Top 10 NFT influencers to follow

NFTs are trending and everyday more people are trying to understand its meaning; what they are and how to keep up. There are many content creators on social media who have become leaders in the community and this is the reason why we are listing the top NFT influencers, so you can learn from them!


Rather if you want to learn more about this trending topic, or if you are interested in becoming anNFT content creator, following the top NFT influencers we are listing here is an excellent idea because you will learn from the best sources and most popular accounts at the moment!

What is an NFT influencer?

An NFT influencer is a content creator who has experience with NFTs in some way. The influencer can bean artist or designer who creates digital art; can also be an investor who trades with crypto and NFTs; or can even be a developer who’s interested inNFTs and blockchain; among some other profiles.


What these content creators have in common, no matter if they are micro or top NFT influencers, isa social media channel where they share their knowledge and opinions with their community.


Since those accounts have become very relevant in the industry and NFTs are the latest marketing strategy for brands, many companies are partnering with topNFT influencers in order to boost their audience and goals.


That being said, let’s have a look at our top 10 NFT influencers list!

The top 10 NFT influencers to follow

We have curated a list of content creators from different social media platforms like Twitter,Instagram, Youtube and TikTok.


It is for you to know,Twitter has become the most popular social media platform for all things crypto, NFT and blockchain related. So, even though many of the top 10 NFT influencers have accounts in the main platforms. They tend to be more popular in one of them and that’s what we tried to include in this list.


Top 10 NFT influencers

  1. GMoney
  2. Farokh
  3. DeeZe
  4. MissNFT
  5. Crypto Mason
  6. Matt Medved
  7. Mark Cuban
  8. Yam
  9. GaryVee
  10. Max Maher


Twitter account: @gmoney.eth

Instagram account: @gmoneynft


Considered an NFT guru, GMoney is an anonymous NFT trader and collector.  This top NFT influencer owns one of the most famous art pieces of an NFT collection: the Crypto punk 8219, created by LarvaLabs. This punk ape is GMoney’s online avatar and he purchased it for nothing but $150 thousand dollars!


If you don’t really understand why someone would pay such a big amount of money for a digital art, then you should definitely follow this creator, as he will teach you everything about the NFTs universe.  According to GMoney, your use of NFT's is only limited to your understanding of them.


As a top NFT influencer and a relevant leader in this community, GMoney has collaborated with Adidas in their first NFT collection: ‘Into the Metaverse’.


Twitter account: @farokh

Instagram account: @farokh


Farokh Sarmad is an NFT collector and enthusiast. His NFT artwork collection includes a Cory Van Lew’s timepiece from his collaboration with Time magazine.


He is a social media expert and had previous experience with growth-hacking, which has been helpful in the process of becoming a top NFT influencer. One of his goals is focusing on helping artists and collectors build their brands in social media.


In fact, he has become an important figure on Clubhouse thanks to his NFT conversations and many brands and artists have announced their NFT drops through his Clubhouse room.


As an entrepreneur, Farokh is the founder of Rug Radio, a decentralized media platform based in a token membership that has even dropped its own NFT collection.


Twitter account: @deezefi


Deeze is an NFT investor and one of the most influential personalities in the NFT universe.This anonymous top NFT influencer is the director of Fractional, a decentralized protocol where people can buy, sell and mint fractions of NFTs.


As a community leader, DeezeFi has become a major proponent of rising NFT artists and builders. He hosts many Twitter Spaces to spotlight upcoming creators and talk about the NFT culture.


DeeZeFi is known for educating the audience and advising them on how to become a collector and build wealth on the blockchain ecosystem.


Instagram account:

Twitter account: @realmissNFT


MissNFT is a crypto artist, column writer and one of the few female NFT influencers. She has a weekly column in NFT Plazas called ‘Road to 1000 NFTs’ where she shares NFT artwork from different artists.


This top NFT influencer is also the founder of Metanatics, a project about metaverse ready collectibles of avatars that can be used in different metaverse worlds and that also give their owners access to a variety of experiences.


MissNFT has invested in many NFT artwork collections and she uses her avatar to promote artists. She has even admitted to buying digital artwork because she values the artist, rather than buying for the sake of buying.

