Top 20 NFT influencers on Twitter you should follow

The popularity of NFTs has increased during the last two years and it keeps growing. Twitter is the most popular social media for all things crypto and many advocates have become relevant figures in the community. For that reason, we are listing the top 20 NFT influencers on Twitter you should follow.


The audience follows these NFT influencers on Twitter for multiple reasons: because people want to keep updated about the latest news on the market, they want to discover new NFT creators or projects, or they are willing to invest in NFT and want a better understanding of the subject.

Why brands and content creators should follow top NFT influencers on Twitter

NFT influencer marketing is the next big thing. This type of marketing brings new opportunities when reaching audiences and that is why brands need to know who are the top NFT influencers and what type of collaborations they are doing.


Content creators should follow these NFT influencers too, no matter if they want tos pecialize in NFTs or if they focus on other subjects like lifestyle or sports.It is important because Web3 changes the creator economy, decentralizes many things, and even empowers influencers. So, the better they understand the digital environment, the more advantage they can take out of it.


That being said, rather if you are a brand, a content creator or an NFT enthusiast, we are bringing to you the top NFT content creators on Twitter.

Top 20 NFT influencers on Twitter

  1. @Ohhshiny
  2. @IX_Shells
  3. @CozomoMedici
  4. @andr3w
  5. Betty_nft
  6. @NFTGirl
  7. @j1mmy.eth
  8. @lijin18
  9. @Richerd.eth
  10. @beaniemaxi
  11. @SuperGremplin
  12. @RealMissNFT
  13. @DCLBlogger
  14. @thebrettway
  15. @Elliotrades
  16. @Pranksy
  17. @Zeneca_33
  18. @AdamaMcbride
  19. @Cdixon.eth
  20. @ljxie


Number of followers: 151K

As one of the top 20 NFT influencers on Twitter, @OhhShiny hosts a show on TwitterSpaces where he talks about metaverse, NFT culture and even invites NFT creators. The show is called DIGITAL and OhhShiny is one of the co-founders. He also uses Twitter to share his opinions and to advise NFT/metaverse projects and creators.


Number of followers: 179K

AndrewWang is an NFT writer and speaker. Andrew Wang hosts a Twitter Spaces about theNFT universe and among his guests are companies like McLaren, who were recently talking about their first NFT collection drop. @Andr3w, one of the topNFT influencers on Twitter, shares content about NFTs and metaverse.


Number of followers: 250K

Cozomo de’ Medici is an NFT enthusiast and collector with an anonymous identity. There has been controversy around his identity and even though Snoop Dog once admitted to being him, the public is not 100% sure.This top 20 NFT influencer shares his opinions and predictions on Twitter, as well as his millionaire NFT investments.


Number of followers: 18K

ItzelYard, known as IX Shells, became the highest-selling female NFT artist in the world. Her artwork ‘Dreaming at Dusk’ was sold for more than $2 million and she currently owns a $3 million fortune thanks to her NFT sales. Itzel was born inPanama and is one of the few women in the generative art field. She tweets mostly about digital art.


Number of followers: 74,9 K

Betty is an NFT collector and creative producer.She is also the co-founder of Deadfellaz, an NFT project with holders that include Steve Aoki and Reese Witherspoon. Betty defines herself as a feminist and supports women and gender-diverse people through her work. As a top 20 NFTTwitter influencer, she shares content related to NFT culture, including social initiatives within it.


Number of followers: 90,2K

NFT girlis a digital artist and NFT collector. This top NFT influencer on Twitter grew up in Venezuela but shares content mostly in English. She is the host of aTwitter Spaces called ‘The joy of NFTs’, a show where guest artists share their success stories on the NFT space. NFT girl is also a Sotheby’s featured collector.


Number of Followers: 135K

Jimmy McNelis is an NFT collector and founder/CEO of NFT42, a company that builds brands focused on virtual goods and the metaverse, creating projects likeAvaStars. Jimmy, a pioneer in the NFTS and metaverse, is also the co-founder of the Nameless project. He shares his knowledge, investments and opinions on theNFT universe through Twitter.


Number of Followers: 164K

Li Jinis the co-founder of Variant Fund and Atelier Ventures, funds interested in crypto and blockchain startup investments. Li Jin wants to empower influencers on social media and, according to The New York Times, she is “the investor guru for online creators.” She shares content about the creator economy, NFT andWeb3 on her Twitter account.


