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Top 7 Emerging Influencer Marketplace Platforms You Should Know About

Today in the technology and information era, there are various resources and approaches in order to pick a marketing strategy. It may be difficult to identify which would be the right choice that fits your company’s goals. Before the influencer marketplace breakthrough, marketers needed to do an old-fashioned manual search. This is an extremely time-consuming...
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All You Need To Know About Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity endorsement or celebrity branding is a well-known marketing strategy . It’s used to promote a brand through collaboration with famous musicians, actors, sport’s celebrities. In other words, world-recognized personalities or celebrities. This strategy has been working well for decades. The first examples of celebrity endorsement appear around 1950. The big brands of the moment...
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Instagram Influencers

What is an Instagram influencer? Instagram is one of the top social media platforms, along with YouTube and TikTok. People all around the world share photos and stories almost daily and it is no surprise that some of those users took to this app to upload lifestyle, fashion, sports, videogames and all other types of...
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Tiktok Self-Service Ad Platform Network: Everything You Need To Know

Thinking about advertising on TikTok? Here is an enormous opportunity for brands to market their products and services to the young generation. TikTok self-serving ad platform network is opening a door for reaching influencers and audiences to increase brand awareness and drive traffic. As TikTok emerges to become a big social media network like Facebook...
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TikTok User Acquisition Strategy: What Every Brand Should Know.

Owned by ByteDance Chinese enterprise and launched in 2016, TikTok is the most recent media phenomenon. Whether you are a digital marketer, an influencer, or a brand you should be paying attention to this app. In only 3 years this baby media has joined the top 5 most downloaded apps in App Store; it has...
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¿Qué es el Marketing de Influencers?: Una guía para principiantes.

La explosión del marketing de influencers en los últimos años es evidente. Muchas personas incluyendo las grandes marcas están hablando de esta forma de marketing. Si éste término es nuevo para usted y no sabe lo que significa, entonces el siguiente artículo es el indicado. Vamos a abordar todo lo que necesita saber, comenzando por...
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The Tiktok Ad Network

TikTok has become the hottest media platform and one of the best ways to grow your business. In 2019, TikTok had 614 million downloads in one year. This makes the video-sharing platform a great opportunity to advertise your mobile app, become viral and reach new audiences. If you are curious about advertising on TikTok, here...
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How to hire the top Tiktok influencers?

Understanding TikTok Influencers As TikTok becomes the fastest growing social media platform, influencer marketing opportunities are popping up left and right. As brands start setting their sights on the up and coming giant to get their products on the market, they need to understand how to hire the top TikTok influencers that will take them...
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A guide for TikTok influencer marketing

Launched in 2018, TikTok has become the fastest-growing social media app in the market. With a billion active users worldwide TikTok is a trend and its success is catching the attention of both, brands and influencers. For any brand who wants to target a younger market not older than 30 years-old TikTok influencers is a...
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