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We are a Miami TikTok Agency with Global Reach.


TikTok Marketing

TikTok, the fastest-growing social media, offers a golden opportunity for brands willing to connect with their audience and achieve different marketing goals. TikTok has a highly personalized and engaging algorithm, and 800 million users in just six years are proof of it. Gen Z, Millennials, and other generations are falling into the app and engaging with their favorite brands and creators.


Marketing your brandon TikTok is a must. Leverage your strategy and use TikTok to increase your brand awareness, engagement, site traffic, or revenue, depending on your goal. No matter what your KPIs are, this app offers excellent ROI and ROAS.


Are you interested in connecting with your audience through TikTok? We can help you! We are a Miami TikTok Agency with global reach and years of experience.

What we do

TikTok Ads

We understand TikTok’s advertising ecosystem and can identify which Ad formats suit you better according to your needs. We are performance-driven and look for the best ROAS!


TikTok content creation

We are a Miami TikTok agency focused on UGC and storytelling. We speak the TikTok language and are capable of generating native and optimized content, both organic and paid.


TikTok Influencer agency

As an influencer marketing agency, we are highly experienced and hold strong relationships with the best content creators. We identify, match and manage partnerships with influencers.


Business Account management

We create and manageTikTok Business Accounts. Our agency will help you define a strategy to reach your target audience, build awareness and drive conversions.


Full-service TikTok campaigns

Our services adapt to your needs, no matter in which stage you are. We offer TikTok strategy creation and activation, campaign execution, and reporting.

Our Process

We are a Miami TikTok agency with a structured strategy for helping brands achieve their TikTok marketing goals. Here is our process:



  1. Research and analysis: we evaluate your target, product/service, communication strategy, and channels. We also analyze the market and your     competitors.


  1. Strategy definition: we combine the insights with our experience and define the following steps according to your goal.


  1. Content design and production: this phase     includes designing and creating TikTok-optimized content that resonates with your brand.


  1. Influencer partnership: our team members use proprietary technology and their own expertise to determine which influencers are the best suited     for the brand and the campaign.


  1. Paid media buying: We develop a smart TikTok Ads buying strategy, keeping in mind your   budget and the channels that are relevant to your audience.

Why choose Stargazer?



We are driven by results and get solutions in the places that matter to our clients. We focus resources to create effective branded content at scale and achieve goals.



As one of the top Miami TikTok agencies, we use proprietary technology to analyze audiences and metrics. It allows us to reach KPIs and deliver great TikTok campaign results.


Always Updated

Keeping up with the latest trends, features, and algorithm updates is a must for us. We work hard to understand the digital environment and identify the best opportunities for your brand.


Committed and Transparent

Stargazer is a Miami TikTok agency supported by best-in-class marketers. Our qualified team is committed to improving your business performance with the best practices and attention.


Miami TikTok Agency with Global Experience

We are a Miami-based agency with a multicultural team and a global perspective. We’ve helped local and international brands to reach their target and communicate an engaging message.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Why include TikTok in my marketing strategy?


TikTok has the biggest organic reach among all social media platforms. Millions of users are engaged with the app and interact with different types of content, including organic posts. If you include TikTok in your marketing mix, you can maximize your possibilities of generating brand exposure, conversions, and revenue.


Developing a mixed TikTok marketing strategy that includes organic and paid content is a must if you want to stay relevant and connect with your audience. Brands need to be where their consumers are!



Why advertise on TikTok?


In a few words, because it is worth it. TikTok advertising is effective and delivers an excellent return on advertising spend (ROAS). When compared to other social media, TikTok offers excellent results. According to the platform, TikTok Ads break through more than TV and digital video. This platform also helps brands connect with their target, as 55% of TikTok users feel close to the brands they see on the app.


As an influencer marketing and Miami TikTok agency, in Stargazer we are ready to guide you and help you maximize your marketing strategy through a powerful channel such as TikTok.

Is TikTok right for my business?


TikTok has over 800million monthly users and is the fastest-growing social media app, which means that many people from all over the world are joining or have joined the app.There is a high possibility of finding your target on TikTok, especially if they belong to Gen Z and Millenials.


Many brands from different sectors, sizes, and backgrounds have a TikTok Business Account to build brand awareness and develop innovative ways of engaging with their audience. If you are uncertain if TikTok is appropriate for your brand or target, we are more than happy to help you find it out!



Why work with a Miami TikTok Agency?


If you are a brand located in Miami and want to engage with your audience through TikTok, working with a local TikTok agency is the best -and obvious- option. But it doesn’t end up here! If you are a foreign company and want to introduce your brand in theFlorida market, hiring a Miami TikTok agency is also a great idea.

In both cases, a Miami agency understands the local market, culture, and economy and knows the localTikTok environment and the trendiest influencers. They are approachable and can establish significant connections in the city.


Finally, Miami is a cosmopolitan city with a strong market and a variety of cultures, which means that a Miami TikTok agency is capable of developing a strategy for specific targets around the globe, including Hispanic and American audiences, among others.

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