Why TikTok Advertising Agencies are so important

TikTok has amazing advertising potential and many brands are aware of it! But investing money in ads does not necessarily mean getting favorable results, so here is when TikTok advertising agencies become an important player: they know how to run successful campaigns on the hottest social platform.


Companies have found on TikTok great results at lower costs when compared to other social media. Its viral growth and high engagement are part of the reason why brands are getting more sales and leads through TikTok advertising.


But given how different it works when compared to Facebook, Instagram, or Google, many brands have opted for working with a TikTok advertising agency to run their marketing campaigns and get the best out of their paid media.


Keep reading to find out why TikTok is the best platform for ads and why you should consider working with a TikTok advertising agency!

Why TikTok?

With over 2.5 billion installs worldwide and more than 80 million monthly active users in the USA, TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform. Thanks to its entertaining and viral videos, as well as its developed algorithm, many brands and audiences have found a new place to connect through content.


This also means that TikTok is one of the best channels for influencer marketing, as they become the mediators between companies and audiences. And even though the majority of TikTok audience belongs to GenZ, more and more generations are joining the platform these days -just as happened on Facebook and Instagram-.


TikTok acknowledges its marketing potential and has also designed a variety of advertising tools so that brands can invest in paid media and increase their brand awareness, reach, and sales, among other marketing goals.


Given the many possibilities of TikTok advertising and the time and expertise it requires, TikTok advertising agencies have become the strategic partner for brands willing to take advantage of this social media.


Let’s have a look at those possibilities!

Why advertise on TikTok?

In a few words: because it is one of the most effective channels right now. If you are looking for conversions, TikTok is the perfect channel to do so.


Two out of threeTikTok users have admitted that the platform inspires them to shop, even if they were not planning to buy something in particular. The hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt is an interesting indicator of this phenomenon.


In the same way, seven out of ten users have recognized that TikTok inspired them to discover more about a product/service or brand online. Is not it the dream of many companies when launching a marketing campaign on social media?


TikTok ads go beyond brand awareness, as they offer plenty of possibilities to companies. This may also vary depending if you are doing paid media by yourself or working with aTikTok advertising agency.


TikTok Ads Manager allows users to run campaigns such as In-Feed ads, while there are other advertising options likeBranded Takeovers and Branded Hashtags where TikTok advertising agencies are the best option for running them, as they are more complex and even require negotiations with TikTok.

Choosing certain advertisements depends on your goal and budget. These goals may include brand awareness, app installs, sales, and website traffic. Another thing to keep in mind is the target. The TikTok Ads Manager lets you target audiences in terms of location, age, behavior, interactions, interests, and even device type.


Finally, content is also an essential aspect of TikTok ads. While you can launch your existing content as an ad, there are multiple possibilities for creating ads with awesome filters, transitions, sounds, and effects. Thanks to this, TikTok ads are often highly engaged when compared to other social media.


If you are willing to run successful marketing campaigns and take advantage of what the Chinese platform has to offer, we recommend working wit ha TikTok Advertising Agency instead of doing it yourself!

Why do you need a TikTok advertising agency?

Even if you have the budget to hire an in-house team or the time to do it yourself, working with a specialized agency is always a great idea!


When you work with a TikTok advertising agency you are counting on a group of experts from different areas who are following the best practices to help you achieve your marketing goals on TikTok.


It is cost-effective, less time-consuming for your business, and is more likely to deliver better results.


TikTok advertising agencies understand the full marketing picture, which means they understand other marketing and TikTok topics such as influencer marketing, the funnel of conversion, customer journey, audience targeting, and storytelling.


They also keep up with the latest trends and features on TikTok so you can take advantage of it and promote your brand properly according to each ad type.


And if this was not enough, TikTok advertising agencies will track and report the performance of the campaigns, so you can always have an eye on the progress and compare it with your business sales/leads.

Another reason why you probably need a TikTok advertising agency is that TikTok Ads do not work like Google or Facebook Ads, so you cannot pretend to replicate a strategy from other social media. These marketing experts will help you launch a tailored campaign and achieve the results your business needs!


That being said, it does not mean you should drop your other social media accounts and focus only on TikTok.  Even though the Chinese app is a popular channel where you can promote your brand to a determined audience, you should definitely keep posting on your other social media profiles onInstagram or Facebook!


In fact, there are marketing agencies with a TikTok advertising department who can guide you and help you define a global paid media strategy across all your social media channels. This way, you can diversify your marketing portfolio.

Why do you need TikTok in your marketing mix?

No matter if you have implemented paid media on other channels before, or if this is the first time you consider advertising on social media, TikTok should be one of the priorities in your marketing mix.


TikTok has the best organic reach across all social media platforms, which allows you to increase your brand's online presence without paid advertising. And if you have a budget for paid media, imagine how this reach can increase among the millions ofTikTok users!


A digital marketing agency can help you define your marketing mix strategy depending on the channels. While Facebook and Instagram are more about targeting, funnel, and remarketing, TikTok focuses more on content and user-generated content (UGC).


If you already have a marketing mix for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, a great option is to work with a TikTok advertising agency. They are capable of creating a TikTok strategy that fits perfectly in your marketing mix!


Remember that having a solid marketing strategy and an authentic tone and language across all channels is essential for brands willing to achieve their marketing goals.

Final thoughts on TikTok Ads and TikTok advertising agencies

There is no doubt TikTok is an important player in the paid social media environment. Its high engagement rates and viral growth are essential to digital advertising and while brands are aware of it, audiences are enjoying the paid content and even buying what TikTok shows them.


The fastest-growing social media is specially designed to fulfill entertaining and marketing needs.Brands have a variety of ad types to promote their products/services while users have multiple ways of interacting with brands and connecting through content instead of traditional advertising.


If you are a brand willing to take advantage of TikTok’s benefits, including paid media, we encourage you to contact a TikTok advertising agency likeStargazer! We are a team of best-in-class marketers and technologists who are passionate about social media and want to help you get the best out of yourTikTok paid media strategy.

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