Why micro influencers are taking over TikTok

When choosing a content creator for a TikTok marketing campaign, going after influencers with millions of followers isn’t necessarily the best choice. In fact, micro influencers are taking over the social media platform thanks to their limited number of followers.


Think about it this way: the smaller the audience, the bigger the possibilities of keeping them engaged. It also means they are aligned with the micro influencer’s interests and specialized content.


Remember that influencer marketing is an excellent strategy for brands looking to increase their presence online and boost sales, and TikTok is one of the best platforms. Here is when TikTok micro influencers stand out: they offer a segmented niche with high engagement rates.


Of course, it is attractive to brands and is one of the main reasons micro influencers are taking over TikTok.


Before digging deeper into the TikTok micro influencer environment, let’s start understanding what they are!

What is a micro influencer?

Content creators can be classified by their follower count. The range depends on the resource and social media. In the case of TikTok and according to Viral Nation, these are the categories:


TikTok influencer categories according to the number of followers*


Nano influencer 5K - 50K followers

Micro influencer 50K - 150K followers

Mid-tier influencers 150K - 750K followers

Macro influencers 750K - 2.5M followers

Celebrity influencers 2.5M+ followers


*Other resources consider that micro influencers have between 10K - 50K followers so this information may vary.

It means a TikTok micro influencer is a content creator with a follower count between 50K and150K followers. You can find micro influencers of any kind: from lifestyle and beauty creators to gaming or science. It does not have to do with the subject but the number of followers.


And just as any otherTikTok influencer, they create content and share it through social media to build a community.


But, what makes micro influencers so special, and why choose them over a celebrity?

Keep reading!

Why micro influencers are taking over TikTok

Since these content creators have a smaller follower count, they are almost like an average TikTok user, becoming very relatable to their Gen Z audience. It is one of their main attributes and the reason behind their success!


Micro influencers have a closer relationship with their audience, as they can reply to their comments, follow back and interact in a personal way. It helps them engage with the audience and earn their trust.


But, where do they come from? Let’s have a look at the characteristics of the platform.


TikTok is full of teens and young adults willing to create content and entertain users. And, unlike other social media platforms, the Chinese app brings more extensive possibilities of becoming viral and catching people’s attention.


The algorithm has also contributed to the success of micro influencers. Since it prioritizes engagement over the number of followers, these creators have great chances of going viral and being featured on the For You page. It explains why a micro influencer with thousands of followers can have millions of views and likes.


We can evidence this in plenty of content creators and amateurs on TikTok, many of them being nano and micro influencers. And thanks to it, advertisers have more options and segmented audiences for their marketing campaigns.


Have you worked with this type of creators yet?

Why your brand should collaborate with micro influencers

Micro influencers offer multiple benefits for brands. First of all, they can be very effective for TikTok influencer marketing campaigns, especially when your target is GenZ. These content creators can help you increase your reach and brand awareness, boost engagement and even convert users to clients.


Since they have fewer followers than a macro or celebrity influencer, their fees are lower too. Micro influencers are cost-effective because they offer you great engagement rates for a lower price.


A thing to consider is that you shouldn’t replace one celebrity influencer with one micro influencer. Instead, you should develop a strategy with multiple micro influencers to have an integrated approach to the audience. And even when hiring multiple creators, the cost can still be lower than collaborating with a celebrity.

Micro influencers may also be more open to trying products than other content creators with a larger follower count. And since they have not collaborated with other brands as much, it’s relatively easier to find a content creator that has not worked with your competitor or similar brands.


Finally, Gen Z likes to support entrepreneurs and small businesses, including micro influencers.When the audience trusts their favorite influencer, they genuinely accept their recommendations and try to buy the product or service, as they know it will help their favorite influencer grow.


The key is to find micro influencers that match your brand’s goals and values and develop an integrated marketing strategy. But, how to do that?

How to find a TikTok micro influencer

There are multiple ways of finding a micro influencer and hashtags are one of them. You can browse  #MicroInfluencer, #TikTokCreators, or #MicroInfluencerTips, for example. It is also a good idea to search by topics or locations, depending on your interest.


Since many brands and companies are interested in collaborating with influencers, there are tools and platforms dedicated to it. Hypetrace or the TikTok Creator Marketplace are some of them, the last one being the official TikTok marketplace.


If you have found someone, the next step is to contact them. Many creators have their contact details on their bio, and it is the most common way of reaching out to them.You can also try to message them through social media but they may not answer, as their inbox is usually full.


Keep in mind that finding and reaching out to a TikTok micro influencer is not an easy task and is just one of the many steps you should follow when developing a TikTok influencer marketing campaign. You need to define your goals, identify a micro influencer who matches your brand, and approve their creations, among other tasks.


Fortunately, TikTok influencer marketing agencies are willing to share their knowledge with you and help you reach your goals. They can help you find multiple micro influencers and define an appropriate strategy for your brand!

Final thoughts on micro influencers and why they are taking over TikTok

Follower count is not the main priority when choosing an influencer for a marketing campaign. Micro influencers, a category of content creators with a fewer count of followers, might be the best option for your brand.


Since they have fewer followers, they can connect better with their audiences and the engagement rates are usually higher than with celebrity influencers. This factor is attractive for brands willing to reach a segmented audience.


TikTok also contributes to the success of micro influencers, as it’s relatively easier to get viral and because the algorithm prioritizes engagement.


If you want to increase your brand awareness, boost your engagement and even grow your sales, collaborating with a TikTok influencer is an excellent option. You can even work with experts like Stargazer, who will guide you through the process and help you reach your marketing goals. Contact us now!

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