How the Metaverse can empower Influencers

Big tech companies have been making their moves on the Metaverse. First was Mark Zuckerberg adopting the name 'Meta' for his company, then later on Microsoft who announced they will have a video game company, Activision Blizzard. They are not the only ones getting involved with the Metaverse. Many brands, platforms, and others have been experimenting with what would be the future of the internet. What are they doing and what might be the role of Influencers and content creators?

Let's find out from the beginning.

What is the Metaverse?

It is a collaborative and virtual space that you can access through a VR headset. In this digital system you can buy and sell products or services (including brands you already know), create content and connect with other people around the world. The definition of the Metaverse (its prefix meta means among/beyond) is a universe beyond our universe. 

Why the Metaverse is an opportunity for content creators

Usually content creators and Influencers have to evolve within the environment and now the Metaverse provides a great atmosphere for it. This new 3D digital world disrupts the content world.

The Metaverse goes beyond the limits of time and space, allowing a global and simultaneous interaction on a digital world where imagination is the barrier. Furthermore, it has its own cryptocurrency (NFTs) in which content creators can find a whole new world of opportunities to own back control of their content.

How content creators can take advantage of the Metaverse

Currently, the content industry flows from producer to consumer through a distribution platform such as Spotify, the AppStore or Youtube. These platforms feed themselves with a significant percentage of the revenue generated over someone else’s content. This would change because the Metaverse allows influencers, creators and independent businesses to deliver their content directly to their audience, which means no middleman. No single platform will dominate this system. Blockchain distribution platforms like Verve are designed to empower influencers by providing them tools to share and own what they produce with less restrictions or minimum thresholds. This way, content creators can take advantage of this in order to grow, incentivize their audience and capitalize their experiences.

How brands and Influencers can collaborate in the Metaverse

Many recognized brands are already making a presence in this digital landscape. Nick Tran, Head of Global Marketing of TikTok, stated,  “You don't want to see a Metaverse devoid of brands because you'd be missing a lot of the things that you actually love”.

As we have already seen artists like Travis Scott performing in an environment like Fortnite, now imagine what brands could do with content creators and Influencers who are willing to participate and make an echo in this virtual world?

It is hard to predict the endless possibilities and limits of the Metaverse. There will be lots of experimentation in different areas such as streamings, platforms, and brand-influencer collaborations that we haven't seen before. An example of this is the partnership between Stella Artois and Zed Run, a digital horse-racing platform.

Without a doubt, the Metaverse is a new concept full of  profitable opportunities for brands, influencers and content creators who are eager to experiment together beyond their usual.

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