management services. This top 10 TikTok talent agency is located in Miami and offers full-service marketing campaigns, including influencer resources and matchmaking.


They help thousands of creators to turn their passion into a career and make a living out of it.Stargazer has proprietary technology to analyze the campaign’s performance and give feedback to the creators. If you are a TikTok content creator, Stargazer can help you connect with brands and build a career!


Neoreach is an influencer platform and influencer marketing agency that offers talent management services around the globe. They have a large network of creators ready to be matched with top brands and deliver great TikTok marketingc ampaigns.


Since this top 10 TikTok talent agency focuses on influencers, talent management is one of their priorities. Neoreach wants creators to succeed and have a strategy for it. They even offer a variety of resources such as industry reports, top lists, and a marketing blog.




As a full-service marketing agency, Obviously has built over 100K partnerships between creators and brands. They also have almost 100K influencers in their community, which means there is a lot of talent to manage. This is one of the reasons they are considered a top 10 TikTok talent agency.


In the case of TikTok, their influencer marketing services include influencer recruitment, talent management, strategy, creativity, and music composition. If you are a TikTok creator willing to work with top brands, Obviously can help you connect with them!



HENRY stands for HighEarner Not Rich Yet and is an influencer agency focused on accelerating top-tier influencers and TikTok Creators. As a top 10 TikTok talent agency,HENRY offers a first-class management team who helps creators build career plans and connect with brands.


Their services include partnership management, licensing deals, growth consultation, content production, and product development. HENRY’s goal is to accelerate and empower creators around the globe. They have offices in Miami, Montreal, and Paris.



Some agencies focus on a certain type of creator and Shades is one of them. This top 10 TikTok agency helps creators of color build their careers while helping brands stay relevant among diverse audiences.


They have a roster of over a thousand black and brown creators from different backgrounds and niches and their creators have worked with brands such as McCafé and Soulcycle. Influencers can join the Shade squad and merely learn about campaign opportunities, they can be represented by Shade or even have them as a partner.


Ubiquitous is an influencer marketing and talent management agency. They work with an extensive network of creators to deliver marketing campaigns for brands on multiple platforms, including TikTok.


This agency works with influencers who have an accumulative following of over 50K followers. As a top10 TikTok talent agency, they offer marketing negotiation, campaign execution, and payment management.

INF Influencer Agency


INF is a full-service talent management agency that focuses on beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and parenting influencers. Their services include contract negotiations and payments, campaign management, and brand partnerships.


INF is also a top 10TikTok talent agency. They manage and represent a variety of TikTokers who are interested in ambassador programs, brand endorsements, product licensing, speaking engagements, and more.



Shine is a talent management and influencer relations agency with over 2K creators in their network. Their services include influencer casting and strategy, as well as campaign creation and management.


As a top 10 TikTok talent agency, Shine builds partnerships between brands and creators with the help of AI tools and their professional experience. Shine has offices in LosAngeles, Toronto, and London and most of their talent is from the USA andCanada.


Audiencly is an influencer marketing agency that offers management for influencers. They provide help in channel management and help influencers connect with top brands, allowing the creators to expand their community.



They also focus on TikTok and work with gaming brands and communities. This top 10 TikTok talent agency has over 5K influencers on the creator network and has also delivered over a thousand campaigns.

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