The Top 7 TikTok Marketing agencies in 2022

When it comes to social media, TikTok is the next big thing. This short-form video platform is one of the fastest growing apps in terms of downloads, popularity and active users. Marketing agencies are aware of it, this is not a secret and now it is possible to hire specialized, professional services from a TikTok agency.

TikTok’s reach and engagement makes it an ideal platform for advertising and partnerships between Influencers and brands. Endorsing products and services on TikTok is an amazing strategy for any brand willing to approach a large audience, as this platform is expected to have 1.5 billion active users by the end of 2022.

Why hire a TikTok agency

An experienced marketing agency with a line of business focused in TikTok will ensure you a good marketing campaign with satisfying results.

A TikTok agency is made up of professionals who can create, execute, deliver and follow up campaigns, no matter their goal. It could be brand awareness, cost-effective ambassadors or lead generation. It could also be implemented through content, paid media or influencers. They are experts on building connections between content creators and brands.

If you are thinking of expanding your channel, you should search through TikTok agencies and consider hiring their services since there are a lot of things to keep in mind and a TikTok agency knows how to manage all of them properly. You might ask yourself, where do I start? How to know which one is the right fit for your goals? Which one should you choose?

What makes a top TikTok agency

You should have a look at some aspects such as communication, services and clients among the most important ones.

-Type of clients

Ask yourself: Which brands have worked with them? Are they from your same niche?

Big companies as clients will let you know they have trusted a TikTok agency before, which is a good signal but not the only one. The niche is also a subject to consider because an agency who has worked with clients from the same industry as yours could understand your brand much better. Having a look at case studies is also a great way of understanding what the agency has delivered to clients, including campaigns goals and results.


-Services offered

Ask yourself:  Is the agency specialized in influencer marketing or do they offer other services?

Agencies offering TikTok marketing services can come from different backgrounds such asPR or traditional media, for example, while others are specialized in influencer marketing and TikTok. Choosing one depends on your needs and budget, since you can end up hiring multiple services.


-Way of communication

Ask yourself: How does the TikTok agency manage its communication channels?

If you are going to hire an agency to manage your brand, analyzing their communication isa must.  Check out their web page, social media and contact them if you are interested. And after reaching out to them, make sure you are comfortable with the attention they give you. Agencies’ responses will give you clues of which one would work better for you.

Check out our top 7 TikTok agencies selected below; it will help you create an educated choice, since now you know what to consider when you look to hire a specific marketing agency.

We wanted to give you a curated list so you can narrow your search, compare and make a decision!

The Top 7 TikTok agencies of 2022

●     Stargazer

●     Fanbytes

●     The Influencer Marketing Factory

●     Socially Powerful

●     Obviously

●     Sociably

●     MediaKix



This influencer marketing agency was born in 2016 with the mission of creating branded content with influencers at scale. They offer full-service campaign management for brands and also help content creators to build up their career.

They already have millions of influencers in their network, not only in TikTok but across other social media platforms.


Stargazer is data driven and has proprietary technology to analyze audiences, metrics and drive campaign results. Their services include influencers strategy and activation; campaign execution and report; content creation and usage rights.


If you are looking for a TikTok agency expert on building effective influencer marketing strategies, you should contact Stargazer.


Some clients: Google, Poshmark, Sony Music

Offices: Miami, FL



Focused mainly on the Gen Z audience, this agency is a specialist on building connections between brands and centennial creators. They offer influencer marketing, content creation and social media campaigns. Fanbytes has its own TikTok talent agency, a TikTok house for content creators and a fund that runs influencer marketing campaigns for black-owned businesses.


As some other TikTok agencies of this list, Fanbytes has in-house analytic tools to uncover insights from the industry. Their services include influencer programs, content creation, as well as performance and digital marketing. This agency is based in the UK but runs campaigns all around the world.


Some clients: Deliveroo, Warner Music, McDonalds

Offices: London, UK

The Influencer Marketing Factory

This agency works across different social media channels, including TikTok. Their focus is to determine the right target audience for brands according to their current and potential customer base. This way, they match businesses with relevant TikTok content creators.


The Influencer Marketing Factory’s services are influencer identification and marketing strategy; TikTok Ads creation and management and also talent management. Their goal is to make influencer marketing easier and effective.


Some clients:Bumble, Google, Sony Music

Offices: Miami and NewYork

Socially Powerful

Socially Powerful is an agency that offers social media, paid media and influencer marketing services around the globe. They use performance data and insights in order to guarantee results to their clients. Socially Powerful is an official TikTok, Facebook and Instagram partner.


Some of their services are community and talent management, influencer matchmaking, creation and management of marketing campaigns and paid media.

Socially Powerful has offices in different continents and provides its services in the USA, Europe, Australia and the Asia-Pacific market.


Some clients:Bumble, Google, Sony Music

Offices: Los Angeles,London, Dubai and Beijing



This was one of the first influencer marketing agencies to engage with TikTok and is one of the oldest agencies in the business. They have a big understanding of brands and social media and work with their clients from start to finish, helping them to create customized campaigns based on their needs.Obviously has built up over 65k influencer collaborations.


As a TikTok agency, their services include influencer management and collaborations, branded content creation, strategy, paid amplification and even music composition and licensing.

Some clients: Ulta Beauty, T-fal, Lyft

Offices: SanFrancisco, New York and Paris



As a luxury influencer marketing agency, Sociably specializes in marketing for the luxury and premium sector. They create end-to-end influencer campaigns including strategy, casting, posting management and reporting. In order to provide high quality content for the top brands, they also have their own production team and art directors.


Sociably has created exclusive TikTok campaigns for luxury brands likeBentley. The agency was founded in 2013 and has an in-house luxury influencer as a partner. Their team members are also related to the High and Ultra HighNet-worth Individual (HNW/UHNW) industry.


Some clients:Waldorf Astoria, Ferrari, Bombay Sapphire

Offices: London, UK


MediaKix is a full-service influencer marketing agency. They are data-driven, results oriented and manage campaigns through different social media platforms, including TikTok. They have been in the industry since 2011and were one of the first influencer marketing agencies.


As a TikTok agency, they offer tailored marketing strategies, custom influencer campaigns, partnerships with TikTok influencers, content creation, music licensing and advertising.


Some clients:Hallmark, Tropicana, Kenneth Cole

Offices: Santa Monica, USA

The agencies listed above are a few of the many available in this industry. When hiring a TikTok agency, try to keep in mind the relevant points we suggested. TikTok agencies offer services both to brands and content creators, but not all of them are the same.Depending on your needs, goals and audience you can go for one or another.


If you are willing to hire a TikTok agency with the best class marketers and technologists, Stargazer is the agency you should count on. Get in touch now!

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