Why Local Influencers are so important

Influencer marketing is always evolving and there are multiple ways of categorizing influencers: according to their number of followers, niche, and up to their location. Here is where we find local influencers: content creators who will help you promote your brand in a specific region.


Even though many people still consider that macro influencers and celebrities are the best endorsement partners, it is not necessarily true, specially when you want to reach a local target. Don’t let the numbers fool you!


Local influencers are very important in the marketing industry because they can help brands grow and reach a local target in a cost-effective and authentic way. Keep reading to discover more about local influencers and how to find them!

What Is A Local Influencer?

A local influencer is an influencer that creates content related to the region he/she lives in and is relevant to the local public. Local influencers tend to be nano influencers and their audience is around 1K and 10K followers.


Thanks to this highly segmented public, local influencers are able to interact more with their followers and can establish an almost personal connection with them.  If we compare them with macro influencers or celebrities, local influencers can reply to most of their messages and comments on social media.


This interaction favors engagement and makes the local influencer feel close, relatable, and trustworthy to the public.  Because of it, their engagement rate is higher, which is attractive to brands willing to promote a product or service in the place where the local influencer is relevant. This is the core of Local influencer marketing.


Of course, local influencers want to be trustable, so they will work hard to recommend products and services that are aligned with their values and digital profile. If you are a brand interested in a regional audience, local content creators can be your best ally.


Let’s have a look at the benefits of working with them!

Why work with local influencers

There are multiple reasons for working with local influencers and promoting your brand with them. First of all, they will give you great insights of the local audience, which is fundamental especially when you do not know the public well or do not know how to approach them. They will also give you privileged access to them.


Local influencers are also helpful at every marketing stage. If your brand is just starting, they will help you boost awareness and attract new followers in the early stages. If this is not the case because your brand is already established, local creators can help you grow your followers on social media and increase engagement and online presence. They will also help you increase sales and generate revenue.


An important thing to consider is that local influencers will not just help you increase numbers. They will make a difference by providing relatable and memorable content to an engaged audience who trusts them and will be more open to their recommendations, in this case, your product or service.


If this was not enough, working with local influencers is also cost-effective. You do not have to work with expensive macro-influencers or celebrities in order to reach your target. In fact, those content creators with massive followers may not be the right fit for you when it comes to connecting with local audiences.


As we listed below, there are many reasons for partnering with local influencers. If you have already made up your mind, the next step would be contacting a local content creator. But, how to find them?

How to find local influencers

If you are interested in partnering with a local influencer, you can do research by yourself or ask a professional agency. Here are some options:


Try influencer marketplaces

There are influencer marketplaces online where you can search and filter the results according to your needs. Some filters include the location, number of followers, and social media platform.


Most of the marketplaces allow the local creators to promote themselves, so you will typically contact them directly and the decision of working with a certain influencer will depend on you.


Finally, keep in mind that looking for a local influencer in a marketplace can be time-consuming, although there are no significant commissions or fees for the intermediary.



Do a local hashtag search

Yes, you can use hashtags in almost any situation and for multiple reasons. Local influencers are aware of it and many of them share their posts with hashtags that filter them as local bloggers or creators.


If you are trying to find a local influencer in a specific location, try searching hashtags like #MiamiFashionInfluencer or #NewYorkBlogger, for example, depending on your type of business.


Keep in mind that you will have to contact them on your own. These local influencers tend to share their contact information in their profile and usually have a link-in-bio.

Google local influencers


In the same way as hashtag search works, you can always ask Google for help by typing relevant keywords. Try to include keywords related to your niche, location, and social media. Some examples are: ‘Miami food influencer ’or ‘local influencer near me”.


Once again, this process can be type consuming, the decision will depend only on you and you will have to contact the local influencer and express your interest in collaborating. A good thing about googling local influencers is that you will learn who creators have the best online presence in terms of SEO.


Contact a local influencer marketing agency


If you are not sure about how to identify the right influencer for your brand, or if you can not invest time doing online research, you can always contact a local influencer marketing agency.


They are professional marketers capable of understanding your business and finding the perfect match for your brand and marketing goals. They will not only find the right local creator but help you define an accurate marketing strategy that resonates with the local audience and delivers results.


A marketing agency will act as a mediator between your brand and the local influencer, so the fees may be higher, but there are also more chances of getting better results than doing it by yourself if you have no experience.

Ways to work with local influencers


Once you have found the ideal local influencer, you can work with him/her in different ways, including:


●      Sending them your product so they share areview online

●      Hosting brand activations and influencer eventswhere you invite local influencers

●      Executing a paid campaign


If you are not sure on which strategy suits you better or how to implement it, you can always contact a local influencer marketing agency. These professionals will orientate you and help you take advantage of local influencer marketing!

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