Top 7 Content Marketing Agencies In 2020

March 23, 2020

content marketing agencies

Content marketing has disrupted the different industries over the last decade. Digital marketing can increase brand awareness, help audiences find products, services, and expertise for which they are looking. In addition, it helps companies grow their revenue by finding a loyal audience that loves their products.

Making Content and distributing it through marketing requires some skills and knowledge to get the desired results.

Effective content marketing is about attracting the right audience and retaining their attention. You can do so with valuable content they love to consume and share with their network, increasing your fandom organically.

Looking for content marketing strategies for your brand and the best agencies to outsource the task?. Here, we made a list with the top 7 content marketing agencies. They will help your business grow with content marketing.


Stargazer is a full-service influencer marketing agency that uses its technology to understand the audiences of each brand across different social media platforms. They also deliver the right strategy and drive results that matter to their clients.

With over 5 million creators in their influencer network, Stargazer uses its unique platform to connect influencers with brands. They make the process faster, efficient as well as time-saving for companies that would like to connect with influencers that promote their products around the globe.

Not only Stargazer has expertise in building effective influencer marketing and generate branded content to grow their client’s networks, but they also help influencers turn their passion into a career.

Contact Stargazer here and find out how to grow your audience with influencer marketing and content creation.


Brafton realizes as a matter of fact that competition in digital marketing is fierce. 83 million blog articles are published every month and trying to disrupt with lame, boring content is not an option. For that reason, Brafton understands the need for creating specific content that resonates with each audience.

On the other hand, to craft a unique experience for their clients, they developed a data-led content creation service. This tool, uses the information of the audience for the creation of strategies and content marketing purposes.

The agency, created in 1988, has now offices in North America, Australia, and New Zealand.


Brandpoint is a full-service marketing agency that helps companies engage their audience through strategic creation and distribution.

They have a great team of content creators and the expertise in creating all the strategies that help companies generate media impressions on top-tier publications, not to mention increasing their brand awareness.

Brandpoint stands out using a workflow software called BrandPoint Hub, an internal platform. This software, structures the content marketing process into four components such us evaluate, plan, create and measure, optimizing the workflow.


Fractl is a leading 100-person digital marketing agency. Their assets are organic growth, content marketing, viral marketing research and PR content strategies for brands.

The agency, that’s been in business since 2014, stands out by conducting in-depth research in the field of content. They explore through data to create storytelling that consumers love to share organically.

Fractl has worked with a variety of businesses, ranging from Fortune 500 clients and large corporations to startups and e-commerce.

Their expertise in creating content for different types of businesses makes them very flexible and adaptable to any brand that wants to grow their business through content marketing.

5.Buzzfeed advertising

Buzzfeed advertising helps brands connect with their digital audiences by making and publishing content they will watch and love.

BuzBuzzfeed is one of the biggest entertainment media platforms nowadays. It's famous for its unique storytelling that uses fun quizzes and videos that grab the attention of its audience: Millenials.

With an audience of over 520 million, It is also a great opportunity for brands that have alike following to advertise on the platform with creative posts that engage with the public to get real results.

6.Column Five

Column Five is a creative marketing agency that helps brands to find their unique voice and storytelling matching their target audience.

This agency creates all the content strategies for the brand, from design to web development and data visualization. Column Five is also renowned for its interactive design.

It was started in 2008 and is based on Costa Mesa, CA, with an office in Brooklyn, NY. 

7.Eucalypt media

Eucalypt Media, based in Jacksonville, is a content marketing agency that has been developing digital marketing strategies brands since 2006.

The agency promotes employing veteran writers, editors, designers as well as videographers to create content assets and build strategies for their clients.

Eucalypt was awarded Top Corporate Communications PR Firm and Marketing and Advertising Global Leader by Clutch Research in 2018.

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