Top 10 Restaurant Influencers to Keep on your Radar

Looking for a recommendation on where to eat? You will probably find the answer on your social media feed. There are thousands of restaurant influencers sharing reviews and helping increase bookings. Keep reading to discover the top 10 restaurant influencers!


Remember that time when people used to make fun ofInstagram as the social media to share pictures of our plates? Times have changed since then and being a content creator in the category of food and drinks is a huge thing.


These content creators, including the top 10restaurant influencers featured in this list, play an important role in the restaurant and food industry. They have the capability to showcase food spots to their audiences and increase the restaurant's visitors.


It's a win-win situation for all the parties involved:the audience learns about new places to visit and what to find there, the businesses find a way to attract customers, and the restaurant influencer can make a living out of it.


There are thousands of creators sharing recommendations online, but some of them, such as the top 10 restaurant influencers listed below, stand out because of their consistency, storytelling and visual narrative.  In fact, some of them have been featured in Forbes 30 under 30 ranks.


Partnering with a food content creator is a great strategy for restaurants who want to increase their visibility and grow their business. Working with a nano influencer or a top 10 restaurant influencer will depend on their budget and approach, but the marketing campaigns will always be oriented to benefit the business.


We have curated a list of top 10 restaurant influencers around the world who stand out in the crowd because of their appealing content, their consistency and interesting work. Have a look at their content and, from no won, keep them on your radar!

Top 10 Restaurant Influencers Rank

Yanni the Foody Fetish (@foodyfetish)

Our rank starts with a Miami based foodie named Yanni Georgoulakis, who is one of the biggest content creators in the world in the category of food and travel. He started his Instagram account in 2015 and now has a multi platform approach with over 6 million followers. Yanni is also the co-founder of three restaurants located in Miami. In the influencer marketing field, this top 10restaurant influencer has worked with brands such as Burger King, Jagermaister and Royal Caribbean Cruises.

Nico Norena (@succulentbite)

Nico Norena is a Miami-based content creator in the category of food and restaurants. He founded The Succulent bite in 2015 as a channel to promote restaurants and food products and in 2020, due the pandemic, he started creating his own plates. This top 10 restaurant influencer has been featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 list and has also launched his own cookbook.

Samantha Schnur (@thenaughtyfork)

Samantha Schnur is a Miami-based restaurant influencer and the founder of The Naughty Fork blog and website. She has over 1,1 million followers onInstagram and her blog is one of the most popular food sites on the internet.Samantha was featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 list in the category of food and drinks and has her own restaurants. As a top 10 restaurant influencer, she has worked with brands like Oreo, McDonald’s and Burger King.

Nguyen Yeats-Brown (@itsgnochgnoch)

Nguyen Yeats-Brown is the person behind the Gnoch Gnoch account, a popular profile on social media that shares food and restaurant recommendations, most of them in London, although she also shares vlogs and food recommendations when she is traveling. Nguyen started with her project in2018 and it has not stopped growing since then. She is also the co-host of a podcast called Hot Girl supper where the main topic is food, of course.

Tulio Zuluaga (@tuliorecomienda)

Tulio is a Colombian restaurant influencer and foodie, owner of the Tulio Recomienda social media accounts and website. Tulio started as a food and wine columnist in a variety of magazines and later created his own blog. He is the creator of the Burger Master, Pizza Master and Sushi Master, national tournaments in Colombia where restaurants offer a single plate and the audience determines which restaurant has the best plate in the country by voting on social media.

Bev (@knivestomeetyoulondon)

Bev is a London-based foodie and content creator, owner of the Knives To Meet You London account. She shares recommendations of the best spots to eat inLondon, whether it is street food or an award winning eatery. This top 10restaurant influencer has a TikTok series called ‘discovering London’s hidden gems’. Bev also shares food-related content when she's traveling, so it is possible to find Spanish or Canadian food on her feed, for example.

Alberto de Luna (@alberto_deluna)

Alberto de Luna is a lawyer and restaurant critic who started sharing his opinion on restaurants back in 2005. He is the owner of the Dime un Restaurante website, a blog where he shares his thoughts and experiences on several restaurants. This top 10 restaurant influencer is based in Madrid and usually attends luxury restaurants. Alberto is well known for sharing honest reviews and for revealing the prices of these expensive restaurants. He even rates the places on a scale of 1 to 10 lunas (moons) as a reference to his last name and to the michelin stars.

Amy (@blondieinchina)

Amy is an Australian-native and ‘blondie’ who moved to China in2017.  She shares her experience with the local food and culture online and even has a Youtube channel. Just as the audience would trust her recommendations, Amy trusts the waiters/waitresses and orders whatever they recommend, even if she has no idea about the plate. This top 10 restaurant influencer has over 400K followers on TikTok and more than 300K Youtube subscribers.

Maria Fernanda (@mafe.eats)

Another top 10 restaurant influencer is Maria Fernanda, mostly known as Mafe Eats. She is a Colombian influencer in the category of food and travel who shares incredible recommendations about food and hotels around the world. Mafe has her own blog where she posts articles about restaurants and also features her adventures around the world. As a restaurant content creator, she has worked with over 400 brands including restaurants, hotels, travel agencies and more.

Andrés Moreno (@amorenocastillo)

Andrés Moreno Castillo is a foodie and content creator from Madrid. He shares plans and restaurant recommendations in Spain's capital and usually visits affordable yet delicious places. This top 10 restaurant influencer features gastronomy from all around the world, including Italian, Mexican,Chinese, Japanese, American, and Spanish, of course. Thanks to his bright and relatable content, his audience is mostly young.

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