A guide for TikTok influencer marketing

February 4, 2020

Launched in 2018, TikTok has become the fastest-growing social media app in the market. With a billion active users worldwide TikTok is a trend and its success is catching the attention of both, brands and influencers. For any brand who wants to target a younger market not older than 30 years-old TikTok influencers is a must to consider.

TikTok app allows users to record a  video of two minutes maximum length, giving them the opportunity to show their life and showcase their creativity on a daily basis, that's the main reason why this new app has exceeded Facebook and Instagram in total downloaders in one month. It challenges users since they need to think out-of-the-box to come up with interesting content for their followers. The app has various filters, great special effects, lots of background music, amazing lip-syncing among other cool features.

TikTok is currently the third most downloaded non-gaming app of 2019, according to Sensor Tower.

Why are TikTok influencers good for brands?

TikTok not only allows a brand to be seen and heard but also to see someone else experiencing your service or product. The difference between TikTok and its main competition (Youtube, Instagram) is that TikTok keeps it simple, it is brief. In 120 seconds you have to prove that your service is worth purchasing. TikTok Influencers are eager to interact with your brand and expose it in their own way.  The natural interaction is what makes TikTok a perfect social media for any brand targeting Gen Zers.

What brands are working with TikTok influencers?

Many renowned brands have a presence in TikTok, either having their own account or working with influencers on their platform. Redbull, Nickelodeon, Disney Radio, and the NBA are examples of big brands creating content for this social media. While all of them move in different fields and have distinct targets, all are using TikTok to present their brands and products through unique video clips that ultimately result in friendly connections.

How to find a TikTok Influencer

Like for any other social media, identifying the best influencer for your brand is not an easy task. You should decide if you want to do all the process yourself or hire an influencer marketing agency that will take care of all your needs. If you choose to do it on your own, you would need to identify your target by doing a deep search until you find someone who has a profile that will be attractive for your niche. 

The main factors to review when finding a TikTok influencer are its profile engagement (amount of followers), acts natural, has an aesthetic profile, and creates unique content that will drive your target’s attention.

Always select your influencers by setting these items in a balance. It is not a good influencer for you if its account has millions of followers but its content is not related to what you want to communicate with your brand. Engagement is a very important factor but is definitely not the only one to consider.

Best TikTok Creators

Here’s a list of the top 5 TikTok profiles:

  1. Loren Gay - USA

Followers: 38.3 million

Hearts: 2183.1 million

2. Tiktok - China

Followers: 36.6 million

Hearts: 209.0 million

3. Zach King - USA

Followers: 32.6 million

Hearts: 291.8 million

4. BabyAriel -  USA

Followers: 30.2 million

Hearts: 1654.3 million

5. Riyaz - India

Followers: 27.6 million

Hearts: 1185.1 millions

How to work with TikTok Influencers?

In addition to selecting your most fittable TikTok influencers, you have to define the best way to promote your brand in TikTok, as well as define a clear goal to reach with the campaign.

Remember that social media has a low conversion rate, but is very strong in brand awareness. Make sure you define tangible ROIs that are easy to track. Once you have finished the campaign review the work you had done and identified whether it was successful or the areas where there is room for improvement.

Finding, selecting, and tracking your brand influencers is a complex task; the good news is experts are here to help. Contact Stargarzer to find the best TikTok Influencers for your brand and bring it to new levels.

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