Influencer Marketing Tips for Restaurants

Are you a restaurant owner willing to take your brand to the next level? Then it's time for you to invest in influencer marketing for restaurants. Content creators can help you achieve your marketing goals, whether it is growing audiences, boosting brand awareness, or driving sales!


Restaurant influencer marketing offers a lot of benefits for your business. Partnering with the right influencers can help you build trust, engage with your audience and discover new ways of communicating with your target. They will also help you earn credibility and stand out in the crowd.


There are a variety of influencers who can help you promote your restaurant. From foodies and restaurant influencers to lifestyle creators. There are also multiple ways of collaborating with them. What are you waiting for to collaborate with influencers and increase your popularity online and offline?


Keep reading to discover some influencer marketing tips for restaurants!

Why Influencer Marketing Is Important for Restaurants

There are multiple reasons why influencer marketing is one of the best choices for those restaurants and coffee shops interested in growing their brand and achieving marketing goals, whether it is brand awareness, engagement, or generating sales. These reasons include:


Increasing your online presence through Restaurant Influencer Marketing


No matter if you are just launching your restaurant or if you have been in the market for years, partnering with a digital creator who masters how to spread a message and captivate the public is always a good idea.


Many of these influencers have an engaged audience that interacts with their content, which is key when wanting the algorithm to prioritize certain content. For example, if you have partnered with an influencer and he/she/they made a post about your restaurant on their social media, there are multiple chances of people discovering your brand through them.


Of course, if you implement other digital strategies such asSEO-optimized websites and Google Business profiles, your brand will improve its presence online and people will be able to find it easily and visit you!Influencer marketing for restaurants is just one of many possibilities available to help your brand stand out in the crowd.


Restaurant influencer marketing helps you get new customers

If your group of friends gives you a recommendation about a certain restaurant they visited and how much they like it, would you be interested ingoing there? Probably… We cannot deny the power of word-of-mouth, especially coming from those who we trust.

And almost the same thing happens with local influencer marketing, a type of marketing where influencers who are popular in the area give recommendations and tips. If you partner with a content creator who has an engaged audience in the city where your restaurant is located, there are multiple chances of attracting new customers and visitors.


These local influencers understand the local culture, so they are capable of creating appealing content and delivering great results, while people enjoy following them because they are always sharing good products or places is it -ehem, your restaurant-.


There are also food influencers who focus on visiting coffee shops and restaurants and sharing their experience with the audience. When we talk about influencer marketing for restaurants, this is one of the most popular profiles for it, but it does not mean it is the only one. You can work with local influencers, foodies, lifestyle creators, and up to those who share plans and cultural agendas.


But, how to find them, and where?

How to find the right influencer for your restaurant?

Influencer marketing for restaurants does not only consist of partnering with a content creator and merely sharing recommendations. In fact, it is just a specific tactic in a bigger marketing strategy. Let’s rewind a bit and ask yourself some questions:


  1. What do you want to achieve with the marketing campaign?

Depending on your goals, you can implement certain strategies and identify which influencer fits you better. Are you interested in earning new social media followers? Maybe a content creator with a big audience can be your choice. But if you want to attract new visitors to your restaurant, for example, a local influencer with a segmented audience is a better fit. This is why you should define your goals before contacting a partner.


  1. Which content creators are aligned with your vision?


When it comes to influencer marketing for restaurants, there are a variety of profiles available. You can do research in marketplaces, ask Google, and even do hashtag searches on social media using keywords such as#MiamiFoodBlogger, for example.


Analyze their metrics, including followers count and interactions (likes and comments). You should also have a look at their content and how they communicate. Do you think they would be the right fit for your brand?

  1. Do you need some help defining your goals and strategy?


If you are not sure how to identify these qualities, or if you do not have the time to do exhaustive research, you can always ask professionals and let them orient you. Some agencies specialize in influencer marketing for restaurants. They have their own creator networks and enormous influencer databases. They also understand the digital environment and can help you get the best out of your influencers' campaigns. Give them a try and take your restaurant to the next level!

Ways to Use Restaurant Influencer Marketing


Once you have defined your goals and identified some influencers that fit your brand's values and marketing goals, it’s time to consider which collaboration is the best for your restaurant (and, of course, attractive to the content creator!). Here are some ideas:



Host an event and invite influencers

Restaurants are the perfect places for celebrations. If you are having a holiday party, Christmas gathering, or even your grand opening, do not think it twice and invite influencers! They will help you create buzz and catch people’s attention when posting about your great place.

Give them a discount code for their followers

Being an influencer requires taking care of the audience and promoting engagement. For this reason, special codes are a common tactic within the industry. The followers will love to have a special discount thanks to their beloved influencer and, if this was not enough to get you new customers, you will also be able to measure how many people visited your restaurant thanks to the influencer’s referral!


Create a personal experience for content creators

Just as in the hospitality industry, influencer marketing for restaurants relies a lot on selling experiences. People will not only get food, but they will also discover a hidden gem in the city or try out new flavors. For this reason, offering influencers a customized experience will make their experience unforgettable and will enrich their narrative online. You can sit them with the chef, or take them to the kitchen and reveal some behind-the-scenes, for example.

Invite them to your restaurant and let them enjoy the food
Depending on the popularity of the influencer, the status of your restaurant, and your budget, you can invite influencers and offer them a meal in exchange for a review. You can also establish a fee and the content creator will visit your place and post are commendation as a result of a paid partnership. Keep in mind they will have to clarify if it is an ad or an exchange. Influencer marketing for restaurants works in the same way as other influencer partnerships, so it is common to define a fee and implement paid campaigns.

No matter which strategy you choose, always try to be clear about what you are expecting from the collaboration. Discuss the tone and message, and even ask for approval before the influencer shares the recommendation. Finally, remember that it is important to analyze metrics and measure the success of your campaign!

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