What is Local Influencer Marketing?

Imagine you are traveling to a certain city and you want to visit the most authentic spots. Who do you ask? Probably a local. Even though Google can be helpful, asking locals is more trustable and effective.And the same thing happens with local influencer marketing!


Nobody understands better a city than the ones who live in it: they are aware of the local dynamics and culture. This is why working with local influencers is worth it. If you are planning to work with influencers on your marketing campaigns, you should analyze the target and consider working with local content creators.


Local influencer marketing is the best practice for those campaigns targeted to a determined region. It relies on nano influencers who have a segmented and engaged audience and that is the reason it is so effective.


These local influencers talk about local interests and share recommendations that are useful and close to the audience. So, if you want to promote a product or service in the city they are influential on, you are most likely to get great results because audiences are more receptive.


Keep reading to find out what local influencer marketing is and how it can help you grow your brand and achieve your marketing goals!

What is local influencer marketing?

Local influencer marketing consists of working with a local content creator who is relevant in the region you want to promote a product or service.


Local influencers emerged from the nano influencer world and have a very segmented audience, so their follower count is around 1K and 10K. Thanks to this almost personal connection, audiences trust the creator and feel their messages as relatable and authentic.


This connection between the creator and the public is very useful when brands want to connect with local audiences and this is the idea behind local influencer marketing.


No matter if you want to increase your brand’s awareness, expand your brand’s reach, or boost conversions, local influencer marketing is the best option for marketing campaigns that focus on a target defined by their region.


But, what can they exactly do for your brand? Let’s get to it!

What can local influencers do for your brand?

Depending on your marketing goals and strategy, local influencer marketing and local creators can help you increase local brand awareness, attract new customers to your business, influence local buyers by building your brand image, and even use branded content to drive engagement.


A thing to keep in mind is that local influencer marketing is useful for both local and foreign brands. Being a local brand does not necessarily mean that you are relevant in the city, so local influencers can help you stand out. In the second case, if you are new in town, local influencers will help you gain recognition in the area and attract new customers.


Defining a marketing mix that includes local content creators will help you reach and engage with the target in a determined region.These influencers use some techniques like local geotagging and specific hashtags to improve the performance of the campaign and help you connect with your audience.


Hiring these local creators is also cost-effective and their fees tend to be lower than the rates of micro or mega influencers. This means small and medium businesses can afford local influencer marketing campaigns and scale them according to their budget.


It is also important to clarify that having fewer followers does not mean less engagement. In fact, nano influencers have higher engagement rates. We are talking about effective results and affordable prices.Are you down to implement a local influencer marketing campaign already?!

Why should you do local influencer marketing?

Local influencer marketing will help you get higher engagement and interaction with your brand’s product or service. Whether you want to increase the physical visits to your business or boost your online presence in a specific market, local influencer marketing is a great strategy to generate a local impact and become a top-of-mind brand.


Another reason why you should do local influencer marketing has to do with the emotional and memorable response. A neuroscience study compared the impact of Facebook ads versus influencer marketing and found out that influencers generated 64% more emotional intensity and the campaigns were 182% more memorable.


Influencer marketing and local influencer marketing are not paid ads.Instead of showing up on the audience’s feed and ‘interrupting’, people actively follow these local creators so the public has a better disposition to watch and read the influencer’s content, including your branded messages. Picture it as a recommendation from a friend!

Local influencer marketing campaigns: what to keep in mind?

First of all, you need to know that local influencer marketing relies on transparency. If you are interested in working with a local creator, you have to do some research and identify a profile that matches your brand’s values and interests.


Local influencers have earned the trust of their audience and want to keep it that way. If your brand does not fit with their profile, they are most likely to say no to the partnership.


When you find some candidates, it is a must to analyze their authenticity, engagement rates, voice and relevance among the followers. A local influencer marketing agency can help you identify those profiles that match your brand and deliver a great campaign.


Another thing to keep in mind has to do with trust. Do not forget that, as a business, you have to trust the local influencer. Even if your brand has a certain language or style, the local creator is the one who knows how to reach the audience and engage with them.


Of course you have to express your marketing needs and goals to the influencer, but it is important to give them some flexibility so they can get creative and adapt your brand’s message to the local target. Remember that it will feel like a recommendation that inspires action, this is not a paid ad.

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