Have you thought about TikTok consulting?

Many brands are joining or have already joined the most popular platform at the moment: TikTok. Have you joined yet? How has your experience been? Even if you are feeling confused and overwhelmed, or if your account seems like it's working, TikTok consulting is always a great idea.


In business (and life!) there is always the possibility to improve and do things better. Even though we may not know how todo it, we can always consult an expert and learn from them. And this is exactly what happens with TikTok consulting.


TikTok is a powerful platform for brands who take advantage of it. There are plenty of possibilities: from boosting your sales, to increasing your online presence or engaging with the audience, among others.


If you are a brand willing to take your digital strategy to the next level, or if you are confused about why yourTikTok account is not working as expected, you should consider TikTok consulting.


By analyzing your strategy and performance, aTikTok consultant will provide you with valuable insights that will help you clarify your goals in the long and short term. This will allow you to define realistic goals and develop smart tactics in favor of your business.


Keep reading to find out why you may need TikTok consulting and the benefits you could get from it!

Why TikTok?

Everyone is talking about TikTok. All the Gen Z -and even older audiences- are engaged with it, and brands are expanding their marketing strategy to this channel. Why is it?


First of all, TikTok is the fastest-growing app at the moment. In just six years, TikTok has reached 800 million monthly users and has 3 billion downloads worldwide. And what is best: this large number of people are well engaged with the platform!


TikTok users spend an average of 52 minutes a day on the app. They love its funny and entertaining content, but they are also captivated by the products endorsed by their favorite content creators and by the ads shown.


If you ask TikTok consultants why this is relevant, they will tell you it is a great opportunity for your brand because you can expand your business goals through a new channel with bigger possibilities of getting good results.


55% of the TikTok audience uses the platform to research new brands and products, and 2 out of 3 users are likely to buy something while on the app.There is no doubt TikTok users are engaged with the platform and use it to purchase things or research products, which is a great opportunity for companies.


Do not think twice and create a TikTok Business Account (if you have not already, of course!)


Now, getting into the matter…

Why do you need TikTok consulting?

Even if you own a small business or belong to a large company, TikTok consulting is a great resource to identify problems/opportunities and plan a strategy for your TikTok Business Account.


Nearly any business can benefit from TikTok consulting!  No matter if your company is just starting o rif you have been in the market for several years. And the same thing happens to your audience and product/service. In the end, TikTok consulting consists of analyzing your brand status and goals, independent from what they are.


Your company can also benefit from a fresh perspective! A professionalTikTok consultant understands the sector and has worked with different clients, which is very useful when analyzing your brand’s strategy.


Still not sure if your business needs TikTok consulting? Here we are listing some general situations where it can be very useful.


TikTok consulting will help you:

●     Find out if TikTok is appropriate for your brand, audience, and goals.

●     Develop a strategy from scratch or get an overall review of the strategy you are planning to launch.

●     Define strategies and actions according to your goals, including revenue and profits.

●     Plan a specific campaign and define the best tactics.

●     Understand the TikTok environment and learn how your brand can adapt to it.

●     Empower your brand through social media, stand out from other brands, and attract your target.


TikTok consulting can help your business with these and even more aspects. It will provide support and accountability to you and your brand.

What does a TikTok consultant do?

Brands and companies can benefit a lot from a TikTok consultant’s expertise and skills. From formats to strategies and partners, they have a global vision of the TikTok environment and know how brands can benefit from it while acting with an intention.


A TikTok consultant understands all the possibilities the platform has to offer, including formats for paid and organic content. In the case of TikTok Ads, the consultant will help you determine which ones fit better into your budget and needs. And the same thing happens with organic content.


There are exclusive formats like Branded Hashtags and Branded effects that help brands increase their reach and awareness on TikTok, but not everyone has to use it and many others cannot even afford them. A TikTok consultant can help you decide if they are worth the investment or not depending on your brand’s particular conditions.


These types of consultants also keep up with the latest trends and know what your competitors are doing. Their research includes other sectors too, which is great because they know a lot about successful campaigns and can adapt those strategies for your brand.


Since TikTok consulting is a personalized service, consultants will consider all the factors related to your business and will help you make a choice or define a route. In the end, when you hire a TikTok consultant, you are getting advice from professionals who will help you define, achieve and measure specific results.

What to keep in mind when hiring a TikTok consultant

Choosing a consultant is not an automatic task. Since you are going to share corporate information with someone, and you are also investing money and resources, you should take your time to do some research and consider multiple options.


Reach out to some TikTok consulting agencies or consultants and try to identify which one connects best with your personal and business values. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when talking to them for the first time, including having a look at their TikTok account!


Here we are listing some things to keep in mind before choosing a TikTok consultant agency/ professional:


●     Consider their experience. What do they do? How long have they been in the business? Do they work with a specific niche?


●     Analyze their study cases. Which companies/brands have worked with them?What did they suggest? What were the results?


●     Identify their approach. Even though TikTok consulting focuses on one platform, it does not mean all the consultants have the same approach. Some can focus on organic content or have better skills at engagement tactics, for example. Try to find which one suits you the most.


Keeping these aspects in mind will help you choose a TikTok consulting agency/professional, but it does not mean that you will match perfectly. Finding the best fit for your brand may take some trial and error. If you have triedTikTok consulting before but felt it was not helpful, you should give it another try with a different consultant!

To sum up

TikTok consulting is a great resource for brands and companies willing to improve their TikTok strategy and performance. A TikTok consulting agency/professional will provide you with valuable insights that will help you clarify your goals in the long and short term. They can also help you define, achieve and measure results.


If you are ready to improve your TikTok business approach, do not think twice and contact an experienced TikTok consulting agency like Stargazer!

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