Miami Influencer Agency: These are the top 5 influencer marketing agencies in Miami

Looking for an influencer agency in Miami? We got you covered!


It is no secret that Miami is one of the most important cities in the US and the world regarding culture, business, and innovation. If you are interested in developing an influencer marketing campaign in the city, you should definitely work with professionals and hire a Miami influencer agency.


But, what to keep in mind and which one to choose?


Florida's marketing and influencer industry is massive. There are many creators, marketing companies, and Miami marketing agencies to choose from. Your choice will depend on multiple factors, including goals, niche, type of campaign, and budget.


Even if you have a clear idea of what you want and how to achieve it, or if you need help defining a strategy from the beginning, hiring a professional team will be worth it.


Working with influencer agencies is also cost-effective and time-efficient. It is better than doing it in-house because you do not need to invest extra resources in marketing actions. Leave your marketing strategy to professionals and focus on growing your business while influencers and professional marketers contribute to your success!

Top 5 Influencer agencies in Miami


There are a variety of influencer and marketing agencies in Miami offering their services to local and global clients. Whether you are located in Miami / interested in Miami audiences, or if you are an international brand willing to work with an agency with a cosmopolitan perspective, you should definitely work with a top influencer agency in Miami.


We have curated a list so that you can choose the one that fits you better. These are our top 5 influencer agencies in Miami:


●      Stargazer

●      TOP Agency

●      The Influencer Marketing Factory

●      Outsmart Labs

●      Prominent Status



Stargazer is a marketing and influencer agency in Miami that uses storytelling and technology to create branded content with influencers at scale. They specialize in influencer marketing, offering full-service campaign management for brands and also helping content creators to build up their careers.


Their services include influencers strategy and activation; campaign execution and report; content creation, influencer management, and usage rights. Stargazer is data-driven and has proprietary technology to analyze metrics and drive campaign results.


As a top influencer agency in Miami, Stargazer has a team of best-in-class marketers and technologists who are passionate about social media and the influencer industry. Its account management and creative teams are highly experienced and hold strong relationships with the best content creators and influencers.


If you are looking for an influencer agency in Miami that is an expert in building effective influencer marketing strategies, you better contact Stargazer!

Some clients: Poshmark, Mercari, PhotoRoom

TOP Agency


TOP Agency is a marketing and influencer agency in Miami. TOP stands for Test, Optimize andPerform, and their name represents what they focus on: tracking thousands of influencers to determine the value of each one and drive results with the chosen ones.


They are data-driven and create marketing campaigns based on analytics. Their strategy also includes partnering with a couple of micro-nano influencers instead of going only for a celebrity. TOP Agency likes to target different audiences and increase the conversion probabilities, always focusing on peer-to-peer recommendations on social media.


This influencer agency in Miami combines a multi-tier approach to digital creators with data to create personalized marketing campaigns according to the client’s needs. Their team consists of designers, copywriters, and campaign strategists that rely on storytelling and visual assets to captivate the audience.


The Influencer Marketing Factory


The Influence rMarketing Factory is an influencer marketing agency in Miami and New York that helps brands find the right influencers and also manages talents to build partnerships. Their goal is to make influencer marketing effective and easier by working on brand awareness metrics and conversions.


This influencer agency from Miami focuses on Centennial and Millennial audiences and is a specialist in platforms for younger audiences, such as TikTok. The Influencer MarketingFactory designs tailor-made influencer strategies according to the client's needs, goals, and budget.


Some of their services include influencer identification and matchmaking, content creation, data analytics, and reporting.  Their team of professionals will help you determine which influencer matches your goals and fits the campaign execution.


Founded in 2017, this top influencer agency in Miami also shares blog posts about the last social media and influencer marketing trends. They have their own podcast too!



Outsmart Labs


Another outstanding influencer agency in Miami is Outsmart Labs. This company will help you connect with your audience through relevant influencers, no matter your goal, whether it's brand awareness, growth, lead generation, or sales.


This Miami-based marketing agency is goal-oriented, so they will define a KPI strategy and guide you through the process, discovering insights and giving you recommendations.They will also help you create authentic content that resonates with your audience.


As a full-service influencer marketing agency, Outsmart Labs can orientate you at any stage, regardless of the social media platform or campaign scale. Their services include KPI definition, influencer sourcing and outreach, social media campaigns, campaign management, activation budget, and optimization.


Finally, this influencer agency from Miami also has an internal business incubator called TheLab.

Prominent Status


Prominent Status Influencer Consulting is an influencer agency in Miami. As consultants, they are capable of analyzing your current strategy to help you improve your processor to start a new strategy from the beginning.


Their team consists of strategists, casting directors, and managers that will guide you through every step of the marketing plan or campaign: from strategy and lead creation to casting and campaign direction.


If you are a brand willing to reach your target through influencer marketing, an influencer agency in Miami like Prominent Status can help you achieve it. Just as other agencies from this list, they will help determine which type of influencer fits you better: a celebrity, micro, or nano influencer.


Prominent Status also has a talent network where influencers, photographers, brands, and subscribers can register and join a membership plan.

Final thoughts on influencer agencies in Miami


Brands from all over the world -and not only from Miami!- can benefit from working with aMiami-based influencer agency such as the ones we listed above. Their teams consist of professional marketers, copywriters, and managers that are ready to design a tailor-made influencer campaign according to your brand’s needs, values, budgets, and goals.


These agencies will help you find the perfect influencer for your brand and deliver an engaging campaign that resonates with the audience. Many of these agencies also have their own influencer platform or network, so their services also include talent management and influencer representation.


As professional marketing matchmakers, influencer agencies in Miami work with creators and brands. What are you waiting for to work with a Miami-based influencer agency?!

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