Your Youtube Sponsorship Explained in 6 Easy Steps

June 1, 2020

Today's marketing tendency is being led by Video marketing; this format should have a place on the communications and sales plan in almost every single company. 

Video format is the king of content marketing, and the reason for such a position is because video content has a high engagement rate and allows your target to have a broader experience with your brand and product than the other formats grant.

With  the  video as the king of content marketing, Youtube is his kingdom in social media. Youtube was the first video-focused social media channel, although other media have implemented video formats, they haven’t been positioning as well as Youtube has.

You have landed in the right place if you are considering adding Youtube sponsorships to your marketing plan as part of your content marketing strategy. This article lists the facts you need to know in order to work on your brand Youtube sponsorship strategy. Take notes, follow these recommendations, and get ready to boost your content strategy. 

1. Create Content Following Youtube Policy 

If we could give you only one piece of advice, it would be this one: Follow Youtube’s Policy and create your content accordingly. It would be counterproductive to spend your sources creating material that could be removed later on. 

2. Define Your Sponsor Form

There are several forms in which your brand could do Youtube sponsorship. The type of your sponsor depends on your communication goals, creativity, and budget; here are the most common ones: 

  • Product Interaction: Your Youtube influencer will interact with your product. This is, perhaps, the best promotion way as it allows your target to see your product’s performance.
  • Brand Mention: Your brand ambassador will mention your brand in one of his videos. Make sure to request at least 5  mentions, this will increase your brand name memory imprinting. 
  • Adds: Simply get in touch with your influencer and bring more adds on his channel; If their videos are watched so will your promo! 
  • Redirect Traffic: If your goal is to increase your website traffic, this option is for you. You could make a video clickable to have it redirect to your website or simply add a link to the video description.
  • Affiliate Links: Your Youtube influencer can add an affiliate link to his video. Tip: Choose evergreen content so the link that you place today will always drive new sales. 

3. In Video Content Quality Always Goes Over Quantity 

The same rule applies to video marketing too. The creation of audiovisual content needs to check a lot of boxes; it is time-consuming to release one piece. If your Youtube sponsorship is going to have personalized content, make sure it would outshine.

4.  Choose Your Youtuber Carefully 

Be careful about where you are going to promote your brand as well as who would be promoting it. Make sure the profile of your Youtube brand ambassador aligns with your brand mission, values, and voice.

5. Track Your Collaboration  

We can’t stress this enough, you need to be able to measure success and the only way to do it is by setting clear goals and KPIs in your marketing and communication plan. There are many Youtube sponsorship options and all of them work well, whether your brand should prime one of another one lays on your plan goals. Plan and Track accordingly.

6. Analyze, Report & Repeat 

Marketing is a revolving process. Once you have finalized your promotional campaign you should review what you have reached and analyze the results, gather useful data, hence plan your next camping, and go over again! With these conclusions, you might adjust your campaign targeting a different audience or just plan a completely brand new campaign with different goals.

Get Into Action

Youtube is a great communication channel with infinite possibilities of promoting your brand. A Youtube sponsorship plan should definitely be an option on your marketing strategy, especially if you are working with content creators, influencers, and brand ambassadors. Contact Stargazer to get your Youtube sponsorship plan sorted out by the most creative and experienced influencer marketing team. 

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