Crypto Mason

Youtube channel: Crypto Mason

TikTok account: @cryptomasun


Mason Versluis is a market trader and top NFT influencer who became popular thanks to his educational content about cryptocurrency. He first started with crypto as a hobby but later on realized he could make a living out of it.


Crypto Mason has different social media accounts, including multiple Youtube channels. He recently launched the NFT Mason channel, a specialized account where he talks about NFT news and events, tips/tutorials and upcoming projects.


According to Mason,NFTs might even become bigger than crypto. This Canadian digital creator is an advocate of the 'Health, Wealth and Self’, which leads him to include spiritual and philosophical perspectives on his content about crypto.

Matt Medved

Instagram account: @mattmedved

Twitter account: @mattmedved


Before becoming a topNFT influencer, Matt Medved was a popular journalist and DJ. Far from leaving behind any of his professional interests, Medved co-founded nft now, a media company focused on NFT/crypto news, analysis and related culture.


He also advises people on NFT investments and uses his social media to share relevant information about the NFT and crypto universe. Since he is a journalist, the media and event organizers look out to him in order to feature his knowledge and opinions.


Prior to joining theNFT craze, Medved founded Billboard Dance and worked with SPIN magazine andModern Luxury. As a producer he released music with labels like Interscope and performed at top festivals around the world like Tomorrowland.

Mark Cuban

Twitter account: @mcuban

Instagram account: @mcuban


The Shark Tank’s billionaire entrepreneur saw an opportunity in crypto and invested in it, later becoming an NFT collector and investor. Mark Cuban has admitted that, besides his Shark Tank investments, about 80% of his investments are around cryptocurrency.


The audience loves this top NFT influencer because of his advice and strategic investments. He has invested in NFT platforms like OpenSea, SuperRare and Mintable, among others.


Mark Cuban’s NFT interest has  influenced his other businesses. As the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, he decided to reward the fans who attended a Mavs game by giving them an NFT collectible. The Mavericks even have a marketplace where fans can redeem and trade their NFTs.


Instagram account: @yamkarkaiart

Twitter account: @YKarkai


Yam Karkai is an NFT artist and a top NFT influencer with the aim of bringing women into the spotlight. This illustrator has dropped multiple NFT digital pieces, featuring colorful worlds and female characters.


She is also the co-founder of World of Women (WOW), an NFT community that celebrates representation and inclusivity. Even Reese Witherspoon has bought NFT pieces from the WOW NFT collection.


Yam has admitted that NFTs brought her an economic stability she hadn’t reached before and this is one of the multiple reasons why she aims to introduce more women in the crypto space.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Instagram account: @garyvee

Twitter account: @garyvee


Also known as GaryVee, he is a American-Belarusian entrepreneur and social media guru. Vaynerchuk is the CEO of VaynerMedia, a popular social media agency which provides services to Fortune 500 companies.


Among his many businesses and projects, GaryVee created VeeFriends with the purpose to build a community around NFTs. He has dropped multiple NFT collections. The owners of a VeeFriend NFT get access to the community and a pass to VeeCon, an NFT event.


This top NFT influencer also provides NFT guidance to his audience and creates different types of content on social media, including educational and informative videos on Youtube.

Max Maher

Youtube channel: Max Maher

Instagram account: @maxwell_maher

Maxwell Maher is an American entrepreneur and content creator. He shares content about how to make more money and one of the subjects is related to crypto/NFTs, which have turned him into a top NFT influencer.

Maher is well known for helping people and small business owners understand finance topics. He also has a Patreon account where people can even get private coaching sessions with him and learn more about crypto strategies and finance.

Max Maher’s complete guide video on ‘How to buy and sell NFTs for profit’ has more than 3,5 million visualizations on Youtube and is just one of his many videos about NFT.

Final thoughts on top NFT influencers

As we have seen in this rank, NFT content creators come from different backgrounds and have a variety of expertises, some of them being digital artists while others being financial advisors or crypto lovers. What they do have in common is the purpose of sharing with a community their NFT knowledge and creations.


Since the crypto andNFT craze is taking over the world, what we can tell is these and many other topNFT influencers are becoming more relevant within the days. Are you following them already?!

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