How to hire the top Tiktok influencers?

February 6, 2020

Understanding TikTok Influencers

As TikTok becomes the fastest growing social media platform, influencer marketing opportunities are popping up left and right. As brands start setting their sights on the up and coming giant to get their products on the market, they need to understand how to hire the top TikTok influencers that will take them to the next level.

Hire the best TikTok Influencers for your campaign

Hiring and Vetting TikTok Influencers

For a brand to launch a successful TikTok campaign it must be aware of which influencers are the best to get their message across to millions of people. The first thing brands must take into account when working on the platform is that all campaigns must follow all FTC guidelines. If a campaign fails to do so it can be a very costly mistake for the brand.  When reviewing the content created for them, brands must make sure influencers use the #ad or disclose in an obvious manner that the post was sponsored to avoid legal consequences and substantial fines.

Finding the right influencer

Now in order for a brand to recruit the right influencers it must do a lot of research. This process must include going through that person’s profile and checking out their videos to make sure they have a good track record in creating high quality and engaging content. Brands must take the time to review the audience this person is reaching; which country or city do you target? What is the age of the viewers that most engage with them? Brands must stray away from just looking at follower count because the number can be misleading. A creator can have a huge following but a terrible engagement rate or they might not align with your brand.

So to avoid unfruitful collaborations brands must do their due diligence when handpicking TikTok influencers. An organic Google search is an excellent starting point, it can help a brand find the most relevant and high performing TikTok influencers making it easier to go from there and discover more people. Check out the influencer’s other social media platforms because if they’re big on YouTube or Instagram they might start gaining or already have a huge TikTok platform.

As a brand it is important to be familiarized with the platform itself, take the time to explore the For You Page, trending hashtags and sounds to find new people that might surprisingly be a good fit for the campaign you’re about to launch. Learning from example is also a good way to find influencers, so don’t be afraid to search for pre-existing sponsored content on the app. That way you can get a feel of how influencers and other brands are working, avoiding going blindfolded into the playing field. 

A match made in Internet Heaven

So for a brand to launch a successful campaign it must understand what makes an influencer choose them over other brand deals. Make sure both of your values align, meaning just as you as a brand do your research in order to select an influencer that same influencer will research your brand to decide if you’re a good match. If an influencer trusts your brand, relates to it and sees it as relevant it is highly likely for them to accept the partnership. Once the perfect match is made you can brace yourself for high quality and engaging content which you can later repost on the TikTok ad network to boost performance.

So to find the perfect pairing between your brand and an influencer you’re not alone. There’re a whole bunch of Influencer Marketing agencies ready to help you out and take your brand to the next level. Contact Stargazer to make your TikTok influencer marketing dreams a reality.

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