Find The Best Instagram Brand Ambassador For Your Brand

May 15, 2020

Recognized and outstanding digital marketing strategies like celebrity endorsement or influencers campaigns are based on the power of speech; a good marketing campaign incorporates actions based on the worth-of-mouth strategy, on this very same principle the Instagram brand ambassador strategy is based on it. 

Understanding the Brand Ambassador Concept

There are some concepts we like to clarify and you need to understand and follow them in order to find the best Instagram brand ambassador for your brand.

Firstly, you need to know that a proper ambassador is valuable to your brand because they have great influence over your target, they are perceived as knowledgeable on the topic you are communicating. They are followed and trusted. 

Your brand ambassador,  like a good news anchor,  is going to present the values and principles of the services and products of your company in a very successful way. Very often an ambassador is already your customer, who has been engaged with your brand previously and wants to speak across your target audience. 

An Instagram brand ambassador could be your influencer, as well as your Content Creator. The great advantage of them is they are professionals who work for you whereas your ambassador might not be promoting your brand for the money nor he created any particular content. An Influencer and Content Creator will promote your brand as they think is the best,  that is what makes them fabulous;  they know the best way to communicate with your target because they are part of it. 

Find Your Instagram Brand Ambassador

Without a doubt Instagram is one of the strongest social media of this time, its visual aspect makes the perfect showroom for almost any product and service in the market. However, we engage with people instead of objects. This is the main reason to work with Instagram brand ambassadors when you are positioning your product on this channel. 

To start the search for an  Ambassador Program you need  to identify your goal; your brand ambassador should direct its work to increase and boost your conversions, leads, and ultimately your sales. This person will also work to outstand your brand on Instagram and help to increase your brand awareness. Your metrics in the Instagram account would show you some growth as a result of your ambassador program.

Brand Ambassador Checklist

  1. Identify Your Niche: Who is your target? Your product or service can have different consumer personas, so before working with an ambassador you should identify your niche and find the best ambassador to target it.
  2. Set Your Goals and KPIs: Identify the differences between your communication from your marketing goals. Set key metrics for both of them and get a clear idea of how you will be measuring success.
  3. Create Branding Guidelines: Your Instagram brand ambassador humanizes your brand with their own voice. Yet they need to blend with your brand identity. Make sure to provide them a clear guideline of your voice, tone, and values, as well as allowed and forbidden practices in your communication. 

How to Find Your Instagram Brand Ambassador

Instagram Search

Simply inspect your Instagram account! Check who is following your brand, liking all your comments, and interacting in most of them. You will surely identify a few people that are very active and always show interest in your brand. They are your potential brand ambassadors.

Marketing Capture

You can design a strategy to capture potential ambassadors. Your brand already has great communication channels such as a website, social media and newsletters use them to let your customers know that you are looking for Instagram brand ambassadors and they could be one of them. This will help you to capture potential ambassadors as well as make your customers feel important and recognized. 

Influencer Marketing Agency

An Influencer Agency is your best option when you want to find the best-qualified ambassadors for your brand. They have a huge database with creators for every niche in the market and they have already filtered everyone to ensure you that you are only working with professionals.

If you have come this far in this article is because you have already learned that to work with external parties that can speak for your brand pays off. Congratulations! This is one of the best ways to position your brand in the social media world. Contact Stargazer to find the  Instagram best brand ambassadors for you.

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