The Top 5 Marketing Agencies in Miami

Miami is hot, and not just because of the sun. The city’s tech sector is growing and an ecosystem of creativity is in the making. All kinds of brands, founders and creators are in theSunshine State at its best and marketing agencies in Miami are willing to fulfill their needs.


In the past, Miami’s economy was based primarily on tourism and entertainment; now other industries have been captivated by the city. Real Estate, media, broadcasting and IT have become relevant sectors, building a more diverse economy. In fact, SouthFlorida has become a technology hub reporting up to $ 1 trillion in new assets.


A diverse and multicultural economy also means a variety of brands willing to connect with the audience. Of course, this is attractive to public personalities, influencers  and content creators, who see Miami not only as a trendy and hot spot for their ideal lifestyle but as a great city to establish contact with brands.


There is a marketing agency in Miami for every need they could have. From talent management to communication strategies, The Magic City offers a great variety of services.


This article describes five of the top marketing agencies based in the city of Miami, so you can take your marketing needs and its strategy to the next level!

Top marketing agencies in Miami and their services

There are multiple services related to marketing and agencies do not provide all of them necessarily. Some are specialized in digital, while others are experts in influencer marketing just to mention a couple of examples.


Here we are listingMiami agencies from different marketing sectors, so you can have options according to your needs!

Top 5 marketing agencies in Miami

-       Stargazer

-       Outsmart Labs

-       The Influencer Marketing Factory

-       Solved Puzzle

-       Roar Media


Based in Miami, this marketing agency was born in 2016 with the mission of creating branded content with influencers at scale. They specialize in influencer marketing, offering full-service campaign management for brands and also helping content creators to build up their careers.


Their services include influencers strategy and activation; campaign execution and report; as well as content creation and usage rights. Stargazer is data-driven and has proprietary technology to analyze audiences, metrics and drive campaign results.


As a top marketing agency in Miami, Stargazer has a team of best-in-class marketers and technologists who are passionate about social media and the influencer's world.Its account management and creative teams are highly experienced and hold strong relationships with the best content creators and influencers.


This agency helps thousands of content creators to turn their passion into a career. In fact,Stargazer has thousands of influencers in its network on all social media platforms. If you are looking for a marketing agency in Miami that is an expert on building effective influencer marketing strategies, you better contact Stargazer.

Marketing Niche: influencer marketing 

Some clients: Poshmark, Mercari, GoPuff

Outsmart Labs

Outsmart Labs is a 360 digital agency that connects brands with audiences through digital marketing. Its mission is to develop digital and innovative solutions to achieve its client's goals efficiently and seamlessly.


As a Miami-based marketing agency, they work with local and global clients and with different types of campaigns, no matter their reach or duration. The agency’s services include branding, web design, SEO,SEM, programmatic, social media, as well as content and influencer marketing.


This company, selected by Google as a Top RisingAgency in the United States, works under the pillars of experimentation and innovation. Outsmart Labs has its own business incubator and it’s called TheLab.


The agency was founded in 2012 and its goal is to increase the digital presence of its clients and position them in the market.

Marketing niche: digital and 360 marketing

Some clients: Hilton Caribbean, Vocalcom, NeuroSpa TMS

The Influencer Marketing Factory


With offices in Miami and New York, The Influencer Marketing Factory is a global influencer marketing agency that delivers influencer marketing campaigns, helping brands to find the right influencers and managing talents to build partnerships.


The InfluencerMarketing Factory helps brands engage with Centennials and Millenial on social media and has even become one of the pioneers of TikTok influencer marketing.


This agency, based inMiami, wants to make influencer marketing effective and easier by working on brand awareness metrics and conversions.


They are data-driven and build tailor-made strategies and campaigns, according to the clients' goals and needs. Its services include influencer identification, content marketing, talent management, reporting and analytics. They also work with social media strategies and native ads.


Founded in 2017, the agency also educates its clients on the last social media and influencer marketing trends.


Marketing niche: influencer marketing


Some clients: Hily, Google, Oyo Rooms.

Solved Puzzle 

Solved Puzzle is a marketing agency in Miami focused on web development and digital marketing. This company offers a one-stop digital marketing solution and has been in the market for over 10 years to create successful marketing strategies that generate a positive return on investment.


Solved Puzzle’s services include website design, digital marketing (SEO, SEM), social media management and ads, e-commerce marketing and software development. Like the other marketing agencies listed here, Solved Puzzle is also data-driven.



One of the company’s main values is transparency, so they provide a list of prices and sample reports on their website. This marketing agency serves different industries such as clothing, beauty, consumer goods and luxury products, among others.


Solved Puzzle has multiple offices in Miami andFlorida (Orlando and Boca Ratón), as well as in some other locations in theUnited States.


Marketing niche: digital marketing and web design 

Some clients: Trendy Jendy, US Visa Appointments, BesterCaviar

Roar Media

Roar Media is a full-stack marketing agency in Miami focused on public relations, digital marketing and creative services. The company’s purpose is to help clients achieve their business goals.


Roar Media has been recognized as the third-largest marketing agency in South Florida, as well as one of the 50 fastest-growing private companies in the same state.


They work with public relations, strategy, technology, content and media. The agency’s services include media and influencer relations, traditional and digital advertising, e-commerce and website design, social media, branding, crisis management, copywriting, as well as email and content marketing.


Roar Media’s vision is to help inspired businesses fulfill their brand promise, gain relevance, rise and conquer. They combine creativity and common sense to reach the audiences and engage with them.


Marketing niche: full-stack marketing


Some clients: Latam Airlines, Diageo, Cemex


In short, our top five marketing agencies based in Miami

The South Florida city has a vibrant lifestyle and economy that has captivated many brands, businesses and public personalities, including content creators. Many marketing agencies have joined this creative and technological ecosystem by offering a variety of services to fulfill the needs of their potential clients not only in TheSunshine State or Miami but also around the globe.


There are marketing agencies in Miami focused on different services: while many of them are specialized in subjects like influencer marketing or e-commerce, many others have an overall perspective and offer 360 solutions and full-stack services.


No matter what your needs are as a brand or content creator, the agencies listed above are going to help you make educated choices and achieve your personal or business goals, rather if you plan to visit, live or just do business in Miami.

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