Why you should use TikTok sounds in your TikTok videos

If you are a TikTok user or creator, you might have realized the relevance of TikTok sounds. Far from being just background noise, these jingles and songs have become a trend themselves!It does not matter if you share a dancing, lip-sync, or tutorial video, you should always include sounds.

One of the main reasons to use them is because they catch the attention. Instead of infinite mute scrolling, it seems like TikTok has found the key to keeping the audience engaged: turning sound into a relevant part of the content.

In fact, the ByteDance-owned app wanted to understand better the role of music and TikTok sounds, so they made a study and found out some interesting stuff.  

One of the insights is that audio makes TikTok different from other platforms: nine out of ten people considered sound a key to the TikTok experience and users also described sound on TikTok as almost double the fun when comparing it to other social media.

Empirical results and specific data have shown that sound is better received on TikTok and that TikTok sounds are fundamental to the platform.

Keep reading to learn more about why you should use TikTok sounds and how you can get the best out of it!

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What are TikTok sounds?

To understand their relevance, we first need to know what TikTok sounds are. The Chinese platform gives you the possibility to include songs, jingles, or sounds in our videos. They can be entertaining, funny, or informative, among other styles and genres.

There are two options for TikTok sounds:

-Original audio: if you record a video with your mic on, you can share the original audio. It also includes voiceovers or comments you added before posting on TikTok. Apart from sharing an authentic sound, it will also be available for other users, so they can include it in their videos.

-TikTok library: TikTok has a large library of songs and sounds to choose from! If you are a brand or content creator, you get access to theCommercial Music Library, a list of copyright-free melodies you can use. Keep in mind that brand usage of TikTok sounds is restricted in the app, so Business and Personal accounts do not have the same library available.

Choosing one option over the other depends on your content, audience, and goals. Are you explaining something?dancing a popular song? expressing your thoughts? And even if you add a voiceover, it is recommended to still include a song in the background, because it will provide more quality to your video.

In the end, influencers and brands are looking forward to creating engaging content for their audiences and sounds are helping to get it, so we encourage you to make a conscious selection of sounds!

Why using TikTok sounds is important

TikTok is a social media platform for audiovisual content, and it means that the audio has a significant role.Sounds are the starting point and people tend to edit their videos according to the rhythm or the melody.

TikTok sounds are a powerful engagement tool and that is why brands and creators are using those melodies to evoke feelings, create narratives and connect with the audiences. Using sounds is an effective way of growing your personal brand or company on TikTok.

Even if it is branded content oran advertisement, TikTok users still prefer content with audio. According to a study, more than 70% of TikTok users would rather watch ads on TikTok with audio.

It is a fact that people engage with TikTok sounds, but it does not only depend on the audience. The TikTok algorithm is also set to recommend videos with quality audio, especially if it is a trending song or sound.

Trending TikTok sounds are the most loved melodies among the community. Since the algorithm identifies them as popular and catchy sounds, content with trending sounds is most likely to be suggested and featured through TikTok.

How to find trending TikTok sounds

Including music or sounds in your TikTok profile is an important step, but you can go even further if you lookout for trending TikTok sounds. Do you know how or where to find them? Here area few tips!

For some inspiration, you can navigate the ‘For You’ page. Look around at what is going on and try to identify a common sound among the videos. If you find something you like, you can save the sound and use it later or start creating content immediately.

Another option is to keep an eye on the trending playlist. TikTok will let you know what people are interacting with the most. Trending songs are not only recently launched hits, as many old songs have made their return. Remixes, covers, and dialogues from movies or TV/shows are also very popular.

Trending TikTok sounds come and go, and even though it may seem like it is a bit difficult to keep up, there are specialized websites, playlists, and rankings that will let you know the latest trends. Some of them are:


TikTok Creative Center


Remember that when you follow the TikTok sounds trends, there are more possibilities of being featured on the ForYou page and standing out in the crowd!

How brands can take advantage of TikTok sounds

Business Accounts have a different purpose on TikTok, which also means access to multiple tools and marketing insights. And the same thing happens with music.

As we mentioned, brands can benefit from the Commercial Music Library available on TikTok. This library offers a variety of songs that businesses can use without committing copyright infringement.

But if it is not enough and you are a brand willing to use a specific song for an advertisement or content, you can get in touch with the music label and get your own licensing deal for music clips.

Businesses can also take advantage of the sounds they own and create narratives around their corporate jingle, for example. This way, they are turning their audio into a promotional tool in the app.

Finally, brands can create newTikTok sounds and share voiceover tutorials, reviews, and even new musical compositions. Creativity has no limits! You just need to define your goal, the sound you are going to use, and the content with it.

That being said, do not forget that using a TikTok sound is just one of the many ways of increasing the chances of having your video featured on the For You page. Using a trending song will not guarantee you to go viral with a TikTok video.

Having a solid marketing strategy, knowing the audience and their language, as well as producing quality content and including TikTok sounds is what it takes to develop an efficient marketing channel for your business through TikTok.

Final thoughts on TikTok sounds

Sound is a fundamental aspect of TikTok. Users consider sound a key feature of the Chinese app, and its engagement is significant. The audience and the algorithm go after TikTok sounds, which means you should include them in your marketing strategy.

No matter if you go for the TikTok library or original audio, using sounds is an excellent TikTok marketing practice that, along with a solid strategy, will increase the chances of going viral on the platform and reaching a larger audience. What are you waiting for?!

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