Why SEO can be so important when it comes to TikTok

If you want to find a restaurant nearby, where would you search for it? During the last decade, we would have Googled it, but things are changing and TikTok is finding an opportunity as a search engine. Watch out, because TikTok SEO is here to stay!


Some Twitter users pointed out how much they loved TikTok search, even more than Google, and their tweets went viral. Not only because of their controversial opinion but because many people agreed with them.


In fact, Gen Z has found a new way of looking for directions, professionals, top places, and stores through social media. And Google itself has admitted this phenomenon! “Almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch, don't go to Google Maps or Search. They go to TikTok or Instagram”, revealed SeniorVice President of Google’s Knowledge and Information, Prabhakar Raghavan, at a recent conference in Aspen.


This landscape turns TikTok SEO into an important aspect for businesses and creators: they need to keep it in the first place if they want to index their content properly and reach larger audiences.


Keep reading to find more about Search Engine Optimization on TikTok!

Background: from Google to TikTok SEO

When companies and marketers mentioned Search Engine Optimization, most of the time they were talking about how to rank first on Google. If people wanted to find something, they would Google it in the first place. And the purpose of brands was to rank first!


Later on, Youtube also found its way as a Search Engine and many people were using the video platform to find answers and recommendations. Youtube videos were indexed on Google Search so people could find video results, but this did not happen to other social media videos until recently.


Last fall, the Silicon Valley company announced that was working to index TikTok andInstagram videos in Search. If you Google ‘flower TikTok,’ for example, now you will get TikTok videos on the results page.


So, when we talk about TikTok SEO, we are talking about the possibility of ranking withTikTok videos on search engines like Google, but we can also refer to the opportunity of ranking first when TikTok is the search engine itself.


In the end, it has todo with how to optimize your TikTok content so that the search engine prioritizes it and people can find it easily.

TikTok SEO and why people are using TikTok for research


The success of the Chinese app can give us a few clues. First of all, short-form video is a very popular content: people engage better, it is easier to learn with a visual format, and there are thousands of videos of any kind, especially related toDIY, hacks, tricks, and recommendations.


Using TikTok as a search engine also has to do with unsatisfactory Google results and the way they are presented. People are tired of long texts and even Google addresses it. According to Senior Vice President of Google’sKnowledge and Information, Prabhakar Raghavan, younger people demand visual content, which is the main reason why Google Search will change in favor of it.


Is TikTok influencing other tech giants? Probably. Youtube Shorts, InstagramReels, and visual results on Google are examples of it. But TikTok is also learning from other companies and developing its own upgrades.



In fact,TikTok was testing a new feature:showing suggested search terms related to the video. This highlights the importance of TikTok SEO and how it is taking over the platform interface and experience.


But this does not mean TikTok will replace Google as a research engine. The short-video app is better for finding tutorials, recipes, trends, and hobbies, while it is difficult to use it for researching ‘serious’ content like fact-checked news, as well as political, financial, and health matters.


Let’s see how everything evolves!

How companies and influencers can take advantage of TikTok SEO


Now that we have had a look at the background of TikTok SEO and the platform’s evolution into a search engine, let’s focus on how it can affect brands and content creators!


Remember that one of the reasons why brands and influencers are interested in SEO is because it allows them to reach larger audiences. If audiences are demanding new features on platforms like TikTok, companies, and creators should adapt and take advantage of it.


The faster you implement TikTok SEO strategies, the better, as you will be ahead of your competitors and have more chances of being discovered. If your audience is going this way, you need to catch up.


Here are a few tactics you can implement:

TikTok SEO tactics

-Using hashtags

-Creating engaging and funny content

-Providing high-quality video and audio

-Using captions and titles in your video

-Redirecting the audience to your website (or anyother call to action)

-Promoting your TikTok video among your social mediachannels

-Analyzing your data and learning from it


You can also follow content creators who focus ongiving TikTok SEO recommendations. Examples of them are Mike Rama and SocialtyPro.

If you want to learn more about TikTok best practices, have a look at our ultimate TikTok Marketing Guide!


Keep in mind that learning SEO is a must not only for TikTok but for other social media channels! No matter if it is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, you should implement a SEO marketing strategy if you are willing to reach your target and achieve your business/professional goals.


Just like TikTok SEO, each social media has its own dynamic, and getting discovered on a platform may vary from one to another. It is also key to include a cross-platform strategy so that you integrate your channels and boost your entire strategy.


In summary

If being one of the most popular social media apps was not enough, TikTok is also becoming a trending search engine among Gen Z users.


Younger audiences are using TikTok instead of Google to find restaurants, places, stores, and even professionals. Google is also indexing TikTok videos, which allows content creators and brands to reach larger audiences.


TikTok SEO, understood as implementing tactics to get content featured on Google and on TikTok itself, has become an important subject for brands and creators. The sooner they start implementing these marketing techniques, the more possibilities they have of being featured.


If you want to take advantage of this momentum and develop a TikTok SEO marketing strategy, we encourage you to contact Stargazer! We are willing to help you get the best out of it!

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