Number of Followers: 169K

Richerd is an NFT influencer and community builder, well known for sharing positive and valuable knowledge about the NFT universe. He is also the co-founder ofManifold, a company willing to empower Web3 creators with multiple tools. This top 20 NFT influencer shares on Twitter content about NFTs, including tech and security aspects.


Number of Followers: 185K

Beanie is a startup advisor and investor who shares opinions and information about crypto and NFTs on Twitter, with the disclaimer of tweets not being financial advice. He is the creator of Pixel Vault, an Intellectual Property development group focused on NFTs, DeFi, and gaming and the owner of PUNKS Comic andMetaHero.


Number of Followers: 66K


Gremplinis a top NFT influencer and digital creator on Twitter who tweets about the NFT space, including his artwork and featuring other artists. This creator of anonymous identity is the artist behind popular NFT collections like Nouns and CrypToadz. Gremplin became relevant quickly, as he just got involved with crypto art at the beginning of 2021.


Number of Followers: 172K

MissNFTis a crypto artist and the writer of the ‘Road to 1000 NFTs’ column, where she shares NFT artwork from different artists. She is also the founder of Metanatics, a project about metaverse ready collectibles of avatars. This top20 NFT influencer on Twitter enjoys collecting digital art and even uses her profile as a platform to showcase artists.


Number of Followers: 223K


Matty isa crypto and NFT enthusiast, and founder of the DCL Blogger. He is a Decentraland lover, has his own fund and is also the founder of Metakey, an NFT community with access to a variety of content and experiences. His Twitter account is a great source for people willing to keep updated on the NFT and crypto landscape.


Number of Followers: 193K


BrettMalinowski is a top NFT 20 influencer on Twitter. He is an NFT investor and is the founder/CEO of NFT Ventures. He uses his platform to inform and educate the audience about NFT and Web3, being also the co-founder of the NFT Academy. HisTwitter account is full of NFT and blockchain updates, as well as personal perspectives.


Number of Followers: 733K


Elliot is a crypto trader and co-founder of an NFT platform called SuperFarm that allows people to deploy DeFi and NFT farms. He also shares his thoughts on the crypto and NFT market through Twitter, making clear that his tweets are personal opinions and not financial advice for the audience. This top 20 NFT influencer has a huge fanbase on Twitter.


Number of Followers: 415K


This anonymous character is an NFT collector and investor. Pranksy is the creator of a monthly NFT subscription service called NFTBoxes. As a top NFT influencer onTwitter, he tweets about NFT artwork, collections and artists. Pransky also is one of the holders of the NBATop Shot collection.


Number of Followers: 278K


Zeneca is an NFT investor and advisor. He is the founder of Zen Academy, an educational space to learn about NFTs and Web3. He is one of the top 20 NFT influencers on Twitter and shares content related to blockchain, crypto andNFTs, including news, analysis and his thoughts on the market.


Number of Followers: 26K


AdamMcBride is one of the main figures covering the history of blockchain collectibles, including NFTs. For this reason, he defines himself as an NFT archaeologist. Adam has his own podcast and also hosts a show on Rug Radio. He tweets about the historical and recent news about the NFT space.


Number of Followers: 845K


Chris is a software developer who focuses on Web3. He is an investor in technology startups and his knowledge is valuable for different startups and audiences.Chris is considered a top 20 NFT influencer on Twitter because of his understanding and thoughts on Web3, tweeting about NFTS, blockchain and crypto.


Number of Followers: 148K

LindaXie is the co-founder of Scalar Capital, a crypto investment firm, and is the former product manager of Coinbase. Because of her understanding of crypto andNFTs, Linda has become a relevant figure on Twitter. She tweets about the latest news on the digital market, and even offers beginner's guides curated by her for those interested in NFTs, Defi, DAOs and more.

Final thoughts on the top 20 NFT influencers on Twitter


There are a variety of profiles on Twitter talking about Web3 from different perspectives. While some focus on NFT artworks and creators, others look at the bigger picture and analyze this digital universe as a whole. Their profiles include developers, digital artists, traders and investors, among many others.


These top 20 NFT influencers on Twitter have become relevant leaders in the community and have gained the trust of their audiences. Following them is important for brands, content creators and NFT enthusiasts because of their knowledge and perspective on a matter that will reach us all pretty soon.

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