Why it's important to have a Media Kit as an Influencer

Have you ever heard of an influencer media kit? Well, If you are a content creator wanting to be serious about building a career on social media, you should definitely work your way to have one of them.


In this article we will explain what a media kit for influencers is, the reason why it is important to have one, a DIY step-to-step guide of how to build one and as a bonus, there will be some examples and free templates for you to begin to build the most impressive media kit!

What is an influencer media kit?

In short, it is a service catalog of the influencer for commercial growth purposes. An influencer media kit is a document where he/she explains relevant information about the profile of the content creator, as well as experience on the field and their specific services offered along with their prices.


This marketing tool provides details about the influencer’s background, including statistics of campaigns he/she has been featured on and the brands the influencer had some relevant relationship with.


Media kits should also reflect the personality of the owner, this is the reason why its design is such an important detail too!

Why is it important to have an Influencer Media Kit?

Having a tool like a media kit will make you stand out in the crowd as a professional. This essential marketing tool is great for building relationships with brands and businesses, no matter who approaches the other one first.

Brands can ask for your influencer media kit

Brands can reach out to content creators and ask them for their influencer media kit. If you are an influencer and a company contacts you and asks for it; that means the company wants to make sure you are an appropriate selection for their objectives, target and values.


They probably have analyzed your profile already. That is why media kits should include a section with their services and an estimated price, which may vary according to the marketing action.

Influencers can pitch themselves with a media kit

A media kit can also be used by influencers in order to pitch themselves and show their interest in working with a brand or business. You have to be bold and knock on doors to find more opportunities.


Once you have created your influencer media kit, you can email it to brands and share it along with an introduction message expressing your interest in discussing a partnership.


Keep in mind, the lack of this tool  would end up in missing opportunities and if this has not happened to you yet, be proactive and don’t wait until you lose a important partnership. Start creating or updating your influencer media kit right here, now!

How to create a media kit?

As a content creator, you must know communication is everything. That’s why your influencer media kit should represent your profile, abilities and express the best of yourself in order to captivate brands and incentivize collabs.


What an influencer media kit should include:

●     Introduction

●     Contact information and headshot

●     Field experience and reviews

●     Social media statistics

●     Audience demographics

●     Services and pricing

●     Terms and conditions

●      Good design

The length is also a matter to consider; just as it happens with a curriculum, a media kit has to be brief and concise, avoid mentioning unnecessary things or giving too much details.

One or two pages is enough length and won't be full of unnecessary information. Be specific, if you consider you need more pages of course you can add them, but please think twice and don’t turn it into your complete biography.

Don't forget that your influencer media kit has to be constantly updated. Did you change your phone number? Have you gotten a sponsorship with great results lately? You should absolutely add it to your media kit!

That being said, let’s get into details of how to create one!


Even if you have a bio on your social media channels, full of details or a video explaining your background, your influencer media kit is a personal presentation so you have to include a short introduction.

Describe your interests, what you are good at and the reason why you ended up creating content, for example. If you have studies on something related to content creation or to your influencer business, it is also a good idea to mention it.

Contact information and a picture of yourself

It may seem obvious, but some people think that since they are social figures, they can be contacted through their social media channels. You should always include your contact information on your influencer media kit,  it may include your phone, email, physical address and social media profiles. If you have a nice blog or a website you could link it too.

When it comes to a profile picture, try to include a headshot or an image that represents you professionally. Once again, this may seem trivial, but not all the content creators are public figures and many social media accounts are managed by anonymous people. Well, this is the time to show your face!

Field experience and reviews

This is the section of your influencer media kit where you list your sponsorships and collabs; it provides prospective partners an idea of your style of collaboration and professionalism.

Talking numbers, how many collabs include depends on your field experience. If you have gotten a lot of sponsorships you can add the most important and accurate ones. On the other hand, if you are just starting and only have a few, you can always exchange your services with local or small brands and ask them for a review.

Including testimonies from brands on your influencer media kit is an excellent way to gain credibility. If possible, it is also a good idea to link the campaigns you have been featured on, as well as stats results.

Social media statistics

You should keep stats such as followers, views, engagement, growth rates to mention few. Try to analyze which data is better for you to show, and always keep in mind that you can adjust your influencer media kit according to the brand or campaign needs.

Are you a macro or micro influencer? How long have you been on social media? While some accounts are looking for big content creators with a huge amount or followers, many others are targeting micro influencers because of their niche, engagement and growth rates.

It is very important to be honest with whatever data you are collecting and providing; some softwares are able to analyze your social media account and validate your info and brands can check that out.

Audience demographics

Since a content creator is a sort of matchmaker between brands and people, one of the main interests for companies is your type of audience. They need to doublecheck if their target matches your community and your influencer media kit should include this info.

You don’t have to make a complex investigation in order to find out your audience demographics, the social media platforms will provide this info to you. Try to include as many details as you can: location, age, genre… You can write down this information or add screenshots from your social media insights if you like.

Services and pricing

Talking business, you have to explain the kind of services you offer as an influencer.Is it product reviews? What type of content? through which channel?

The decision of stating a price on the influencer media kit is up to you. While many content creators like to be clear from the beginning so that brands can have an idea of their prices, some others encourage brands to contact them so that they can talk it out.

No matter which influencer journey you decide on, always keep some room for negotiation and explain if the amount covers taxes and other expenses or not.

Terms and conditions

Just as being clear with prices is a must, your influencer media kit could also mention your terms and conditions right away, so that brands don’t go too far without realizing you may not be able or willing to do a task. In this section you can include intellectual property rights, deleting posts after a certain time period, non-disclosure agreements and any other condition you can think of.

Good design

Along with transparency, and design are transversal matters on your influencer media kit.

This document should reflect your personality and profile as a content creator, so you should use an impressive yet professional design that captivates the reader.

Examples and templates for influencer media kits

There are different sites on the internet where you can find media kit templates of many kinds. You can find both free and paid options, select the one you consider best appropriate for you, and remember you can always adjust them or get inspiration from them and build your own from scratch.

Media kit templates and inspo

●     Media Kit Templates and Resources on Pinterest

●     Graphic templates on Envato

As you can see, an influencer media kit is a basic marketing tool for content creators willing to build their career as professionals on social media. Having a well prepared one would help you to stand out in the crowd and give you more opportunities of getting sponsorships and managing relationships with brands.

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