Why TikTok Ads are so important

There are multiple ways of increasing brand exposure on TikTok and, when it comes to paid content,TikTok Ads are a great way of achieving it! Rather if it’s in-feed advertising or a brand takeover, These formats and other TikTok Ads examples are effective ways of reaching the audience.


Since TikTok users are passionate about the app and engage very well with the content, advertising onTikTok is a great opportunity for brands, especially for those interested in driving sales.


There are many brands taking advantage of what TikTok has to offer in terms of advertising and their results are worthy of study. Even if you are just starting with TikTok Ads or if you are used to it, a great way of understanding how TikTok Ads work is by analyzing what other brands are doing!


TikTok Ads examples are also a source of inspiration. Next time you see an advertisement on the app, try to imagine how you could adapt your product/service into that format or creative concept!


In this article, we highlight the importance of TikTok Ads and provide some examples.


Keep reading to find out more and start getting inspired!

Why TikTok Ads are so important

When designing a social media strategy for your brand, you should always ask yourself: How much can you invest? Strategies and campaigns usually include organic content, partnerships with influencers, and paid advertising. The amount of money you invest in each one depends on your budget, timing, and goals.


Do not commit the mistake of assuming that organic content is cost-free. Defining a message, recording a video, and editing it require time and resources, even if you are not measuring them. In the short-term, this tends to be cheaper than partnering with an influencer or paying for a TikTok Ad, but it does not mean that they are exclusive or that they drive the same results.


If we think aboutTikTok Ads examples, several brands/actions can come to our mind. Is it Rosalía launching the ‘Motomami’ album on TikTok? or maybe one of those cool hashtags created by Chipotle?


This large visibility is one of the main reasons why TikTok Ads are so important. If you want to increase your brand exposure or engage with the audience in a significant way, it is easier and faster to achieve it through Ads.


When brands are just starting, launching a new product, or having special discounts, among other examples, implementing paid campaigns is a must. It does not mean that paid content will replace organic content because they go after different goals and work with different timings.


There are a variety ofTikTok Ad formats depending on your goals and budget. No matter which one is the right fit for you, remember that adapting them to your company’s language and style is key to taking full advantage of it.

A quick guide to TikTok Ad formats

Advertising on TikTok does not necessarily mean investing a significant amount of money in big action. That is just a possibility, but you can also create videos that do not stand out on the platform but just seem like any other video posted by an average user.


There are many TikTok Ads examples where simple yet effective strategies are followed. They usually include friendly language, UGC (user-generated content style), and formats like reviews, step-by-step, and recommendations.


These are the Ads available on TikTok:

In-feed video

This type of Ad looks just like any other TikTok video, except for the CTA button. This Ad, shown on the For You page, is one of the most popular and accessible formats in the app and there are many TikTok Ads examples of in-feed video.


Brand Takeover Ads

This Ad launches as soon as a user opens the TikTok app and consists of a full-screen video that lasts up to 5 seconds. Since this is a massive and effective action, these types of Ads are very expensive and tend to last a day.



Similar to Brand Takeover, TopView Ads catch the attention but do not cover the entire screen. It is a good option for brands willing to promote a new product or service because it does stand out on the platform.


Hashtag challenges

These Ads are very popular and you can find manyTikTok Ads examples of hashtag challenges. Part of their success has to do with the user-generated content approach. Companies create challenges and encourage users to follow the trend and share their videos with the hashtag. TikTok highlights the sponsored hashtags so that people can see them easily.


Branded effects

Companies can create augmented reality filters with 2D and 3D effects, as well as filters and lenses. Users can share organic content featuring these endorsed effects, which is a great way for brands to engage and increase their presence online.

Spark Ads

If you had previously shared an organic video but also want to promote it as an Ad, you can do it thanks to Spark Ads. This is a great option if you are just starting with TikTok Ads and want to learn more about your audience and the performance of your paid content.


No matter which Ad format you decide to use, always remember that the content should not feel over produced. Many audiences, especially GenZ, love brands that feel authentic and are true to their values. Adapting TikTok language and TikTok Ads formats to your company’s values and philosophy is a great practice, especially when you are looking to engage with the users.

TikTok Ads examples you can learn from

We are bringing to you4 TikTok Ads examples from different brands so you can understand better how they work and how you can implement them!


Even though they feature brands from a variety of sectors and focus on different targets, we can find certain things in common: vertical videos, user-generated content, sounds/effects with intention, and a fast pace.



  1. TikTok Ads examples: Jif’s Branded Hashtag Challenge

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Jif is an American brand of peanut butter. It has been the largest peanut butter brand in the United States since1981.


Jif joined forces with Ludacris and launched a Branded Hashtag Challenge (#JifRapChallenge) where they invited users to take on Ludacris on a rap duet and sing while having their mouths full of peanut butter.


This user-generated campaign hit3M views in just 3 days. The hashtag currently has over 7.5 billion views onTikTok.


  1. TikTok Ads examples:   Mercari’s influencers     collab and boosted videos


Mercari is a marketplace where people can buy and sell any kind of product.


As part of a marketing campaign, Stargazer created a strategy with multiple creators who produced TikTok videos endorsing Mercari with their style. They shared the video with the hashtag: #MercariPartner.

This action generated over 5M views on TikTok and an overall engagement rate of over 15%. It also generated thousands of new users by boosting the videos on the TikTok Ad network.


  1. TikTok Ads examples:     Nespresso’s Branded     Hashtag Challenge


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Nespresso, one of the leading coffee brands, launched a new line called Vertuo and wanted to raise awareness in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


They created a Branded HashtagChallenge (#CoffeeBeats) and asked TikTok users to follow choreography and share their videos for a chance to win the new Vertuo machine.


Thanks to this campaign, Nespresso increased its awareness in both markets. The purchase intent grew by 50% and the brand favorability increased by 19%.



  1. TikTok Ads examples: Yuka’s influencers collabs     and boosted videos

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Yuka is a french mobile app that allows users to scan the barcodes of food and personal care products and instantly see their impact on their health using score points from 0 to 100.


The main goal of the campaign was to launch the Yuka app on the US market. To do so, Stargazer led an influencer marketing and advertising strategy on TikTok. Different creators would explain how the Yuka app worked and where it could be used.


The campaign reached over 500K users in one month and generated over 20M views on TikTok with multiple creators.

Final thoughts


TikTok Ads are very important because they help brands achieve their marketing goals in an effective and faster way. There are a variety of Ads and choosing one depends on the budget, target, and needs.


Keeping an eye on TikTok Ads examples is a great way of getting inspired, knowing what other brands are doing, and understanding better the TikTok advertising environment.

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