Miami TikTokers: 20 TikTok influencers in Miami you should follow

Miami has one of the most important markets in the world and the influencer industry is no exception. No matter if they were born in the city or if they moved in, many creators have found an opportunity to develop their careers and conquer audiences. In this article we are listing 20 Miami TikTokers you should follow!


The city of Miami is a cosmopolitan and multicultural place with a lot to offer and it is also reflected in the variety of creators living there. For this reason, our list ofMiami Tiktokers includes influencers from different backgrounds, content categories, and roles. We even featured families and pets!


We wanted to create a diverse list of popular creators from Miami, and we even expanded our ratio to the Florida area because the Tiktokers’ reach goes beyond Miami.


Keep reading to discover their profiles!

20 Miami Tiktokers you should follow!


Salinda Ngo (@macanomnom)

Salinda defines herself as a baker and creator of cute content! This Miami Tiktoker is a pro when it comes to baking, specially custom character macarons: from flowers to mermaids, there are macarons of many kinds. And if you thought it couldn’t get any cuter, her gorgeous pet, a Shiba Inu, is also featured in some videos. Get ready for some cuteness overload!


Sofia Vidal (@fifiimarie)

Sofia Vidal is a lifestyle influencer who shares ASMR videos of her routines and plans. She is a foodie and coffee lover, so her TikTok profile is full of pleasant videos of food and drinks, even though you can also find beauty products and home decor.Her ASMR videos are very appealing and have captivated an audience of almost one million followers!


The Clasiiics (@theclassiiics)

The Classiiics are a couple who share entertaining and funny content on TikTok. Even though they started posting product reviews on Youtube 4 years ago, these Miami TikTokers currently focus on creating funny yet informative content. The Classiiics have over 860K followers on TikTok and their goal is to bring positivity and laughter to their platforms.


Med Explained 2 You (@medexplained2you)

This account is led by a physician assistant who talks about medicine and explains medical concepts to the common people. He posts informative content interestingly and practically and this is why his audience is composed of both medical and non-medical users.Med explained to you also shares healthy lifestyle tips and tricks.


Talia Deluca (@talia deluca)

Talia Deluca is a fitness and beauty influencer.This Miami TikToker is a certified personal trainer who shares fitness tips and routines, as well as beauty tricks. Talia also shares some of her personal life and her concerns, including mental health, social justice, and environmentalism. Deluca has a Youtube channel and also offers 1:1 training.

Edison Lopez (@senoredison)

Edison Lopez is a Latino influencer from Coral Springs who shares his experience as a PuertoRican living in Miami and also makes jokes about Latin cultures. Most of his content is in Spanish because his audience belongs to the Latino community. He has traveled to different Latin American countries and also shares videos from these places.


Keyondre Lowery (@keyondre.forreal)

Keyondre is a popular Miami TikToker with over 8 million followers on TikTok! He gained fame thanks to his pranks and challenge videos. Since Keyondre is into music, he has been working to build a rap career and his TikTok account has been an excellent display.He even shares viral videos and memes with his songs!


Estefania Pessoa (@hellotefi)

Estefania Pessoa, also known as Tefi Pessoa, is a lifestyle and entertainment content creator fromCoral Gables. She is popular for sharing her opinion on pop culture news and updates. The users even ask for her opinions on special topics in the comments section, so she tends to share videos with the question and her answer. Since Tefi has a great sense of humor, she also posts funny videos.


Kayla Granda (@kaylathayla)

Kayla Granda is aMiami TikToker who became famous thanks to a viral video where she explains how people from South Florida talk. She currently shares dancing videos, comedy sketches, and relatable situations with a community of over 3 million followers. Her family, friends, and boyfriend are also featured in some of her videos.


Ryan Shakes (@itsryanshakes)

Ryan Shakes started creating content when the app was called and his account has been growing ever since. Shakes, a Palm Beach native, posts funny content about his daily life, including POV and dancing videos. His sister Zayla Shakes is featured in many of them too. Ryan has his own clothing and accessories brand.


The Carlin Family (@thecarlinfamily)

The Carlins are an adorable family that shares their life through TikTok. These Miami Tiktokers post family trips, adventures, and challenges while keeping a positive and engaging tone. The family members are Gabby (mom), Christian (dad), Audrey(daughter), and Asher (son).


Jaime Gabaldoni (@jaime_gabaldoni)

Jaime Enrique Gabaldoni is a Peruvian who lives in the USA. As a Miami Tiktoker, he shares car and motorcycle reviews. Jaime started in the automotive industry 20 years ago and has experience as an automotive journalist in different formats, fromTV to online press. His content is in Spanish.

Icee Red (@iceered_)

Icee Red is a multi-genre music producer. He samples and mixes popular records and showcases his tracks online, which has helped him build a community of over 150K followers on TikTok. Ice Reed posts audio production and music-related content on his profile.


Caleigh Mac (@caleighmac)

Caleigh is a cosplayer and fashion artist from Orlando. This Miami TikToker loves to create styles and aesthetics and share them on TikTok. From Disney princesses to anime or vintage characters, Caleigh got you covered in terms of cosplay.


Jay James Nagy (@jaynagy)

Jay Nagy is a Miami Tiktoker and content creator. He shares meme-styled videos, as well as skits, jokes, and voiceovers. Jay also shares funny content with his little niece.Thanks to his engaging and funny content, he has built a community of around 9million followers!


Batman Munchkin cat (@batman_munchkin_cat)

Who said Miami TikTokers were only humans? Batman is a 6-year-old munchkin cat with over 300K followers on TikTok. This account features Batman’s adventures around the house, including cat accessories/costumes and cameos of other cats. Batman has been featured on TMZ and Animals Doing Things, among other publications.


Keshia Garnett (@howtokeshia)

Keshia is a hairstylist married to a long-haired man. And, of course, she takes advantage of it. This Miami content creator demonstrates her abilities and techniques while practicing with her husband. Her funny and original videos have captivated more than 110K followers!


Sebastean Gonzalez (@sebastean.gonzalezpr)

Sebastean Gonzalez isa Miami influencer and Tiktoker. He loves music and shares his reactions to songs and music updates/news. Since he was born in Puerto Rico, Sebastean is bilingual but the majority of his content is in Spanish. He has over 1 million followers on TikTok.


Stefi Cohen (@stefi.cohen)

Stefi Cohen is a Miami TikToker who posts fitness and lifestyle content. She shares routines, professional tips, and theoric/scientific concepts. She is well known for easily explaining complex fitness topics.


Sills (@salamanderSills)

Sills is a content creator from Orlando who posts funny and random videos. One of his most popular content is a TikTok video series called ‘I know I was adopted, part x”. Sills’ bright personality and particular sense of humor have captivated over 160K followers on the app.

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