How brands are becoming successful on TikTok

As the trendiest social media at the moment, TikTok has captivated audiences and companies.There are a variety of brands on TikTok sharing content to engage with their potential buyers and, no surprise, the results are appealing.


While there are still hesitant companies, many others have joined TikTok to implement a marketing strategy and the numbers are impressive. According to an Adweek survey, 49% of the users admitted they have purchased a product after watching reviews onTikTok.


People are even using a hashtag to show up and brag about what they bought! #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has over 18 billion views and counting. The conversion opportunities on TikTok are interesting for brands and many of them are finding creative ways of reaching out to their target.


Keep reading to find out how companies are becoming successful on TikTok and which strategies you can learn from them!

Marketing inspiration from brands on TikTok

We have arranged a list of companies of different sizes and sectors such as food, media, and clothing/accessories so you can have a look at what other brands are doing onTikTok.


It does not matter how big is your brand or which sector it belongs to, as you can always learn marketing tactics from others!

LittleMoons Mochi

Account: @littlemoonsmochi

TikTok followers: 277K



Just like many brands on TikTok, Little Moons created its Business profile to reach younger audiences. They combined an organic + paid strategy that made them one of theUK’s must-have food of 2021.


Little Moons Mochi started sharing authentic content such as memes, product flavors, and giveaways and later on tried a paid campaign with TikTok, where they promoted a native ad announcing that people could buy mochis at Tesco supermarket. This campaign was a complete success and the company sales were up 700% in a single week at Tesco(UK).


Their online presence also increased, as the #LittleMoons hashtag has reached over 385 million views.There is no doubt Little Moons took advantage of their momentum and have been growing since then!

What you can learn from this brand on TikTok:

Combining an organic and paid marketing strategy is one of the best choices you can make! Including funny content, following trends, and promoting user-generated content, just asLittle Moons does, are great practices to follow!

San Diego Zoo

Account: @sandiegozoo

TikTok followers: 2.2M




If cats are social media rockstars, now imagine how much attention can grab a zoo profile with all their fluffy, clumsy, or curious animals! And if it is the account of one of the most popular zoos around the world, the possibilities are wild.


This is the situation of the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance on TikTok. They take advantage of their cute animals and follow different trends and challenges, sharing compelling content on the app. They feature animals, facts, day-to-day tasks in the zoo, and memes, among other video categories.


Although it may seem like they have the key to success and this might not be possible for all organizations or brands on TikTok, remember that being consistent with content and interacting with the audience are not easy tasks, they require time, effort, and discipline. Zoos do not take TikTok success for granted.


What you can learn from this brand on TikTok:


The San Diego Zoo follows the TikTok language and shares entertaining and funny content. They also focus on storytelling, introducing the name and personalities of the animals at the Zoo, which is a great way of engaging with people. They even introduce some of the employees and include behind-the-scenes content!


Account: @chipotle

TikTok followers: 1.7M




Chipotle’s TikTok account is full of funny videos and food hacks, but we are mentioning them because of the marketing strategy that led them to success: the Mexican restaurant went viral thanks to branded hashtag challenges and influencer partnerships.  And even though these marketing tactics require high budgets, the reach and return on investment are worth it.


The restaurant first launched the #ChipotleLidFlip Challenge, a stunt created by a Chipotle employee that went viral on TikTok and currently has around 330 million hashtag views.They also celebrated National Guacamole Day with a TikTok dance called#GuacDance and reported over 800K sales of guacamole. #GuacDance has over 1billion hashtag views to date.


Their influencer partnerships have been essential too. Not only for sharing content regularly but for boosting campaigns like the branded hashtag ones.


What you can learn from this brand on TikTok:

On one hand, do not be afraid of trying out new strategies and tools because you can learn a lot from experimenting. Chipotle tried out a branded hashtag and the results were amazing. On the other hand, do trust those effective marketing techniques that are known for their results, such as influencer marketing. In the end, developing a strategy is about mixing both perspectives.


 Account: @vessi

TikTok followers: 162K



Vessi Footwear is a Canadian company dedicated to selling waterproof shoes. They share a variety of content, from sneakers attributes to memes, unboxings, and organizational culture.


They share a lot of shoes too. In fact, this is one of the reasons they became successful in a relatively short time. The footwear brand uses a giveaway strategy to boost its brand presence, gain followers, promote user-generated content, and sales.


Vessi’s giveaways are segmented: they have given Vessi shoes to followers, but also to teachers and healthcare workers, for example. Besides going viral and creating hype, this strategy helps them build a good reputation because they share the shoes as a‘thank you’ to certain professionals.


What you can learn from this brand on TikTok:


Many brands on TikTok- and other social media- are employing giveaways and other marketing actions on their profiles. They are cost-effective: people are willing to interact and generate content for an interesting prize. It is a win-win situation!

Teen Vogue

Account: @teenvogue

TikTok followers: 1.4M



Unlike any other companies we have mentioned, Teen Vogue’s main product is content. That is why we consider its TikTok profile as an extension of the magazine but also a promotion channel.


As a media and entertainment brand on TikTok, Teen Vogue shares tutorials, behind-the-scenes shootings, news, and more. The magazine has access to a variety of celebrities, so this brand does not depend that much on influencer marketing but on telling good stories and creating appealing formats and interviews.


Teen Vogue already has a voice and knows how to engage with its audience across different channels. In this case, the key is adapting the knowledge and expertise to TikTok’s environment and language.


What you can learn from this brand on TikTok:

It does not matter if your brand is popular or if it is just starting, nor if it offers products or services related to content. When it comes to reaching audiences, you should always understand your communication channels as a whole, keeping the same tone and language across all of them.


Account: @gymshark

TikTok followers: 3.7M




Gymshark is a fitness-clothing brand with a significant amount of followers on TikTok. They post fitness inspiration, workout routines (wearing Gymshark apparel, of course), workout memes, and related lifestyle content.


Like some other brands on TikTok, they share quality videos in a consistent way, which is one of the reasons for their success. They are up to date with the latest trends and challenges, always adapting them to Gymshark’s product and philosophy.


They also work with content creators, so-called Gymshark athletes. They even have launched a Gymshark creators fund for those interested in being featured and sponsored by the brand.


What you can learn from this brand on TikTok:

Quality and consistency are essential! Define your content strategy and start posting not only your product but the philosophy around it. Giving prizes and incentivizing customers is also a great way of keeping them engaged.


Final thoughts


The companies mentioned are just a few of the many study cases of brands on TikTok and their positive experiences. Although, it does not mean that if you create a TikTok account you will become viral immediately or that you will reach success at some point because contexts vary and it is unpredictable.

But if you implement a solid marketing strategy and follow the best practices that worked for other brands on TikTok, you are more likely to reach good results than if you had not defined anything!


If you are interested in defining or upgrading your marketing strategy on TikTok, do not hesitate and get in touch with Stargazer! Contact us now.

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